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MultiVAC is a next-generation high-performance public blockchain for industrial-scale decentralized applications. Its trusted sharding technology allows for unlimited and sustainable scalability, and it provides a novel approach towards solving the blockchain scalability problem currently preventing mainsteam blockchains from reaching industrial capability.

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2018 - Q1

  • Project Startup & Team Formation
  • MultiVAC Framework Design

2018 - Q2

  • Technical Whitepaper Release
  • UTXO Sharding Transaction Design & Development
  • Sharding Ledger & Storage Design & Development
  • Interactive TX Verification Design & Development

2018 - Q3

  • Sharding Yellowpaper Release
  • Sharding Transaction Development
  • In-lab Testing and TPS Data Release

2018 - Q4

  • Testnet Release
  • Refining & Release of BISC, MVM, PoIE Design
  • Flexible Computation Design

2019 - Q1

  • Testnet Iterate & Update
  • MVM/PoIE Refining & Development
  • Flexible Computation Development

2019 - Q2

  • Full-Function Unified Debugging & Update
  • Stress Testing and Security Scanning
  • Mainnet Launch

2019 - Q3

  • Blockchain Wallet and Browser Release
  • Development Toolkit: SDK

Team Members

Frank Lyu


Technical director and data engineering expert at Meituan-Dianping. Co-founder and CTO of, the leading HR SaaS start-up in China with investment from Sequoia Capital.

Shawn Ying


Associate Professor at Tianjin University. Ph.D. in Computer Science from Nanyang Technological University. An expert on parallel algorithms and general-purpose computation...

Claire Wang


Marketing director of Co-founder of She created the best new-media and community brand in the Chinese vertical field of human resources...

Xiao Tong

Algorithm Researcher

Ph.D. in Statistics from Harvard University. A researcher in the field of probability, machine learning and big data. He is engaged in the research and development of quantitative trading strategies...

Ge Li

Algorithm Researcher

Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Sydney. An expert in group theory and cryptography. He is a quantitative strategist in top international hedge funds.

Hong Sun

Algorithm Researcher

Ph.D. from the Microsoft Research Asia and Tianjin University (MSRA-TJU) joint program. A postdoctoral researcher at the Microsoft Asia Institute and an expert in AI...

Weige Qin

Algorithm Researcher

M.S. in Computer Engineering from National University of Singapore. B.Eng. in Mechatronics from Nanyang Technological University.

Minqi Zhang

Algorithm Researcher

Ph.D. in Computer Science at Nanyang Technological University. An expert on the applications of modern topology and applied mathematics in Computer Science.

Koupin Lu

Algorithm Researcher

M.S. in Financial Mathematics at Stanford University. B.S. in Math & Physics in the Academic Talent Program of Tsinghua University. Vice president of Goldman Sachs Co...

Liang He

R&D Engineer

Architect of Pinterest and Facebook. Senior engineer of Tencent. An expert in the field of large-scale distributed systems.

Shuzhi Huang

R&D Engineer

Google Senior Software Engineer, Tech lead/Manager of Android Google Search App (AGSA, the biggest Google app, over 1 billion downloads). Peking University, Software Engineering, Master.

Zhong Dong

R&D Engineer

Senior engineer of Google Android Search. An expert on big data at Meituan.

Yuan Li

R&D Engineer

Technical director and senior engineer of Google Local Ads.

Nan Lin

R&D Engineer

Software Engineer at Google Ads. Master of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. Bachelor of Computer Science of Tsinghua University.

Weihua Zhang

R&D Engineer

Site Reliability Engineer at Google, in charge of indexing and annotation storage infrastructure. Bachelor of Engineering Computer Science and Technology from Xi’an Jiaotong University.

Libo Shen

R&D Engineer

Site Reliability Engineer at Google. Responsible for the reliability architecture of the Google Shopping API. Bachelor of Computer Science from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Tao Guo

R&D Engineer

Full stack blockchain engineer. Former Amazing Blocks Technology Co CTO. Former Kabam Game Development Engineer. Master of CS at Harbin Institute of Technology.

Lu Lu

R&D Engineer

Senior engineer of Thunder, Meituan, Alibaba and

David Sebaoun

R&D Engineer

Pursuing a Master's in Computer Science at Tianjin University and at the European Institute of Technology. Bachelor of Computer Science and Innovation from the European Institute of Technology.

Andrew Ma

R&D Engineer

Graduated with a B.S. degree in Mathematical and Computational Science in Stanford University. Grew up in Nanjing, China and Honolulu, HI and is the record holder for the USA Mathematical Olympiad in Hawaii.

Coma Yang

Growth Team

With extensive background and experience in community development, Coma was the cofounder of Cosechain and was responsible for the community development for multiple blockchain projects spanning over 300k investors...

Ben Sun

Growth Team

Ben was an early cryptocurrency investor and the co-founder of a college startup called Xiaohetao, where he was responsible for product management and community development.

Cici Zheng

Growth Team

Cici has 2 years of community development experience and grew an educational platform over 50,000 users.

Judy Zhu

Growth Team

As a top student in The Communication University of China, Judy has strong background in Sino-English communications. She has won both National Scholarship and Innovation Fellowship at school for her brilliant...

Vidy Chou

Growth Team

Vidy has 4 years of design experience as the design manager for TVM Media Technology. He has a Bachelor of Arts and Design from the Hebei Institute of Communication.

Chenxu Shi

Growth Team

Three years of visual design experience, participated in the design and operation of the tens of millions of user apps, good at illustration and animation design, has participated in many competitions and won awards.

Fang Kuang

Growth Team

Fang was responsible for personnel, administration and finance for 3 years at Beijing Yunduan Culture Media Co. She holds a M.A. in Business Administration from the Chinese University of Geosciences.

Jun Yang


VP and cofounder of Co-founder of Renren, Fanfou and Haineiwang.

Roger Lim


Experienced angel and blockchain investor. Founding Partner of NEO Global Capital. Advisor for Bluzelle, Qlink, CoinFi, Selfkey, TheKey, Tomocoin, 0Chain, Switcheo, Open Platform and nOS. Successful entrepreneur...

Chang Chen


Senior researcher at IBM. Core developer at Fabric. He is an early researcher and promoter of blockchain technology. He once led the development of several blockchain service platforms...

Ying He


Tenured Associate Professor of Nanyang Technological University. Expert on computer graphics, parallel computing & topology. He has published over 70 papers on top journals and conferences.

Binqiang Lai


Vice-president of in charge of the IT, administration, purchasing, legal and government relations offices. Co-founder of Renren, Taofangwang.

Liang Chen


Senior Vice-president of Co-founder of Renren, Taofangwang.

Johnny Lyu


Vice President of Strategy and Investment of KuCoin; partner of PGC (Phoenix Global Capital).