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Ultrain Technology Limited is the next generation public-blockchain technology venture that focuses on building a high performance decentralized blockchain platform through its programmable tech-infrastructure. Ultrain is committed to construct a responsible and sustainable commercial ecosystem that enables all industrial applications. With its groundbreaking innovations in cryptography and based upon a complete decentralized public network, Ultrain is able to provide multi-folds more advanced technical performance to fundamentally solve the performance and scalability issues comparing to other traditional public blockchain platforms.

Roadmap & Updates

Nova Phase

  • October 2017 – June 2018: Internal Testnet is online, complete external API framework, and announcement of smart contract development framework – Robin

Supernova Phase

  • June 2018 – September 2018: Public Testnet is in operation, as well as the enterprise service access network becomes online and ready for use

Black Hole Phase

  • September 2018 – January 2019: The core structure of Blockchains’ operating system is completed. Network management is based on democratic voting system

White Hole Phase

  • January 2018 – April 2019: Public network becomes fully operational, Sharding technology is ready and in operation; Ultrian also starts to sale mining rigs

Big Bang Phase

  • April 2019 – April 2020: Ultrain‘s ecosystem is in operation, AI machine learning platform is deployed and incorporated online; Establishing IOT Edge computing

Singularity Phase

  • April 2020 –:Consolidate the collaboration between machine learning platform, IOT and deep belief networks

Team Members

  • Ray Guo, Co-founder & CEO. Linkedin.

    • Guo is one of the best cybersecurity experts in China. Excelled himself as a technical leader at IBM and Alibaba, Guo is experienced with leading enterprise software development and helping big companies to overcome their data challenges. He now brings his skills in cybersecurity and insights in blockchain technology to Ultrain.

    • Experiences -Technical Director, Alibaba Security GroupLed the developemnt of one of the world’s top three risk control systems, which is used by billions each year on "Double 11"Technical director and head of the Innovation Development Center, IBM Global Consulting ServiceConsulted large enterprises in various vital industries, including China Mobile and State Power Grid

  • Emma Liao, Co-founder & CSO. Linkedin.

    • Liao is an exprienced investment banker in China's flourishing tech industry. Invested in projects such as NIO, Renrenche and the privatization of QIHU, she is an expert in cross-border mergers and acquisitions. She also founded Kunlun Redstar, the first professional ice hockey club in China.

    • Experiences -Managing Director, Golden Brick Capital TMTHead of IOT investment, QIHU 360Head of China, Goetzpartners GmbH

  • William Li, Co-founder & CTO. Linkedin.

    • Li was the core architect of the Alibaba Cloud OS and the technical director of Alipay's Blockchain team. Before joining Ultrain, he was responsible for the design, research and development of Alipay’s independent Blockchain platform.

    • Li has extensive R&D experience in high-performance computing, OS core development, OS resource scheduling. He leads Ultrain's developer team, which holds eight blockchain patents.

    • Experiences -Core System Architect, Alibaba Cloud OSTechnical Director, Alipay Blockchain Research

  • Yufeng Shen, Chief Architect. Linkedin.

    • Graduated with MS in Computer Science from Alberta University, Shen was a Senior Software Engineer at Google Chrome OS team, then a Senior Technical Expert at Alibaba Cloud OS team. As the Chief Architect, Shen leads the design and implementation of the core parts of Ultrain.

    • Experiences -Senior Technical Expert, Alibaba Cloud OSSenior Software Engineer, Google

  • Husen Wang, Chief Cryptologist. Linkedin.

    • Graduated from Tsinghua University, Wang was a cryptologist at Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, then a blockchain researcher at Ant Financial. He has extensive knowledge in blockchain-related cryptography including zero-knowledge proof, secure multi-party computation, and homomorphic encryption.

    • Experiences -Blockchain Researcher, Ant FinancialProject Collaborator, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology

  • Samuel Xiao, VP of Ecosystem and Commercial Application. Linkedin.

    • Xiao has 10+ years of investment and consulting experience in Internet and information technology, with proficiency in digital transformation, business model optimization, as well as IT planning, architecture design and system implementation.

    • Experiences -CTO and Partner, Green Pine Dream InvestmentSenior Manager, IBM Global Consulting

  • Keyu Jin, Advisor, Dr. Jin is a tenured professor at the LSE, earned a Phd at Harvard University, and has taught at Berkeley and Yale in the past. She is an influential voice on the Chinese economy in the world, and has published in top academic journals as well as multiple opinion pieces in major newspapers such as the Financial Times. She has a column in Caixin and Project Syndicate. She is a recipient of multiple awards in economics and recently was awarded with one of the most prestigious grants on work related to bridging the divide between the Uk and China. She is also a board member for the Richemont Group, a Switzerland-based luxury goods holding company that owns top tier brands such as Cartier, Dunhill, and Vacheron Constantin.

  • Luyu Yang, Advisor, Co-founder of musical.ly, a karaoke-style smartphone app that allows users to create their own short music videos. Musical.ly users can create music videos and add special effects and then share them with others publicly or privately over the app’s social network. Musical.ly currently boasts an audience of 200 million users globally, and has attracted the support of recording labels and stars such as Selena Gomez and Katy Perry. In 2017, Musical.ly was sold to a well-known Chinese firm Bytedance (A tech company valued at 75 Billion USD) for an estimated price of 1 Billion dollars.

  • Liangqin Fan, Teach Team, Previously worked with Alibaba and ZTE. During his 8 years work with Alibaba, he was responsible for development of IOT products and connectivity between IOT products, as well as OS framework development with JavaScript. He also spent 3 years with ZTE, with exposure to smartphone development and product management. Linkedin.

  • Bingying Wang, Tech Team, He has more than 8 years of experience in the Internet industry. Expert in senior level language programming, system performance and storage management and big data technologies. He was in charge of the big data platform team at Ant Financial , and was also responsible for various product design projects. Additionally, he acquired many patented technologies, while helping to establish an “All-Around Talent” culture at Ant Financial. Linkedin.

  • Zhongwei Zhang, Tech Team, Senior Development Engineer at L.M.ERICSSON for 9 years, where he focused on WCDMA/LTE optimization, as well as oversight of Linux platform development. Spent 2 year with ZTE, working on the development of its automotive testing platform and SyBase database design and development. Linkedin.

  • Honglu Lei, Tech Team, Spent 3 years with Calix and was responsible for VDSL and PON development, as well as project management. Lei was also a system architect with Enice for 5 years, where he was responsible for network optimization on the Android platform and Wifi optimization related projects. Prior to that, Lei was also a senior software engineer with Motorola for 3 years. Linkedin.

  • Yu Su, Tech Team, Previously worked with Nokia, where he was responsible for platform maintenance and optimization, including cRNC, mcRNC and MGW. He was also involved in cloud platform development, focusing on HA block design and related project management. Linkedin.

  • Enpeng Feng, Tech Team, Spent time with iSoftStone as a senior software engineer, responsible for Alibaba’s client software development and established/led a team of software engineers. He also spent 4 years of his time with Vanceinfo, to develop their CRM and corporate finance software where Feng acquired rich experience in Windows AD and Active Sync. Linkedin.

  • Xiaofen Qing, Tech Team, Joined the Alibaba OS group and participated in the AliOS operating system development team as an expert in the field of operation systems. Moved to Taobao during 2016 and completed the Tensorflow project, which included its application on smart phones and APPs. Linkedin.

  • Wei Liu, Tech Team, Worked with Calix for 3 years, and was in charge of network product development. Liu has prior Blockchain experience, as he was part of the research and development team with the Blockchain project fabric of CCB. Linkedin.

  • Xiao Wang, Tech Team, Worked with Chinese IT company tycoon Huawei for 10 years, mainly engaged in network requirement analysis, architecture design, and project delivery. He is an expert in the fields of network contract network frameworking and large scale network payment execution. He has experience in the field of network performance optimization. Linkedin.

  • Mao Ye, Tech Team, Experienced C++ software engineer and network contract engineer. Previously participated in the BendCAM and FabriBend projects, as well as the development of a network monitoring system, called the Iris Session Analyzer. He was responsible for the network contract development for the Iris Session project. Linkedin.

  • Huichao Yan, Tech Team, Worked as C++ and Lua development engineer with multiple technology companies, including 10jqka and Quanmin. Has experience in program application in different industries, including media & entertainment and financial transaction management. Linkedin.

  • Feifei Liu, Tech Team, Responsible for development and establishment of company information infrastructure and platform for his previous employer, Starrysky, a subsidiary of the public information technology company Fiberhome. Linkedin.

  • Zhou Zhou, Tech Team, Worked with Huawei and Sinopec. He has experience in computer networking, server, storage and database management. Capable of operating J2EE and SSh framework as well as C+ and Python programming . During his time at Huawei, he was exposed to the research and development process of decentralized storage and databases. Linkedin.

  • Wenyu Rong, Tech Team, Focusing on establishing the Ultrain chain ecology, including the product design of the blockchain application layer, blockchain browser, smart contract, DApp and other product architecture and functional design. Spent 2 years with Alipay as product operator of community&life style department and product manager of charity&blockchain business, and applied the blockchain technology to the Alipay's business for the first time. Linkedin.

  • Peng Liao, Tech Team, Expert in Java, e-commerce and decentralized technology. Has prior work experience as a developer with Wasu TV. Linkedin.

  • Kaixin Zhang, Worked with several companies and has development experience in several industries. Previously worked with Jiayunhui Technology, China Soft Technology and Haidilao. Linkedin.

  • Richard Li, Vice President of Strategy, 10 years of experience in investment banking and venture capital in the TMT sector. He participated in various projects including private equity financing for an AI chip company, private equity financing for a leading B2B e-commerce platform, acquisition of an Israeli Internet advertising company by a domestic listed company, and private equity financing for a domestic environmental equipment company. He also participated in the IPO of China Shenhua A-share, restructuring and listing of China Southern Power Grid, A+H IPO of Guangzhou Auto, as well as investment in Lacala, UC Web, and Best Logistics. Linkedin.

  • Qian Qian, Senior Strategy Manager, 3 years of experience in investment banking and consulting in the TMT sector. He participated in equity financing for a new energy vehicle company and an AI semantic understanding company. He helped a domestic buyer group in a cross-border acquisition of a billion-dollar advertising distribution platform, assisted a chain hotel in merging its competitor’s business in China, helped a European chemical giant assess the feasibility of implementing the LCD industry ecosystem in China, and participated in commercial due diligence of Terminus as well as various other projects. He also assisted a US IT oligopoly in conducting consumer profile analysis of Alibaba Cloud and assisted a listed company in Hong Kong in scanning investment opportunities in independent medical laboratories in mainland China. Linkedin.

  • Feng Wu, Strategy Analyst, Worked with a well-known private equity consulting firm in the US. Responsible for private equity client’s financial calculation and their accounting requests. Provided quarterly and annual financial reports for clients. Interned with E&Y and State Street bank in the greater Boston area, and performed different test of controls, consolidation, and substantive procedures. Linkedin.

  • Lilin Li, Community Operation, Long-term engagement in community building, focusing on the social economy, adhering to the concept of resource crowd funding, operation crowdsourcing, content creation, and resource sharing as the platform to build an operational ecosystem. She helped to operate 10,000 O2O community cultural activities every year. Linkedin.

  • Yixin Ren, Community Operation, Was the event planner for an e-commerce company. She was responsible for supplier docking, event planning and activities, and also worked as an English teacher for an English training institution. Linkedin.

  • Teng Qian, Director of Design, Worked with various well-know companies as a senior UI designer and senior GUI designer, including Baidu, Vivo, Suning. He is experienced in the field of internet product design and production of design products. Linkedin.

Partnership Overview

  • Taihe Maitian - Taihe Maitian is a popular music company in China and has top management and executive teams in mainland China. It has more than 20 groups of popular artists, including Sha Baoliang, A Duo and Pu Shu, abundant copyright resources, and powerful media and channel resources. By integration of all powerful resources and continuous innovation in entertainment products and business models, Taihe Maitian has become the leading pop music producer and Building a Programmable Business Society entertainment marketing expert in China.

  • UC Express - UC Express is a newly-developed large-scale express logistics company with great development potential. It was formally established on November 1, 2009 and is headquartered in Qingpu District, Shanghai. The company has more than 30,000 employees and over 20,000 transportation and delivery vehicles. Since its establishment, it has built distribution networks covering large- and medium-sized cities in South China, East China, North China, Central China, Southwest China and Northwest China, and established 60 level-1 and level-2 direct distribution centers in provincial capital cities and other large- and medium-sized cities nationwide. With nearly 3,000 business outlets, its business covers major provinces and cities in mainland China as well as Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other places. Based on the development concept of “Rooted in China, Marching Towards the World”, UC Express provides customers with half-day delivery, overnight delivery, third-day delivery and logistics services in large- and medium-sized cities across the country. At the same time, it provides international services, collection on delivery, return proof of delivery, high-value service and other value-added services, and offers professional express import and export services between mainland China and Hong Kong and Macao.

  • Moving Cloud Tech - Founded in November 2016, Shenzhen Moving Cloud Digital Network Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development of mobile terminal automation of intelligent devices. By using the industry-leading technologies in combination with blockchain applications, Moving Cloud Tech has not only independently developed the MC Sports DApp, the first application that combines smart wearables, sports health and blockchain equity assets, but has also provided blockchain-based personalized mobile DApp customization services for many companies, striving to become a leader in the blockchain equity assets field.

  • Shanghai Mixmarvel Technology - Shanghai Mixmarvel Technology Co., Ltd. is a company focusing on the gaming field established by several former core game development experts of Ubisoft China. Since 2016, Mixmarvel has actively explored various possibilities of combining games and the blockchain, and has taken the lead in the implementation of application scenarios. BattleChain, which is co-produced by Mixmarvel and the well-known enterprise Bitbays, covers a variety of hardcore e-sports games. Its game product “HyperDragons”, which is intended to “allow everyone to use the blockchain”, is the first blockchain combat game in the world. It has won praise from players both at home and abroad for its rich gameplay and has been among the top 10 of the same type of games in the world. With the concept that “playing games can also achieve self-value”, “MarvelUniversal”, a game that is intended to “quicken the pace of game developers towards the new runway”, will be launched soon, in a way that will refresh the industry.

  • H-CRM - Hangzhou H-CRM Technology Co., Ltd is a pioneer in digital management of customer health in China. It provides clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, health management organizations and doctors with professional smart customer health management systems in mobile environments such as webpages, WeChat official accounts and WeChat enterprise accounts, which provide functions such as outpatient and appointment management, remote services and smart doctor assistant, and help users easily establish electronic health records of customers, thereby enhancing customer compliance and health assessment, reducing operation costs and improving work efficiency.

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