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This is a project launched specifically for building a new kind of ecommerce system through decentralization.

At the core of the project is NewChain, which consists of a main and sub-chain architecture. The mainchain handles transactions and account management, while the subchains allow for any participants from the ecommerce industry, such as websites or logistics providers, to participate in the network.

Newton also supplies a full suite of components for managing all of the essential aspects of an ecommerce ecosystem, such as digital identities, supply chain ledgers, digital marketing tools and a highly dynamic payments mechanism.

Newton is not out to deploy any new technology per se, but instead to configure a set of existing blockchain and p2p tools catered specifically toward providing solutions to online retailers.

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Team Members

Xu Jizhe


Founder of Zeuux (A Community for Free Software Usage)

Li Shubin


Founder of OKbuy

Xia Wu

Joint Chief Architect

Co-founder of Zeuux (A Community for Free Software Usage)

Meng Guang

Joint Chief Architect

Han Feng


Co-founder of Elastos Visiting Scholar & Research Associate at Columbia University Advisor at Huawei Central Institute

Li Songbo


Former CTO of Sina (NASDAQ: SINA) Partner of DFJ Venture Capital

Hu Dinghe


Newton Eco Development Fund Manager Previous President of Chongqing Lifan

Gu Xueyong


Professor at Tsinghua University Director of International Relations at iCenter

Lee Willson


Bitcoin Ambassador

Theodore Gray


Co-Founder of Wolfram Research Creator of the Mathematica Notebook System Founder of Touch Press BAFTA Award winning author

Masanari Koike


Visiting Fellow at the Department of Social Sciences, Research Center for Japanese Studies, Tsinghua University