PlutusX (PLTX) Blockchain Service - Rating and Details of PlutusX ICO (Token Sale) - Rating: Shitcoin

PlutusX’s mission since its inception in 2015 has had one core drive: to reinvent the way investing is perceived. PlutusX planned on disrupting the status quo by providing tools that otherwise would have been exclusively reserved to the ultra-wealthy. PlutusX has now advanced the PlutusX mission with the progression of blockchain technology and decentralized tools, that will allow the team to take the PlutusX mission to a global and borderless platform.

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Team Members

Angel Mondragon

Co-founder & CEO

Patrick Benske

Co-founder & CMO

John B. Strong

Co-founder & CFO

Thea Vujanovic

VP of Operations

Joshua Espinosa

Chief Investment Officer

Larry Cameron

Chief Information Security Officer

Michael Arner

Chief Technology Officer

Donald Fiander

Chief Programming Officer

Mason Banning

Full Stack Software Engineer

Alex Mostoufi


Creator of which then got acquired by Apple. CTO at mitú

Yao Min Ng


ICOBench & ICO Expert

Kevin McDonald


Investment Banker

Candice Lee Owens


Corporate & Securities Attorney

Jared Murphy


ICO Advisor & Real Estate Investment Professional