V SYSTEMS (VSYS) - ICO Review, Rating and Details of V SYSTEMS ICO (Token Sale) - Rating: Not Rated

V SYSTEMS (also known as VSYS) is a blockchain database cloud project that aims to create a secure underlying infrastructure platform for blockchain database. The project will deliver decentralized cloud database technology to carry out complex decentralized applications and support the operation of trillions of blockchains effectively, with high scalability, durability and performance.

Features & Highlights

  • World first general purpose blockchain database for developer’s crazy imagination: With V SYSTEMS' general purpose blockchain database, the blockchain application can be built on all economic systems, including the financial blockchain which processing very complex data. Developers can create blockchain application based on any real world system, unleash all imagination, without worry about main net fail to support or difficult to develop.

  • Flexible modular design and cloud developing platform to allow blockchain creation in one click: To enhance the overall development efficiency and stability, V SYSTEMS allows users to focus on the business logic application and select the most suitable components from a wide array of modules, including protocol layering (consensus management layer, block tree management layer etc.) and system components (pluggable consensus model, pluggable business logic container etc.). With V SYSTEMS' flexible modular design and cloud developing platform, anyone can create a side chain and Dapp by few simple tick and click. This will greatly reduce the development difficulty and increase the ecosystem of sidechain and Dapps on V SYSTEMS main net.

  • Roadmap includes smart contracts + sidechains + cross-chain + more: In the 2019-2020 roadmap, the team will develop all of the cutting-edge blockchain technologies on the V SYSTEMS blockchain, including the next generation of data-oriented smart contracts, secure cross-chain technology, and multi-level sidechain technology. The roadmap has been brought to live by the team of Sunny King.

Token Allocation

"Team","OF Investors","Ecosystems" {"name": "Team","value": 21},{"name": "OF Investors","value": 35.88},{"name": "Ecosystems","value": 43.12}

Token Utility & Use Cases

VSYS coin is the main crypto currency in V SYSTEMS blockchain. There are multiple functions for VSYS Coins including pay transaction fees, Supernode functions, leasing and minting, access to applications built on the network, and resources usage for V SYSTEMS database, cloud, side chains and cross chain. 

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