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pixEOS has developed the first Art Gamification Platform through a smart-economy on the EOS blockchain – pixEOS tokens have multiple utilities enabling artists to promote, tokenise ownership, and monetize their content.

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December 2018

  • Token Launch


Q4 2018 - Q1 2019

  • pixEOS Paint


Q4 2018 - Q1 2019

  • Staking System


Q1 2019

  • NFT Art Gallery


Q1 2019

  • Aution House

Q1 2019

  • New Game and Dapps


Q1 - Q2 2019

  • pixEOS Art House


Team Members

Fred Nogueira

Co-founder of pixEOS

Fred has 20+ years in marketing, event management and international business development. He currently runs his own event management business. He has worked with crypto project and with Jorge Alcario has developed a crypto communication Dapp. He loves to play rock music and is a blockchain fanatic.

Jorge Alcario

Co-founder of pixEOS

Jorge is a full stack developer with a knack for UX design. He has worked in every aspect of software development, and is now fully committed to blockchain technology. Might be caught playing games when not developing them.


Business Development

Matt has over 12 years of Business Development experience and has built up quite the skill set focusing on Research & Strategy, Business Intelligence, Project Management, Negotiation & Persuasion skills, Collaboration, Communication & Interpersonal Skills. Matt has used these skills to continually identify opportunities throughout different types of organizations to develop their business. Matt has now found his feet within the cryptocurrency space and is excited to use his skill sets to help his peers to continue to grow and develop.


Writer And Artist Herder

Stellabelle is a tech writer and blockchain addict with 10+ years of graphic art experience. She has built many crypto communities from the ground up and wrote one book titled Un-Crap Your Life.

Igwilo Stan

Community Manager

Igwilo is a cryptocurrency enthusiast, advisor and community manager. He has worked with many crypto projects and has completed his MOOC in Digital Currencies and blockchain in university of Nicosia, Cyprus.


UI Designer and Front-end Developer

Fabiyamada is a UI designer, front-end developer and wannabe artist...She loves pixels and voxels.


Artist and Graphic Designer

Yu is an inveterate dreamer, traveling crypto artist and distraught painter.


Community Manager

Stanley is an artist and a cryptocurrency enthusiast. He's been researching different crypto projects and is a blockchain freak. He believes blockchain technology will make the world a better place.


3D Modeler

Gama is a professional software engineer, enthusiast photographer and 3D modeler.


Community buttler

Soon to join the family, pixEOSbot will give you information about pixEOS, distribute free EOS account codes and make fun quizzes and polls with the community. pixEOSbot is single and is looking for his EOS cyber half.