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Spacemesh is a fair blockmesh operating system designed to run general-purpose smart contracts at web-scale. It is powered by a novel consensus protocol that is secure, proof of work free and highly incentive-compatible.

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Team Members

Tal Moran


Tal has been a faculty member at the Efi Arazi School of Computer Science at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya since 2011...

Iddo Bentov


Iddo, who has been involved in the Bitcoin space since 2011, is a postdoctoral researcher at Cornell University and the author of several academic papers on cryptography and cryptocurrency...

Julian Loss


Julian grew up in Basel, Switzerland, and holds an M.Sc. in Computer Science from ETH Zurich. He is currently a Ph.D. student in the general field of provable security at the Ruhr University Bochum, Germany...

Yuval Zalmenson


A self-motivated, hands-on software engineering leader, Yuval has over 12 years of experience in the domains of network security and storage systems...

Anton Lerner


A free spirit, dog lover (That doesn’t actually own a dog) and professional pub crawler, started his career in an elite IDF cyber unit...

Yosher Lutzki


Yosher started writing software at a young age and he can't stop since then, worked on full-stack web apps as well as scalable backends and data processing systems...

Almog De-Paz


Almog has been in the industry for several years working on things like cyber security, big data analytics and robotics AI. He loves challenging himself by learning new fields, tackling difficult problems...

Elad Gavra


Elad is a young-age tech-enthusiast developer. He began his way destroying computers, writing code for fun and solving math & computer science puzzles. He holds a B.S.C degree from Bar-Ilan University...

Noam Nelke


Noam got his first computer as a young boy sometime in the 80s and has been hacking ever since. Armed with an M.Sc. in machine learning, he embarked on a career developing servers as well as web and mobile clients...

Gal Alkobi


Gal has over seven years of experience in HR, recruiting the best talent and – more importantly - the right people. Her greatest loves include event organization, amateur photography and…. helping people...

Ifat Linur


Ifat brings over 20 years of global management experience to Spacemesh. Her passion for the worlds of innovation and new technology always leads her back to the startup realms, where the future meets the now...

Tomer Afek


Tomer has spent over three decades on both sides of the startup table. He helped to found, and was the co-founder/CEO of ConvertMedia, a Big Data startup (acquired by Taboola)...

Rami Kasterstein


Rami is the Managing Partner at Scale-Up Venture Capital. Prior to that, for over 25 years, Rami was the founder, CEO and/or venture investor of several successful startups...

Aviv Eyal


The eagle of blockchain, Aviv divides his time between hovering way up in the sky, where he's got a perfect bird's eye view of the entire domain, and diving down to get his hands dirty...