UltrAlpha Fund (UAT) Crypto Fund - ICO Review, Rating and Details of UltrAlpha Fund ICO (Token Sale) - Rating: All In

Traditional capital market is operating with the checks and balances among three critical fundamental blocks -broker dealers supporting client trading and capital raising for corporates in primary market, trading platforms/ exchanges as gatekeepers for secondary market trading, and asset management to build medium-to-long term wealth.

With deep management expertise in traditional finance, UltrAlpha Fund is committed to building out a professional investment platform for digital asset management and collaborating with the BitMax.io trading platform to further support the structural optimization of digital asset trading ecosystem.

Features & Highlights

  • Monthly Redemption: 10% of investment profit will be used for UAT buyback in the secondary market.
  • Early Redemption: 10%-30% of extra fee charged for early redemption processing will be used for UAT buyback in the secondary market.
  • Management Fee: UltrAlpha Fund will charge certain percentage of fund subscription as management fee per following schedule.
    • First Month: at subscription amount of 2%/12
    • Second month: at subscription amount of 1.5%/12
    • Third month: at subscription amount of 1.2%/12
    • Post three month: at subscription amount of 1%/12 50% of management fee will be used for UAT buyback.
  • Fund data review request: Certain transaction fee will be charged for fund data review request. Subscription holder will have discount.
  • Reverse-mining in oversubscription scenario: user needs to use certain amount of UAT to pay for the subscription quota in the case where there is an overwhelming demand for the fund investment. Please note that all the UAT used for payment and the buyback will be subject to permanent lock-up.

Token Allocation

"Public Sale","Private Sale","Team","Mining" {"name": "Public Sale","value": 20},{"name": "Private Sale","value": 20},{"name": "Team","value": 20},{"name": "Mining","value": 40}

Team Members

  • Jim Wang, CIO, Graduated from Beijing University, Department of Electrical Engineering. University of California, Master of Computer Engineering. Knight Securities Automated Trading Division Director, Wealth Land Capital CEO, Long-term exposure to quantitative trading in financial derivatives on Wall Street.

  • Lucy Wang, COO, More than 14 years of experience in business management, HP, Oracle and SAP. Entered the blockchain area in early 2018 as co-founder and chief marketing officer of Lambda.

  • Christina Jin, CMO, Graduated from New York University with a major in marketing. she founded the cross-border e-commerce platform and worked in Ogilvy & Mather, BMW. Entered the blockchain domain as Ankr CMO.

  • George Cao, Advisor, CEO of Bitmax.io, portfolio manager 2 years+ in Barclays Investment Bank. He's the only Chinese member of the Upper 90 Investment Club. The upper 90 is an investment club and fund of 30 elites from all over the world, including global real estate, consumer, financial, and legal elites. He's also one of the 12 directors of TCFA, the largest Chinese financial organization in the United States.

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