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PlayerOne: a decentralized gamer identity protocol.PlayerOne will utilize the blockchain to create a trustless system for valuable data to be stored.

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Team Members

Charlie Kim

Project Lead, Seoul EOS Dev Meetup Organizer

Jason Choi

Strategy and Investment

Eric Song

Smart Contract and Platform Development

Bryan Cho

Chief Operating Officer

Chris Kim

Development Lead

Indra Yoon

Back-end Development

Justin Kim

Front-end Development

Zack Cho

Product Management

Joy Kang

User Interface Design

NJ Kim

Marketing and Partnership

Jessica Lynn Kim

Business Development

Aileen Park

Game Community Manager

Daniel Choi

Accounting Manager

Maarten Noyons


Founder of IMGA(International Mobile Gaming Awards)

Shuhei Ueda


CEO at JOGA(Japan Online Game Association)

Joony Koo


Game Expert, Partner at Block Crafters Capital

Myeong-kyun CHoi


Co-founder of PIXELPIMS (VR Game Company)

Sungwone Choi


CEO at Supertree Games (Blockchain Game Marketplace)

Sangil Shim


CEO at Adiscope, a subsidiary of NEOWIZ

Jaewoo Cho


Blockchain Expert, Witness of Steemit (@clayop)

Eunsung Baik


Partner at Ehoo Law Firm