Resitance (RES) Exchange - ICO Review, Rating and Details of Resitance ICO (Token Sale) - Rating: Not Rated

Resistance is an anonymous decentralized exchange, ResDEX, driven and supported by the Resistance privacy-oriented blockchain, which uses the RES privacy coin as an intermediary to facilitate private trading. These components work in unison to give even novice users a chance to trade and mine with ease and anonymity.

Problems & Solutions

The biggest issue with centralized exchanges is security. Most of the major exchanges, including Binance, OKEx, and Huobi, operate using a centralized model where a trusted middleman handles assets on behalf of senders and recipients. With centralized data, it only takes a single security breach, or malicious insider, for users to lose everything. And it’s happened on numerous occasions. Essentially, centralized exchanges forfeit privacy and security for convenience.

Cryptocurrencies are thriving, yet when it comes to cryptocurrency trading platforms, users currently face many hurdles, including complicated interfaces, slow transaction speeds, and a lack of privacy, security, and freedom.

Most cryptocurrency trading takes place in centralized exchanges that rely on trusted third parties, escrow services, or derivatives, making it almost impossible to trade privately and securely.

Due to the centralized nature of centralized platforms, it only takes one security breach to expose and jeopardize the assets of every user on an exchange.

Decentralized exchanges (DEX) have begun to challenge the dominance of centralized exchanges in the digital currency trading space. But first-generation DEXs are slow, indirect, only moderately secure, and offer inadequate support for users concerned about privacy.

Furthermore, the coins traded in these DEXs are subject to massive cryptocurrency mining operations utilizing expensive, specialized hardware. This makes it extremely difficult for the average person to compete for block rewards and transaction fees.

With Resistance, a decentralized, democratic platform driven by the belief that blockchain technology should empower users with the freedom to mine, trade, and innovate, regardless of their access to resources or technical expertise.

Features & Highlights

  • Private Trading - With Tor, users retain their privacy at all times

  • Privacy Coin - Based on Zcash technology, transactions are shielded

  • Decentralized - A secure, fast and efficient decentralized exchange

  • Secure - Developed by a team of cybersecurity experts

  • Divided Rewards - Rewards are split across CPU mining, PoR, master nodes, and project development

  • Simple - Easy-to-use and decentralized cryptocurrency exchange

Token Allocation

"Private Sale/VC","IEO","Ecosystem Fund","Team/Founders","Advisors/Contributors","Strategic Partners","Airdrop","Trans Mining" {"name": "Private Sale/VC","value": 42},{"name": "IEO","value": 8},{"name": "Ecosystem Fund","value": 15},{"name": "Team/Founders","value": 7},{"name": "Advisors/Contributors","value": 10},{"name": "Strategic Partners","value": 9},{"name": "Airdrop","value": 2.5},{"name": "Trans Mining","value": 6.5}

Roadmap & Updates

  • 2017 Q3
    • Project Begins
  • 2018 Q1
    • Extensive Blockchain Research
    • Closed First Financing Round
    • Legal
    • Resistance Prototype
  • 2018 Q3
    • Testnet Alpha
    • Resistance Wallet with Integrated CPU Miner
    • TOR Integration for Stealth Transfers
    • Website Development Complete
    • Whitepaper
    • Fiat Gateways
    • Instant Swaps
    • REST API
      • Masternodes
      • Private Sale
    • Initial Ecosystem Partners
    • Privacy Community Alliances
      • Mainnet Released
      • Integration of Resistance Wallet into Whonix
    • Hardware Wallet Integrations
      • Decentralize Ownership of Resistance with Community Handover

Team Members

  • Anthony Khamsei, CEO, Highly experienced cybersecurity professional, cryptography expert, and entrepreneur with a proven track record in tackling complex cyber threats and developing innovative security solutions. Linkedin.

  • Harry Li, CFO, Highly-skilled Corporate Finance Leader and Financial Analyst with experience supporting major Wall Street investors including Lehman Brothers Inc. and some of Europe’s largest business transactions for Accenture. Linkedin.

  • Luke Wegryn, Lead Tech Consultant, Extremely well-qualified cybersecurity researcher and former Cisco Systems Security Engineer with a long list of security certifications and a passion for blockchain technology. Linkedin.

  • Konstantin Alexandrov, Core Developer, Highly-regarded Software Engineer responsible for deploying strategic software solutions for industry-leading organizations including Microsoft. Linkedin.

  • Alexander Peslyak, Core Developer, Well-known and respected operating system and network security expert, Founder and CTO of Openwall, author of the widely-used hashing algorithm yescrypt and the newly released CPU-optimized hashing algorithm yespower, and former Zcash advisor. Linkedin.

  • Patrick Schleizer, Core Developer, Highly-competent ICO Analyst and Founder of the groundbreaking anonymity-focused desktop operating system Whonix, a Debian GNU/Linux based Linux distribution provides privacy, security, and anonymity to users. Linkedin.

  • Denis Petrenko, Blockchain Developer, An expert in blockchain development and decentralized exchanges, with experience from institutions such as LQDEX, Luxcore, and Binary Studio. Linkedin.

  • Ziya Sang, Blockchain Researcher, A talented Project Manager, Research Analyst, Junior Venture Analyst, and well-established international partner in leading blockchain research projects. Linkedin.

  • Wison Ye, Software Engineer, Brilliant Full Stack Developer specializing in the development of software system architecture for large-scale government operations and private, international organizations. Linkedin.

  • Vladamir Tsaryov, Software Engineer, A highly-accomplished Software Engineer with a wide-knowledge of blockchain technology and a proven talent for complex web development. Linkedin.

  • Nikita Abramenkov, Multi-talented Software Designer and Project Lead for web and mobile applications with previous UI and UX Design experience for major European banks. Linkedin.

  • Kieron Allen, Lead Copywriter, Highly-trained and well-qualified Journalist, Editor, and Copywriter with experience producing content for internationally distributed BBC magazines, news websites, and multiple technology start-ups. Linkedin.

  • Alisha Adams, Senior Copywriter, A sought-after Content Writer and Strategist with experience creating publications for enterprise clients including Adobe and developing high-level social media strategies. Linkedin.

  • Isa Nordeld, Community Manager, Security-focused Social Media professional and M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management with experience in Search Engine Optimization for innovative technology organizations. Linkedin.

  • Ivan Liljeqvist, Blockchain Advisor, Well-known Blockchain Developer, entrepreneur and influencer with a background in computer science, telecom and data analysis, Founder of Ivan on Tech YoutTube channel (180k subs), (200k monthly readers), Ivan on Tech Academy (10,000 active students). Linkedin.

  • Dr. David Kravitz, Blockchain Advisor, Cryptographic mastermind with 35 years of experience in the sector, Vice President of Crypto Systems Research at DarkMatter, former IBM researcher, key contributor to the Linux Foundation Hyperledger Project, and inventor of the Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA). Linkedin.

  • Tommy Spiering, GDPR Advisor, Dynamic Information Security and Privacy Officer, Consultant, and GDPR expert with an intricate knowledge of international data protection legislation. Linkedin.

  • Vlad Ovtchinikov, IT Security Advisor, Cyber Security Researcher for the major multi-national bank, Santander, Trainer at Black Hat Conference, Certifed Ethical Hacker, and accomplished security expert. Linkedin.

  • Daniel Soderberg, Business Advisor, President of EyeOnID, a publicly-traded company that provides proactive identity protection services through a variety of state-of-the-art products and solutions. Linkedin.

  • Matthew Cummings, Technical Advisor, Senior Site Reliability Engineer at cybersecurity giant Carbon Black, accomplished Backend Developer, and fluent in multiple programming languages and tools. Linkedin.

  • Filip Martinsson, Blockchain Advisor, A leading figure in the Swedish blockchain community, Co-Founder of the advisory and education organization, Stockholm Blockchain, and Co-Founder of BLOXPO, Europe’s largest and most important blockchain conference. Linkedin.

Partnership Overview

  • FACTBLOCK - FACTBLOCK is a leading blockchain accelerator and consulting firm, focused on connecting global blockchain startups to the Korean market.
  • Bitgosu Partners - Bitgosu Partners is a leading South Korean blockchain media and PR venture. Running a Crypto TV Station from our office in Seoul, Bitgosu has become the biggest crypto community in South Korea.
  • TLDR Global - TLDR Global is an advisory firm that builds companies and infrastructure for the new token economy, helping leading token projects and companies succeed. Linkedin.
  • - have a proven track record in providing ICO strategy, community management, and growth marketing services to leading blockchain projects.

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