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The Skale Foundation’s core mission is to solve the blockchain scalability problem. The SKALE Network Protocol is an open-source effort that combines best-in-class cryptography and decentralization with technology innovation from the big data world. The SKALE Network is capable of running millions smart contracts and transactions per second, facilitating an optimized interaction between dApps and Blockchains.

SKALE Labs supports the SKALE Foundation by facilitating the Open-Source development of the SKALE Protocol and Network, fostering community building efforts, marketing efforts, and overall support of the SKALE token which will be launched as a utility token in Q418.

Features & Highlights

  • Byzantine Fault Tolerant: The standard for security in distributed systems; BFT guarantees that the network can reach consensus even when up to one third of participants are malicious.

  • Asynchronous Protocol: Following the same model as the Internet, this protocol recognizes latencies of nodes and the network, allowing messages to take an indefinite period of time to deliver.

  • Threshold Signatures: BLS Threshold Signatures enable efficient interchain communication and support randomness in node allocation.

  • Leaderless Consensus: Leaderlessness mitigates the possibility of collusion amongst network participants by ensuring that each has an equal chance to successfully propose and commit new blocks.

Team Members

  • Stan Kladko, PhD, Co-Founder / CTO, Stan eats, breathes, and sleeps decentralization and cryptography. Prior to making it his life mission to help scale the blockchain, he spent many years attaining his PhD in Physics, spent 16+ years as a technology executive in Silicon Valley and has 18 years of cryptography experience. His resume includes Physics at Max Planck Institute, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Stanford. SunMicrosystems Java Virtual Machine team, early 2000's Crypto start-ups Ingrian Networks and The Crypto Lab, co-founder of Cloudessa and Galactic Exchange prior to starting SKALE. He is also an active member and contributor to the Ethereum Research Foundation.

  • Jack O'Holleran, Co-Founder / CEO, Jack's passion for decentralized systems and blockchain led him to join efforts with Stan to solve the blockchain scalability problem. He is a veteran Silicon Valley Technology entrepreneur with a deep background in machine learning/AI technologies, and blockchain. His resume includes co-founder of Aktana, co-founder IncentAlign, and executive positions at Good Technology, and Motorola. His first work with Digital Currencies was in 2008 building a digital currency platform for Enterprise Resource Allocation. He has been an active Cryptocurrency investor and an evangelist for decentralized systems since early 2013.

  • ALEX SHEVERDIN, Developer

  • ALEX DANKO, Developer

  • ARTEM PAYVIN, Developer


  • CHRISTINE PERRY, VP Solutions Engineering


  • DMYTRI TKACHUK, Developer


  • DMYTRO STEBAIEV, VP Technology


  • JULIA TIMCHENKO, Marketing

  • LIANG WU, Strategy

  • NATA SHEVERDINA, Operations

  • NATALIE YU, Marketing

  • NATASHA KOLENOVA, Quality Assurance

  • OLEG NIKOLAYEV, Developer

Partnership Overview

  • Aspect Ventures - Aspect Ventures is founded by two industry veterans in 2014 who left large, highly respected firms to create their own startup: a smaller, nimble firm focused on collaborating with the world’s greatest entrepreneurs and venture investors. As early stage investors, they focus on the Series A and selectively participate in Seed financings.

  • Boost VC - Boost VC is a family of founders making Sci-Fi a Reality. Twice a year Boost VC invests in 20+ startups. The three month accelerator program includes housing and office space in Silicon Valley. Portfolio consists of 150+ companies, who have raised over $200M after joining Boost VC.

  • Cambria Asset Management - Cambria Asset Management LLC is a blockchain investment firm that employs a research driven, rules-based system to manage a portfolio of digital assets. 

  • Canaan - Canaan is an early stage venture capital firm that invests in entrepreneurs with visionary ideas. With $5B under management, a diversified fund and over 190 exits to date, Canaan has invested in some of the world's leading technology and healthcare companies over the past 30 years. Canaan’s focus areas include fintech, enterprise/cloud, marketplaces, frontier tech, biopharma, digital health, and medtech.

  • Floodgate - Floodgate Fund is a venture capital firm that focuses on early stage investments in technology companies. It was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

  • Galaxy Digital - Galaxy Digital is a full service, digital assets merchant bank. Galaxy Digital is undertaking the Transaction in order to raise primary capital towards building a best-in-class, full service, institutional-quality merchant banking business in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. This corporate development is an important step in the evolution of the Firm's lifecycle and provides Galaxy Digital with a strong foundation from which to build and expand its platform, network, and brand. Galaxy Digital will include Mr. Novogratz's portfolio of digital assets.

  • Multicoin Capital - Multicoin Capital is a thesis-driven cryptofund that invests long term in tokens that reshape entire sectors of the global economy. It is on a mission to accelerate the transition from the centralized institutions of the industrial age to the decentralized institution of the internet age. By accelerating the transition from permissioned to permissionless financial systems, Multicoin aims to accelerate humanity’s ability to achieve its full potential. Multicoin Capital was established in 2017 and is based in Austin, Texas.

  • MW Partners - MW Partners Group is a private investment firm focused exclusively on blockchain-enabled projects. We pride ourselves in selecting only the best projects to invest in and we have a strict due diligence vetting process. Specialized in many areas of the ICO ecosystem, MW Partners Group provide expert strategies and insightful analysis with the aim of accelerating the growth of our clients. Our access and connections in the crypto community provide an extensive reach and help boost the projects on a whole new trajectory of growth.

  • NGC - Founded in December 2017, NGC strives to become one of the best investment platforms in the blockchain industry by professionally adopting best practices from traditional investments; selectively partnering with leading investment professionals and technical developers in the world; while strategically leveraging and amplifying portfolios' ecosystems to create lasting competitive advantages. NGC is one of the largest institutional investor of blockchain technologies and has been a key contributor to a number of leading projects including Zilliqa, Ontology, NKN, Oasis, Mainframe, Certik, Bluzelle, and Iotex.

  • Signia Venture - Signia Venture Partners is an early stage fund dedicated to helping passionate entrepreneurs realize their vision and build impactful, high-growth ventures. We invest between $500k and $3m for an initial investment across a wide range of technology businesses, including within marketplaces, ecommerce, gaming, consumer mobile, virtual reality, enterprise technology, big data, and security.

  • Visary Capital - Visary Capital is an early stage seed fund investing in teams building infrastructure, protocols, and applications for the next generation digital economy. Investment areas include crypto networks, distributed systems, financial services, data analytics, machine learning, healthcare, media, remote work, and more. True champions and enablers of open-source platforms, privacy, and internet freedom.

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