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Starplay is a platform through which fans can subscribe to exclusive contents of official channels and carry out official voting for stars as well as music programs in the K-pop ecosystem, which achieved huge growth into trillions dollar market.

Starplay shifted away from voting in unofficial charts provided by the existing platforms in the fandom market, and supports voting which is connected to broadcasting through the official legacy media. It is easier for fans to vote for artists through official channels, and the brand value of stars can be evaluated through the official activities of fandom.

Through Starplay, fandom can purchase ‘STPC tokens’, which allows them more voting rights by exempting them from commission fees which had to be paid in existing platforms when making a purchase with cash, and can vote for their stars.

Problems & Solutions

Taking the growing number of global fans into consideration, the current entertainment industry and the K-pop market seriously lack charts made through official channels and brand charts and so fans are creating contents and voting to promote and improve the brand value of the artist they love through unofficial channels (application).

However, voting should be done in a way that can influence broadcasting through official legacy media (public channels) to improve an artist’s reputation and brand values, but the existing K-pop voting platforms only allow voting within their own ranking system and so the efforts put in by fans were mere self-satisfaction.

Glim Media’s STARPASS was the first to allow K-pop fans to participate in ‘official music programs’ and influence the chart voting and thus, secured 1 million users in about 11 months.

Features & Highlights

  • Starplay Wallet: This is a wallet which can store and manage STPC tokens, the unit for internal transactions within the Starplay platform. Starplay Wallet, which is a hybrid wallet, provides blockchain-based high transaction safety and reliability, has greater promptness and convenience than existing wallets, and can respond organically to account issues. It is optimized for various services such as transactions with tokens and coins, votes and verification. By purchasing STPC tokens, users are rewarded with profits following the sales of tokens, and they can also check token investment returns.

  • Starplay Official Chart Vote: Fans can participate in voting with the voting rights they purchased with STPC tokens as well as the voting rights obtained from early voting and live voting through official broadcasting programs (the maximum number of votes can be adjusted depending on the broadcasting station).

  • Starplay Backstage Contents Subscription Platform: Fans can pay regular subscription fees with STPC tokens and consume contents that integrated On-line and legacy media’s On-air contents. Based on the subscription fees paid, Starplay will reinvest in original contents. This original contents created on the Starplay platform will also include backstage contents and exclusive platform contents created behind the scenes of public music programs, and fans can purchase STPC tokens to pay the subscription fees for such contents.

  • Starplay Mall: 

    • This is the official shopping mall Starplay platform operates, and products to support artists, exclusive contents, products for activities and fan creations can be purchased with STPC tokens.

    • Fans can fully enjoy the values of the artists they love with the STPC tokens they obtained through their own activities.

  • Starplay Exchange:

    • The blockchain technology-based Starplay Exchange is divided into transaction exchange (sells coins) and currency exchange (exchanges coins and tokens). Fans can install Starplay’s DApp to charge (receive) tokens by viewing advertisements of affiliated companies or engaging in activities within the Starplay platform or purchasing.

    • The transaction solution optimized for Starplay provides immediate and safe transaction.

Token Allocation

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Token Utility & Use Cases

STARPLAY’s STPC token is a dividend token with utility functions based on XXX, and it aims at enabling instant payment and dividend distribution through smart contract. As it is based on XXX, it aspires to reduce the role of a mediator and reduce transaction costs.

  • Contents Subscription: The Starplay application operates a subscription service through which users can view Starplayers’ original contents and videos of stars the users want. Users can make payment by STPC for contents subscription services.

  • Purchase of Various Albums and Goods: Starplay connected with album distribution companies and production companies by established a Mall inside for selling the various albums and goods. Users can use STPC to purchase albums and various services. When converting STPC to STPC, users do not have to pay a commission at App Store and Google Play Store, it means that they get a 20% discount. Connect the Sales of album and fan meetings, users can automatically enter for fan meetings through their album purchases through Starplay APP. It means that the winners of fan meeting invitation cards will be drawn, and this will increase the use of STPC.

  • Community-Type Installment Savings Feature: Starplay energizes fandom communities in the long run and increase options users have to support their starts with STPC. Users can use STPC installment savings feature to save for their star’s birthday presents and borrowing the display of a theatre for their star. Brand services such as enabling users to upload videos to send their stars when they save up to a certain amount of STPC are being organized.

Team Members

  • Hogi Yoon, CEO, CEO of STARPLAY; Representative, STARPASS; Director of music for SAMSUNG, NIKE, BMW; Producer of 'Xingdongyazhou' Audition program; Representative, Nine Months Artwork; Berklee College of Music, Professional Music. 

  • Jinjoo Song, CCO, CCO of STARPLAY; Communication Director, STARPASS; Planning/Management Director, Elephant Entertainment; Drama Marketing Producer (KBS’s Story of a Man, etc. ); Marketing Director, GRETECH (Gom Player); Graduate School of Information, Yonsei University (master).

  • Anderson Hwang, CSO, CSO of STARPLAY; Strategy Director, STARPASS; Representative, Model Platform Secret Icon; Model Director, 2017 Seoul Fashion Week; Business Management & Industrial Design, Seoul National University of Science & Technology (bachelor).

  • Andrew Hong, Dev.Team Leader, (EX)Incublock Exchange market platform Deverlopment; ERC, EOS 's Smart Contract architecture & development; Multiple heavy Web project architecture & operation.

  • Paul Yoo, Dev.Manager, Crypto Exchange market utility program development; OneM2M based IOT application platform development; Blueprint viewer Connecter deveplopment; Masic(South-East Asia's telecom company)'s VAS System make.

  • Hyunwoo Heo, Contents Team leader, Music Video and Commercial video; MNET Unpretty Rapstar Promotion; Dynamic Duo 2nd Album Concert Work; Mic Swagger Beijing Directing.

Partnership Overview

  • QRC - At QRC, they provide RegTech solutions for the blockchain industry. They take compliance seriously and are here to help businesses meet regulatory requirements anywhere.

  • BRC - BRC(Bitrise Capital),leading venture capital in blockchain investment, has advantages in resources and research. Adhering to three characteristics in investments: globalized, key track, and infrastructure, BRC arranges a deep deployment on a global scale.

  • Consensus Lab - Consensus Lab is an institutional investor engaged in the research, investment and incubation integration of the blockchain field, jointly established by Fred Wang and a number of blockchain seniors. Adhering to professional thinking of technology and finance, and taking it as mission to facilitate growth and value realization of projects, Consensus lab focuses on blockchain technology, influential applications and internationally capable tems to serve and support blockchain practitioners. Since its founding in April 2018, they have invested in more than 40 inspiring blockchain projects, including Quark, Bumo, Celer, Certik, Bitforex and Coinsuper.

  • 8 Decimal Capital - 8 Decimal Capital is a global investment firm that accelerates the development of the blockchain ecosystem for mainstream adoption. With strong connections in the US and China and an AUM of $60 million, 8 Decimal Capital has a core investment team consisting of venture capital veterans, researchers and trading professionals based in San Francisco and Beijing. They have invested in over 40 companies across 5 countries, with many unicorns.

  • CBE - CBE (China Blockchain Expert) was founded in 2017 by professionals in Blockchain Industry, Investment, Media, Exchange platforms, IT business and Consultant Industry in Asia. CBE has been helping to improve a business process for more than 25 companies from China, Europe and US. CBE has presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Beijing, Europe, USA and keeps expanding its operation worldwide.

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