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VANTA aims to be the World’s first decentralized network that enables fast and low cost development and operation of scalable services that provide infinite connectivity.

In VANTA, participating nodes will complete to contribute to connect transmit and process data in real-time on network, which will provide a low-cost and highly available intelligent network. By combining this competitive system with verifiable randomness, VANTA will feature a consensus algorithm that will increase scalability and efficiency.

Returns Since ICO

  • ICO Price in USD: $0.00088. ROIx in USD: 2.04x USD
  • ICO Price in BTC: 0.000000254 BTC. ROIx in BTC: 0.71x BTC
  • ICO Price in ETH: 0.000008018 ETH. ROIx in ETH: 1.87x ETH

Problems & Solutions

VANTA will aim to solve the following problems through our decentralized intelligent network based on blockchain technology.

  • Increasing Network Throughput and Cost - Current networks and infrastructures that support various real-time networking are reaching throughput limits. This means that companies will not be able to provide reliable services, since network and server costs will increase along with the increasing amount of data transmitted. VANTA will solve the throughput and cost issues by making the common computers and mobile devices around the world, whose performance rapidly increases each year, to contribute to real-time networking.

  • Real-Time Networking Development Costs and Problems with Centralized Services - Many companies are limited (or even fail) to developing real-time networking services because of the cost, time, and lack of skills required to develop and operate such services. As a result, an increasing number of companies are utilizing centralized API services that help develop real-time networking functions. Yet, there are some problems with centralized APIs. Once a centralized API is used, the fee increases significantly as the usage increases. Moreover, if an API provider suddenly changes policies, stops the API service without notice, or experiences temporary downtime, the company developing the services based on the provided API will be adversely affected. Also, because the data is stored on a centralized server, it can not be free from hacking or privacy issues. These problems can be solved by building a decentralized network for real-time networking that is not owned or controlled by anyone, and this can be used to provide various real-time networking APIs for companies.

  • Privacy concerns resulting from transferring and storing personal data - In the future, more diverse personal data will flow within the network to be transferred between devices, and will be stored in various centralized servers in order to provide a smooth service experience. However, if users can not know whether if the data is properly encrypted, transmitted, stored, and deleted from the server, users may become anxious due to various hacks as well as government & corporate surveillance. At the same time, personal data leakage will cause great damage. With a blockchain, however, it is possible to transparently confirm the process of transmitting / storing / deleting data. Decentralized nodes, in addition, transmit and store real-time data, which prevent hacking and excessive/malicious use of personal data.

  • Access to data generated by devices and the data usage fees - In the future, there will be an increase in the need to send and receive data in real-time between people and devices and between devices. In such a situation, it is necessary to have a system that can operate transparently and accurately according to the rules determined between the devices without human intervention for acquiring the data access permission automatically, configuring the temporary network for receiving the data, and paying the price for the data use. Therefore, VANTA intends to create an efficient system that can quickly and safely send and receive data in real-time by creating a competitive system that instantly configures networks according to each situation.

  • Trust in the communication between parties and trust in the data transferred from various devices - Currently, various products, stores, and media are evaluated and shared by people. People evaluate the purchase, use, and visitation of products, stores, and media, but there is no evaluation of people or the devices people are communicating with. In the future, there will be more and more real-time communication across people and devices, and credible evaluations will be needed. Trust will achieved in the future whether an individual is engaged in daily life or a company is conducting business.

Features & Highlights

  • VANTA is a blockchain specializing in real-time networking. It is a platform blockchain that can solve problems that general-purpose blockchains could not solve, and develop various services requiring real-time networking.

  • VANTA will build its own ecosystem as a platform blockchain, bringing a variety of real-time networking applications and services. However, VANTA will provide a core module in the form of an SDK and/or API to provide platform-independent access to the VANTA network. Therefore, all platforms and applications that want real-time networking capability can leverage these services, leading to the rapid expansion of the VANTA ecosystem.

  • With VANTA, it is possible to develop and operate scalable, stable, and highly secure real-time networking services at a low cost. Developers can quickly and inexpensively develop real-time networking capabilities based on VANTA without building up a separate server or develop real-time networking from scratch. According to the staking based token economy, developers may utilize VANTA’s network resources by staking VNT tokens. It is available at no cost, except for a small fee when VNT tokens are unstaked. If a developer does not have enough VNT tokens to secure the resources they need for their service, they have the option to create a policy requiring end users to stake VNT tokens for all or a portion of their own resource usage. In other words, developers and users can share staked VNT tokens to run a service. It enables to significantly reduce the development and operation costs of real-time networking related services.

  • End users using VANTA-based services benefit from lower service costs and privacy. When a service developer stakes sufficient VNT tokens for the service’s network resources, end users usually do not have to stake VNT tokens for their own resource usage. However, if the service is set up for end users to stake VNT tokens to run the service as explained with the previous sections, each user needs to stake VNT tokens for their own resource usage.

  • Because VANTA is specialized in real-time networking and has various communication functions, VANTA blockchain can be used by organizations such as governments, businesses, and schools that want to build their own telecommunication network. The VANTA blockchain telecommunication network can be built quickly and cost-effectively without the need for a separate server or infrastructure.

Token Allocation

"Token Sale","Business Development","Marketing","R&D","Team&Founders","Advisors/Early Supporters","Reserve" {"name": "Token Sale","value": 35},{"name": "Business Development","value": 15},{"name": "Marketing","value": 15},{"name": "R&D","value": 15},{"name": "Team&Founders","value": 10},{"name": "Advisors/Early Supporters","value": 5},{"name": "Reserve","value": 5}

Token Utility & Use Cases

VANTA is a blockchain project dedicated to connecting with real businesses to grow our ecosystem.

  • Communications - Real-time collaboration services, delivery/shopping/car sharing/reservation related platform services that require communication between users, customer service within shopping or reservation services, and social dating services.
  • Streaming - Live video streaming services will include online courses, user-generated video content, sports & game broadcasts and more while VOD streaming services include movies, entertainment, and music.
  • Games - Online game interaction data will be transmitted through VANTA, which will provide real-time data processing, a necessity for game developers. Tradable items with monetary value will be tracked by VANTA’s blockchain.
  • Internet of Things - Some IoT sensors and hubs require thousands to tens of thousands of data per second. These IoT sensors and hubs can use VANTA to process traffic data, factory operation data, personalized medical and welfare data, connected car data, smart home data etc.
  • Telecommunication Infra - VANTA provides private blockchain solutions to enterprises, public institutions, and hospitals looking to set up telecommunications infrastructure. A blockchain-based telecommunications infrastructure is cost-effective and easier to use.

Roadmap & Updates

  • 2018 Q2
    • Ideation, VANTA Established
  • 2018 Q3
    • VANTA Architecture and Consensus Algorithm Design
  • 2018 Q4
    • Website Launch, WP released, private ICO
  • 2019 Q1
    • Technical Paper released, The ARKAS protocol development
  • 2019 Q2
    • The VANTA Tesnet
  • 2019 Q3
    • The VANTA Mainnet, VNT Native Token Swap
  • 2019 Q4
    • dAPP Incubation & Developer Community Expansion
    • VANTA Infinity Connect

Team Members

  • Ryan Seo, CEO & Founder, Experience: Oracle JAPAC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Voiceloco Founder; Education: B.S. in Computer Science,
 Yonsei University. Linkedin.

  • Adrian Park, Technical Lead, Experience: SK Planet, Gamedetect Communications Founder; Education: M.S. in Computer Science, Seoul National University. Linkedin.

  • Martin Jung, Data Scientist, Experience: Teradata (HQ), Amazon Web Services (HQ), Oracle; Education: M.S. in Data Science, Big Data at UC Berkeley, M.B.A. at Carnegie Mellon University. Linkedin.

  • Prof. Inwhee Joe, Ph.D., Head of R&D, Experience: Professor at Department of Computer Science in Hanyang University, Bellcore Lab (Telcordia), Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Education: Ph.D. Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech. 

Partnership Overview

  • HANYANG Univ. - HANYANG Univ. MNI(Mobile & Network Intelligence) Lab will contribute for VANTA as a main research lab. For efficiency and enhancement of VANTA’s Intelligent Network, MNI lab is developing & validating PoC(Proof of Concept) models of consensus algorithms and data routing algorithms.

  • Rocket Fuel - RocketFuel consists of top minds from cutting-edge companies such as Snapchat, Uber, Airbnb, Accenture, McKinsey and more. RocketFuel's talent, graduates from MIT, Columbia, and UC Berkeley, have years of industry leadership in their respective fields. In a landscape where people throw money at problems, RocketFuel likes to provide strategic, value-add opportunities in business strategy, product, marketing, blockchain implementation, recruiting, and more in order to help our investments succeed.

  • Oracle - VANTA will be promoting and selling innovative VANTA services to a variety of customers around the world by joining the Oracle Partner Network. VANTA Services - UCaaS(ciao, scheduled) and voice and video APIs will be available in Oracle Cloud Marketplace, soon.

  • AWS Partner Network - DotConnect has acquired the status of "Technology Partner - Standard" from AWS(Amazon Web Service). Various components of DotConnect and VANTA API will be registered in the AWS Cloud marketplace as SaaS(Software as a Service). Furthermore, DotConnect and AWS continue to build a synergistical relatiohship in the areas of communication network including Alexa for Business.

  • Allbit - Allbit is a blockchain commercial service that provides a fully decentralized trading experience without the delegation of assets.All user transactions can be safely handled through a smart contract to protect against third party intervention and hacking.Transaction data is also transparent through the blockchain.Experience the decentralized cryptocurrency trading through the world’s first Inter Blockchain Communication.

  • Coinone - Founded by one of Korea’s most celebrated and global awards-winning white hacker Kevin Cha, Coinone is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in Korea. Under the vision to ‘Bring Blockchain into the World,’ Coinone aspires to lead the new world of finance through blockchain technology. Coinone currently operates the third largest exchange in Korea (Coinone Exchange) and is scheduled to launch our blockchain-based overseas remittance and payment service, Cross. In 2018, we introduced Coinone Indonesia, our first overseas exchange.

  • Microsoft - Microsoft is an American multinational corporation that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports, and sells a range of software products and services. Microsoft’s devices and consumer (D&C) licensing segment licenses Windows operating system and related software; Microsoft Office for consumers; and Windows Phone operating system. The company’s computing and gaming hardware segment provides Xbox gaming and entertainment consoles and accessories, second-party and third-party video games, and Xbox Live subscriptions; surface devices and accessories; and Microsoft PC accessories. Its phone hardware segment offers Lumia smartphones and other non-Lumia phones. Its D&C other segment provides Windows Store, Xbox Live transactions, and Windows phone store; search advertising; display advertising; Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal; first-party video games; and other consumer products and services as well as operating retail stores.

  • HYCON - HYCON is the digital asset built on top of a faster and more scalable blockchain developed by the Infinity Project team.

  • NAVER - NAVER Corporation is South Korea’s premier Internet company, headquartered in Seongnam city and operating the nation’s top search portal NAVER. NAVER was launched in June 1999 and has since stood at the forefront of technological growth, extending its influence to Japan and other foreign countries. NAVER has introduced many innovative search services over the years, such as ‘Comprehensive Search,’ ‘Knowledge iN,’ and ‘Real-time Rising Keyword.' It also offers UGC services such as Blog and Cafe; Junior Naver, a children’s portal; Happybean, an online donation portal. NAVER launched its Webtoon service in June 2004 and has pioneered distribution and consumption of webtoons, also known as digital comics. In addition, NAVER also offers services for the global market, including the mobile messenger LINE through LINE Corporation, NAVER’s subsidiary; the video messenger Snow; and the group communication service BAND.

  • Sejong Telecom - Sejong Telecom Co., Ltd., established on June, 1992, is a key telecommunication carrier with a nationwide optical communication network. We provide wire and wireless communication services such as private circuit lease and IDC, domestic/international data service, international/long-distance/local supplementary service, VoIP and MVNO Mobile Phone ‘Snowman’. We also provide payment solution ‘Sejong Pay’ and security solution ‘BreachWall’, which are the results of business diversification using an existing communication infrastructure. We look forward to become the Great ICT corporation that ‘leads innovation and shares values’.

  • MakerDAO - Maker is a decentralized autonomous organization on the Ethereum blockchain seeking to minimize the price volatility of its own stable token — the Dai — against the IMF’s international currency basket SDR. Founded in 2014, the company is headquartered in Santa Cruz, California.

  • Liquidity Capital - Liquidity Capital (LC) is backed by one of the world’s leading crypto asset management group with over 40,000 BTC of proprietary capital under management. Beyond Asset Management practice, the group provides services in Liquidity Provision, Lending, Derivatives and Financial Products.

  • SK Telecom - SK Telecom is dedicated to developing advanced telecommunications technologies for the mobile lifestyle. In the rapidly changing global telecommunications market, SK Telecom has established a global eco-system by forming strategic alliances with Asia's leading information communications operators. In addition, they actively participate in a variety of international cooperation activities with overseas telecommunication institutions, as well as international organizations including the ITU, PTC and CDG, and more. Through such efforts, they continue to reinforce their global competency, and reach out to the world.

  • CertiK - CertiK is the world's most advanced blockchain cybersecurity company, using leading Formal Verification technology to mathematically prove whether smart contracts and blockchain ecosystems are bug-free and hacker-resistant.

  • Tokenmania - Tokenmania Asset Management Corporation is an international leading digital currency denominated asset management group. It is jointly established by a batch of senior digital asset investors, and is currently managing more than 40,000 BTC self-owned funds.

  • BSK Investment - BSK investment invests in unlisted companies from early stage to pre-IPO stage. BSK investment has a commitment to provide consulting on investment and management based on the growth stage. BSK investments regard top priority in the success of investment firms. BSK investments do not expect to succeed alone without the success of the investment company. This Win-Win result is the greatest pride and reward for BSK investment.

  • QuarkChain - QuarkChain is a flexible, scalable, and user-oriented blockchain infrastructure by using sharding technology. VANTA's APIs can support QuarkChain's scalable blockchain satisfy enterprise-level solution requirements in the communication and networking sectors. QuarkChain has more than 50 high-quality projects in our ecosystem, including Data & Information System, Industrial Services, Financial Services, DApps & Platforms, Entertainment & Gaming, and many other types of partners.

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