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A person’s Personal Artificial Intelligence (PAI), is a verified intelligent 3D avatar that looks like you, sounds like you, and can perform activities on your behalf.

The PAI blockchain is an open source protocol that exists as public infrastructure. An entirely new and independent protocol based on the Bitcoin blockchain protocol, its goal is to service many different types of AI products and services. Anyone can build applications on the PAI blockchain and benefit from the value they create for their users.

Problems & Solutions

The cornerstone of artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability to make highly competent, humanistic decisions that successfully pass the Turing test. In the last decade, we’ve seen rapid advancement of strong, sophisticated AI machines in a variety of industries; the autonomous vehicle industry is delivering a new transportation economy; Alphabet’s AlphaGO has toppled the best Go board players in the world; neural networks like IBM Watson learn and process vast amounts of information at unimaginable paces. The peak of artificial intelligence is almost here, but with several limitations: current AI is only developed for a narrow, task-specific domains, is prohibitively resource-intensive, and thus is heavily influenced by and for the interests of a select number of industry leaders. For these reasons Project PAI is developing an open-source blockchain protocol to decentralize AI development for everyone. The foundation for an interoperable AI blockchain starts from the ground up firstly with creating AI for the individual.

Features & Highlights

  • Digital Profiles: Any form of personal identifier that can be contributed to the creation or improvement of a PAI. Some examples include: biometric, voice capture, facial recognition, semantics, social activity, and even personality.

  • PAI: The Personal Artificial Intelligence (PAI) is a 3D digital twin avatar that looks, talks, and behaves uniquely like the original human. The identity can be verified as true to the owner of the PAI, and be given duties to act on behalf of the owner as a delegated representative. The PAI is always improving through the accumulation of interactions and contributions from the owner and other users on the platform. (e.g. The owner may only speak English, but his or her PAI may speak Chinese, automatically learning from the collection of Chinese-speaking users.)

  • PAI Network: A decentralized platform upon which decentralized applications utilizing PAI can be built. A user’s PAI can be created, stored, and deployed upon the platform onto any decentralized application, controlled discreetly at the owner’s discretion.

  • AI Economy - An artificial intelligence-driven economy built upon the PAI Network, where PAI intelligently exchange goods and services for a new model of transaction reducing the reliance upon trusted entities. 

  • PAI Blockchain Protocol - A blockchain, a peer-to-peer network which stores identical and unalterable blocks of information across the network, will be utilized in the Project PAI technology. This blockchain exists from a combination of layers: authentication, transaction, and data. Any instance of PAI being active on an application, receiving credits for a transactional exchange of PAI information, checking for verification, storing for biometric data, or assisting in AI development, will be written to the blockchain protocol for immutability. Altogether, it enables the trustless uniquity in which PAI cannot be copied and deployed without a person’s permission. Permission of PAI in most cases covers the Right to Publicity or personality rights, where an individual controls the commercial usage of their image, likeness, or other facets of one’s personal identity.

Token Allocation

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Token Utility & Use Cases

PAI Coin is the native currency on the PAI blockchain with which applications and users transact to process changes.

Roadmap & Updates

  • 2018 Q1
    • PAI Coin Mainnet Launch COMPLETED - Mainnet launch on February 23, 2018. PAI Coin able to be transacted, and blockchain activity visible on
    • PAI Coin QT Wallet Capabilities COMPLETED - The PAI Coin Core repository contains the necessary code to run a wallet with a basic GUI. See
    • Android & iOS Mobile Wallet COMPLETED - PAI Up is a lightweight, decentralized wallet that allows storage, sending and receiving of PAI Coin, plus the ability to create and locally store public/private keypairs. Available for iOS and Android at
    • Authenticator Apps COMPLETED - An Authenticator app enables a user to go through a KYC Identity Verification process in exchange for some amount of PAI Coin. This later proves ownership of a Personal AI.
  • 2018 Q2
    • PAI Authenticator Web App ON HOLD - The PAI Authenticator web app was envisioned to be a public console to enable crowdsourced identity verification.
    • First Mobile Application on PAI Blockchain COMPLETED - Enable the launch of a mobile app by a 3rd-party developer, potentially utilizing KYC via the Authenticator app, facilitated by a PAI Coin data share transaction. As described in PDP 2 and the Project PAI technical white paper, PAI Coin data sharing transactions permanently embed a pointer to encrypted data (in this case, an Identity Verification video) on the PAI Blockchain, for immutability and security.
  • 2018 Q3
    • Smart Contract IN PROGRESS - A Turing-complete Virtual Machine, in the spirit of Ethereum's, will enable developers to implement arbitrary programs to be executed by nodes supporting the PAI Blockchain. Project PAI welcomes use case ideas from the community. Custom reference implementation: Thin client implementation:
    • Token Generation COMPLETED - Tokens (separate currencies) on the PAI Blockchain can be created and transacted in tandem with PAI Coin, on the same Blockchain and verified by the same nodes and miners. See Custom reference implementation: Smart node implementation:
    • Accompanying User-Friendly Developer Tools UNDER EVALUATION - This set of tools will allow tech-savvy consumers to create their own PAI Tokens, for in-app credits, gaming experiences, crowdfunding, and more. Pending smart contract capability.
  • 2018 Q4
    • AI Proof of Useful Work Testing with Early Adopters IN PROGRESS - Proof of Useful Work is a research project which reengineers the Proof of Work consensus mechanism to require the energy expended to have been verifiably associated with some requested process (e.g., an AI computation).
    • Proposal for PoW/PoS Hybrid Consensus Mechanism IN PROGRESS - A protocol-level change of the consensus mechanism with the goal of improving the safety and stability of the public P2P PAI Coin network. Proposal to be made available to the public on December 20, 2018.
  • 2019 Q1
    • Dedicated Chip Developments ON HOLD - Proof of Work consensus requires computation, the efficiency and speed of which can be improved through the use of GPUs, and dedicated ASICs.
    • Open-Source Code for PAI Wallet IN PROGRESS - Open-source software to facilitate development of independent mobile wallets for PAI Coin.
    • Open-Source PAI Authentication Tool IN PROGRESS - A Blockchain-based software suite for end-to-end KYC, including front-end identity data capture and backend verification tools.
  • 2019 Q2
    • Blockchain Data Storage for Use On-Demand COMPLETED - Completed per description in the Project PAI technical whitepaper. A special PAI Coin Data Share transaction permanently embeds a pointer to PII on the Blockchain, for immutability and security. The data itself is stored in a separate Torrent network, also decentralized. See
    • PAI-Humanistic Information Economy Tool IN PROGRESS - A software tool for performing and requesting surveys and tasks via crowdsourcing, in exchange for PAI Coin.
    • Support for PAI Coin APIs (payment services, data storage) IN PROGRESS - Easy-to-use developer tools and consumer apps for vendors to accept PAI Coin for sales online and at Point of Sale.

Team Members

  • Alex Waters, Technical Advisor. Alex Waters has been an early member of the Bitcoin ecosystem since its inception and has worked full-time on blockchain technology since 2010. His past projects include co-founding and serving as the CEO for, a bitcoin payments company, as well as creating Coin Apex, one of the first digital currency and blockchain research organizations. He has also held roles at the Bitcoin core development open source project, BitInstant, and itBit.

  • Dr. Mark Harvilla, Core Contributing Blockchain Researcher. Dr. Mark Harvilla earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) in 2010 and his PhD from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in 2014, all in Electrical and Computer Engineering. During his doctoral studies at CMU, Dr. Harvilla specialized in Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) research. Dr. Harvilla joined ObEN as its first employee in January 2015 and became a Project PAI Core Committer over 1 year ago. He has since worked in a variety of areas at ObEN and Project PAI, including voice conversion, machine learning, singing synthesis, and most recently, blockchain consensus mechanism research. He currently leads the technology development as Chief Engineer at ObEN.

  • Jascha Wanger, Technical Advisor. Jascha has over 20 years of experience as a technologist. Founding numerous startups and helping to build them to 9 figure exits. Having been active in the Bitcoin and blockchain community since 2010. In addition to currently helping to architect and make Project PAI, he runs a consulting company specializing in DevOps, Information Security, and blockchain solutions. Jascha founded his first technology startup at the age of 16 and became hooked ever since on finding innovative solutions to most any problem. In his over 20 years in the industry, he has been a speaker at numerous conferences including COMDEX covering the topics of Open Source, DevOps and Information Security. In his free time, Jascha enjoys collecting watches and adding to his whiskey library.

  • Patrick Gerzanics, Core Contributing Blockchain Developer. Patrick has been writing software professionally for over 20 years and has spent his career as a senior engineer and technical lead of a variety of startups; up to and including several acquisitions. He has extensive experience in low-latency distributed network architecture and development and leverages that knowledge to build cutting edge solutions with blockchain technology.

  • Weijia Yu, Core Contributing Blockchain Developer. Weijia is a seasoned software engineer highly experienced in cutting-edge technology from VR/AR to blockchain. He has extensive programming experience in various front-end frameworks. He is currently focused on integrating various ObEN technologies into front-end applications.

  • Dr. Sebastian Rusu, Core Contributing Blockchain Developer. Dr. Rusu is a senior software engineer with over 15 years of experience in designing and implementing software solutions for desktop, server, mobile and embedded systems ranging from data intensive to media rich applications in industries like telecommunications, energy, utilities, arts, social media, automation and research. His blockchain focus is on building applications around a robust and democratized environment, harvesting the advantages of such architectures over other types of distributed systems.

  • Constantin Yannuk, Core Contributing Blockchain Developer. Constantin is a skilled senior software engineer with over 15 years of professional experience. He has extensive experience programming across multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, OSX), writing C/C++/Java/C# code for web and image/video/audio processing services and is applying that diverse knowledge to our work with smart contracts and general PAI Coin improvements.

  • Igor Barjaktarevic, Core Contributing Blockchain Researcher. Igor is a seasoned software engineer with background in financial software and game development. He has extensive experience building large software architectures and performance critical algorithms. Igor enjoys both the theoretical and practical challenges of blockchain feature implementation.

  • Dr. Andrei Lihu, Core Contributing Blockchain Researcher. Dr Andrei Lihu is an artificial intelligence (AI) expert. Highly experienced in machine learning and optimisation algorithms, he designed and implemented big data solutions for precision medicine and financial industry. He is interested in building novel AI applications using the power of blockchain technologies.

  • Ivan Mishur, Core Contributing Blockchain Developer. Ivan has worked as a systems engineer and Python developer for over 10 years. He is currently focused on fintech and blockchain solutions creating safe hot/cold wallet solutions for Ethereum and now works on PAI Coin improvements such as child assets.

  • Subodh Sah, Contributing Blockchain Developer. Subodh is a software developer with over 5 years of experience in mobile app development and coding for telecommunications applications. After graduating from USC with a Master’s in Computer Science, he has been working with ObEN primarily as a mobile app developer. In the cryptocurrency space, Subodh has experience with Solidity, Truffle, Bitcoin Mining, Bitcoin full node client development, and Bitcoin thin-client wallet development using SPV.

  • Xu Wang, Contributing Blockchain Developer. Xu Wang is pursuing his master’s degree in Computer Science at University of Southern California. He is a software engineer with rich project experience in Full Stack and Mobile development. His current work is to develop the Blockchain wallet for PAI coin. He has strong interest in improving the security of the Blockchain wallet.

  • Dr. Dan Fang, Contributing Blockchain Researcher. Dan received her PhD degree from the University of Southern California (USC) in 2018. Her PhD research focused on designing and optimizing energy storage systems using thin film process technology. Before undertaking her doctoral studies, she worked at the Chinese Academy of Science where she developed novel semiconductor materials for solar cell applications. Dan joined ObEN in May 2018, and has since been leveraging her multidisciplinary background to build solutions with the PAI Blockchain for industries including health care and the Internet of Things (IoT).

  • Jincheng Du, Contributing Blockchain Researcher. Jincheng Du is pursuing his Master’s Degree in Computer Science at the University of Southern California (USC). He is an enthusiastic and open-minded researcher, whose skill set covers Machine Learning, Blockchain, and Python development. His current research interests focus on Proof of Useful Work (PoUW), which incorporates machine learning training into cryptocurrency mining.

Partnership Overview

  • AI Stars - AI Stars is an entertainment technology company that creates virtual celebrities, virtual versions of real celebrities that look, talk and behave like the celebrity and interact with their fans globally.

  • CrestValue Capital - CrestValue is a venture capital institution that specializes in high-tech, growth-oriented enterprise equity investment.

  • E3 Capital Partners - E3 Capital Partners (‘E3’) is an independent and privately owned property company that specialises in a select number of specifically researched alternative investment strategies by which we are able to add value through superior knowledge and operational capability.

  • Third Wave Digital Capital - Third Wave Digital was founded by Allen DeBevoise in 2014 to provide start-up capital to exceptional early-stage media and technology entrepreneurs addressing explosive opportunities in digital media distribution, programming and technology. Based in Los Angeles, Third Wave Digital is committed to helping the best and most ambitious third wave technologies and programming brands develop and grow into tomorrow’s major media companies.

  • NewMargin Ventures - NewMargin Ventures is a leading venture capital management company in China. Their overriding mission is to support China's emerging entrepreneurs to build world-class companies. Their investment strategy is to get involved with entrepreneurs early, share their collective expertise, and work tirelessly to help them execute their business strategies. 

  • memBrain Ventures - memBrain help global brands navigate the entertainment industry.

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