MXC (MXC) Protocol - Rating and Details of MXC ICO (Token Sale) - Rating: Pass

The MXC vision is to introduce a systematic process to both simplify and increase IoT data transactions.

The decentralized infrastructure upon which MXC’s system is based is the future of Low Power Wide Access Network (LPWAN) and the Machine eXchange Protocol (MXProtocol). Utilizing this solid device network foundation, MXC is introducing an extraordinarily unique coin offering, Machine eXchange Coin (MXC), which allows for increased data transactions and an idiosyncratic data flow monetization within the mammoth data market.

MXProtocol places a keen focus on reducing collision between networks, constructing an inter-chain data market, developing a market for network coverage and introducing an independent Quality of Services (QoS) framework for both data providers and receivers. For the first time ever, individual network users, corporations and enterprises can all participate in the construction of decentralized, ubiquitous and secure LPWAN. Simply by connecting “anything” to the network, adopters will be able to profit and trade MXC.

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Team Members

Aaron Wagener


Aaron is a true global visionary with over 15 years strategic business experience at some of the world’s largest digital corporations. Fostering a global reputation of success...

Xin Hu


Xin has written a number of award winning scientific papers on IoT and Data Networks. He recently won the prestigious CES innovation award and owns a number of data driven technological patents. Xin is a true believer...

Vlad Karl


Vlad’s passion for performance has seen him at the forefront of software development for over 15 years. Before joining MXC Vlad worked on complex Blockchain development solutions, revolutionising the Real-Estate...

Piotr Brzezinski

IoT Protocol Engineer

Piotr is a Master of Science, and brings with him over 7 years experience working within the IoT industry. He’s been the driving force behind G.i.N and Siemens and has now taken this experience to become...

Sunny Lu


Bo Shen


Meinhard Benn


Leo Wang


Dr. David Lee Kuo Chuen


Jeffrey Wernick