MultiVAC (MTV) Blockchain Platform - ICO Review, Rating and Details of MultiVAC ICO (Token Sale) - Rating: All In

MultiVAC is a next-generation high-performance public blockchain for industrial-scale decentralized applications. Its trusted sharding technology allows for unlimited and sustainable scalability, and it provides a novel approach towards solving the blockchain scalability problem currently preventing mainsteam blockchains from reaching industrial capability.

Returns Since ICO

  • ICO Price in USD: $0.006. ROIx in USD: 1.1x USD
  • ICO Price in BTC: 0.00000115 BTC. ROIx in BTC: 0.56x BTC
  • ICO Price in ETH: 0.00003559 ETH. ROIx in ETH: 1.02x ETH

Features & Highlights

  • Trusted Probability Model: An elegant mathematical model allowing developers to switch between their CAP specifications
  • PoIE Consensus: An efficient and practical way to verify the execution of smart contracts
  • BISC: A blockchain instruction set based on a mature developer’s ecosystem, providing low-level support for DApps
  • MVM: A general-purpose computational environment for commercial-grade DApps

Sharding has produced progress in parallelizing transaction processing but has not realized total scalability. MultiVAC is developing the world’s first fast, efficient, and fully sharded blockchain with sharding for not only computation but also transmission and storage, maximizing throughput while maintaining decentralization and without sacrificing security.

  • Account Sharding: Accounts processing is divided equally to shards that keep all its transaction data.
  • Miner Sharding: Efficient dynamic sharding based on Verifiable Random Functions
  • Ledger Sharding: A UTXO model variant with trustable interactive verification
  • Storage sharding: Cross-shard read-only data structures with high-throughput
  • Transmission Sharding: An in-shard broadcasting mechanism avoiding network storms

Token Allocation

"Ecosystem","Foundation","Team","Private","Seed ","Public Sale","Advisor" {"name": "Ecosystem","value": 30},{"name": "Foundation","value": 27},{"name": "Team","value": 15},{"name": "Private","value": 10.21},{"name": "Seed ","value": 8.95},{"name": "Public Sale","value": 7},{"name": "Advisor","value": 1.84}

Token Release Schedule

"Apr 2019", "May 2019", "Jun 2019", "Jul 2019", "Aug 2019", "Sep 2019", "Oct 2019", "Nov 2019", "Dec 2019", "Jan 2020", "Feb 2020", "Mar 2020", "Apr 2020", "May 2020", "Jun 2020", "Jul 2020", "Aug 2020", "Sep 2020", "Oct 2020", "Nov 2020", "Dec 2020", "Jan 2021", "Feb 2021", "Mar 2021", "Apr 2021", "May 2021", "Jun 2021", "Jul 2021", "Aug 2021", "Sep 2021" {"name": "Public Sale", "icon": "roundRect"},{"name": "Private Sale", "icon": "roundRect"},{"name": "Seed Sale", "icon": "roundRect"},{"name": "Foundation", "icon": "roundRect"},{"name": "Ecosystem", "icon": "roundRect"},{"name": "Team", "icon": "roundRect"},{"name": "Advisor", "icon": "roundRect"} {"data": [7.00, 7.00, 7.00, 7.00, 7.00, 7.00, 7.00, 7.00, 7.00, 7.00, 7.00, 7.00, 7.00, 7.00, 7.00, 7.00, 7.00, 7.00, 7.00, 7.00, 7.00, 7.00, 7.00, 7.00, 7.00, 7.00, 7.00, 7.00, 7.00, 7.00],"name": "Public Sale", "symbol": "circle", "type": "line", "stack": "Save", "areaStyle": {}},{"data": [0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 1.13, 2.26, 3.39, 4.52, 5.65, 6.78, 7.91, 9.04, 10.21, 10.21, 10.21, 10.21, 10.21, 10.21, 10.21, 10.21, 10.21, 10.21, 10.21, 10.21, 10.21, 10.21, 10.21, 10.21, 10.21, 10.21, 10.21],"name": "Private Sale", "symbol": "circle", "type": "line", "stack": "Save", "areaStyle": {}},{"data": [0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.75, 1.50, 2.25, 3.00, 3.75, 4.50, 5.25, 6.00, 6.75, 7.50, 8.25, 8.95, 8.95, 8.95, 8.95, 8.95, 8.95, 8.95, 8.95, 8.95, 8.95, 8.95, 8.95, 8.95, 8.95, 8.95, 8.95],"name": "Seed Sale", "symbol": "circle", "type": "line", "stack": "Save", "areaStyle": {}},{"data": [1.80, 3.60, 5.40, 7.20, 9.00, 10.80, 12.60, 14.40, 16.20, 18.00, 19.80, 21.60, 23.40, 25.20, 27.00, 27.00, 27.00, 27.00, 27.00, 27.00, 27.00, 27.00, 27.00, 27.00, 27.00, 27.00, 27.00, 27.00, 27.00, 27.00],"name": "Foundation", "symbol": "circle", "type": "line", "stack": "Save", "areaStyle": {}},{"data": [1.00, 2.00, 3.00, 4.00, 5.00, 6.00, 7.00, 8.00, 9.00, 10.00, 11.00, 12.00, 13.00, 14.00, 15.00, 16.00, 17.00, 18.00, 19.00, 20.00, 21.00, 22.00, 23.00, 24.00, 25.00, 26.00, 27.00, 28.00, 29.00, 30.00],"name": "Ecosystem", "symbol": "circle", "type": "line", "stack": "Save", "areaStyle": {}},{"data": [0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 1.15, 2.30, 3.45, 4.60, 5.75, 6.90, 8.05, 9.20, 10.35, 11.50, 12.65, 13.80, 15.50, 15.50, 15.50, 15.50, 15.50, 15.50],"name": "Team", "symbol": "circle", "type": "line", "stack": "Save", "areaStyle": {}},{"data": [0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.14, 0.28, 0.42, 0.56, 0.70, 0.84, 0.98, 1.12, 1.26, 1.40, 1.54, 1.68, 1.84, 1.84, 1.84, 1.84, 1.84, 1.84],"name": "Advisor", "symbol": "circle", "type": "line", "stack": "Save", "areaStyle": {}}

Token Allocation & Release Note

  • Public Sale: 7% of total supply
  • Private Sale: 10.21% of total supply
  • Seed Sale: 8.95% of total supply
  • Foundation: 27% of total supply
  • Ecosystem: 30% of total supply
  • Team: 15% of total supply
  • Advisor: 1.84% of total supply
  • Private Sale: No release in first 3 months. 1/9 release per month from 4th-12th month
  • Seed Sale: No release in first 3 months. 1/12 release per month from 4th-15th month
  • Foundation: 1.8% per month in 15 months for operating cost
  • Ecosystem: 1% per month in 30 months for community and ecosystem incentives
  • Team: No release in first 12 months. 1/15 release per month from the 12th-25th month
  • Advisor: No release in first 12 months. 1/15 release per month from the 12th-25th month

Roadmap & Updates

  • Q2 2018
    • The three founders of MultiVAC embarked on a new journey. They brought together their old colleagues from Google, Facebook, Harvard and Stanford to propose a brand new blockchain technology based on their deep academic and engineering experience of multiple distributed systems. Besides that, they also released the white paper, aiming to transform the impossibility of the blockchain into infinitely scalable elasticity.
  • Q3 2018
    • The MultiVAC team went further to release its All-Dimensional Sharding Yellowpaper, and this is also the world's first sharded bloackchain underlying architecture that has achieved full sharding in computing, storage and transport. It is not only simple and elegant in design, but also very enforceable in engineering. From here on, the global computer of blockchain began to evolve from single core to multiple cores.
  • Q4 2018
    • The first MultiVAC MVP was completed and released the laboratory test data. In the network of 64 shards and 12800 total nodes, it reached a peak TPS high of 30784. The Excellent performance of TPS and almost perfect linear scalability let us see the dawn of the blockchain world.
  • Q1 2019
    • MultiVAC's testnet 1.0 “Phoenix” was officially launched during the long period of winter digital currency market, which also signals that the all-dimensional sharding scheme was completely enforced, and the high-performance blockchain transaction, storage and transmission has become a reality. At this moment, technological breakthroughs have evolved from elegant mathematical formulas to concise codes, spewing transactions, and smooth blocks.
  • Q2 2019 
    • Testnet & IEO
  • Q3 2019
    • Mainnet

Team Members

  • Frank Lyu, Co-founder, Technical director and data engineering expert at Meituan-Dianping. Co-founder and CTO of, the leading HR SaaS start-up in China with investment from Sequoia Capital.

  • Dr. Shawn Ying, Co-founder, Associate Professor at Tianjin University. Ph.D. in Computer Science from Nanyang Technological University. An expert on parallel algorithms and general-purpose computation. He became the youngest associate professor of Tianjin University at the age of 26 through the Youth Thousand Talents Plan and has published over 20 papers in top conferences and journals such as SIGGRAPH.

  • Claire Wang, Co-founder, Marketing director of Co-founder of She created the best new-media and community brand in the Chinese vertical field of human resources, covering more than one million HR professionals.

  • Dr. Xiao Tong, Algorithm researcher, Ph.D. in Statistics from Harvard University. A researcher in the field of probability, machine learning and big data. He is engaged in the research and development of quantitative trading strategies in top hedge funds.

  • Dr. Ge Li, Algorithm researcher, Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Sydney. An expert in group theory and cryptography. He is a quantitative strategist in top international hedge funds.

  • Dr. Hong Sun, Algorithm researcher, Ph.D. from the Microsoft Research Asia and Tianjin University (MSRA-TJU) joint program. A postdoctoral researcher at the Microsoft Asia Institute and an expert in AI. She is an application scientist at Microsoft Research (USA).

  • Dr. Minqi Zhang, Algorithm researcher, Ph.D. in Computer Science at Nanyang Technological University. An expert on the applications of modern topology and applied mathematics in Computer Science.

  • Andrew Ma, Algorithm researcher, Graduated with a B.S. degree in Mathematical and Computational Science in Stanford University. Grew up in Nanjing, China and Honolulu, HI and is the record holder for the USA Mathematical Olympiad in Hawaii.

  • Koupin Lu, Algorithm researcher, M.S. in Financial Mathematics at Stanford University. B.S. in Math & Physics in the Academic Talent Program of Tsinghua University. Vice president of Goldman Sachs Co. in the Structured Finance and Investment Division. Leads investment & lending strategy team and manages a US$30 billion asset portfolio.

  • Liang He, R&D engineer, Architect of Pinterest and Facebook. Senior engineer of Tencent. An expert in the field of large-scale distributed systems.

  • Shuzhi Huang, R&D engineer, Google Senior Software Engineer, Tech lead/Manager of Android Google Search App (AGSA, the biggest Google app, over 1 billion downloads). Peking University, Software Engineering, Master.

  • Zhong Dong, R&D engineer, Senior engineer of Google Android Search. An expert on big data at Meituan.

  • Yuan Li, R&D engineer, Technical director and senior engineer of Google Local Ads.

  • Weihua Zhang, R&D engineer, Site Reliability Engineer at Google, in charge of indexing and annotation storage infrastructure. Bachelor of Engineering Computer Science and Technology from Xi’an Jiaotong University.

  • Libo Shen, R&D engineer, Site Reliability Engineer at Google. Responsible for the reliability architecture of the Google Shopping API. Bachelor of Computer Science from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

  • Tao Guo, R&D engineer, Full stack blockchain engineer. Former Amazing Blocks Technology Co CTO. Former Kabam Game Development Engineer. Master of CS at Harbin Institute of Technology.

  • Lu Lu, R&D engineer, Senior engineer of Thunder, Meituan, Alibaba and

  • David Sebaoun, R&D engineer, Pursuing a Master's in Computer Science at Tianjin University and at the European Institute of Technology. Bachelor of Computer Science and Innovation from the European Institute of Technology.

  • Roger Lim, Advisor, Experienced angel and blockchain investor. Founding Partner of NEO Global Capital. Advisor for Bluzelle, Qlink, CoinFi, Selfkey, TheKey, Tomocoin, 0Chain, Switcheo, Open Platform and nOS. Successful entrepreneur and founder of WebVisions, an Asian cloud hosting company.

  • Michael Arrington, Advisor, Founder of TechCrunch and Arrington XRP Capital. The 2008 TIME 100.

  • Jun Yan, Advisor, VP and cofounder of Meituan.comCo-founder of Renren, Fanfou and Haineiwang.

  • Ying He, Advisor, Tenured Associate Professor of Nanyang Technological University.

  • Chang Chen, Advisor, Senior researcher at IBM. Core developer at Fabric. He is an early researcher and promoter of blockchain technology. 

  • BinQuiang Lai, Advisor, Vice-president of in charge of the IT, administration, purchasing, legal and government relations offices. Co-founder of Renren, Taofangwang.

  • Liang Chen, Advisor, Senior Vice-president of Co-founder of Renren, Taofangwang.

  • Johnny Lyu, Advisor, Vice President of Strategy and Investment of KuCoin; partner of PGC (Phoenix Global Capital). 

Partnership Overview

  • KuCoin - KuCoin is a fully-featured exchange platform for digital assets and crypto currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, EOS, USDT, KCS and more. It is the top 10 crypto coin exchanges in the world.

  • ICODrops - ICODrops is an independent database and analytics platform with one of the largest crypto communities in the world. ICODrops manages a website with 25-30k unique visitors per day, a telegram community with 40k members, a Twitter with 56k followers, and an investment portfolio with more than 40 blockchain infrastructure projects.

  • One Block Capital - One Block Capital is a leading blockchain investment & advisory group based in Asia. One Block firmly believes in the transformational nature of blockchain in bringing about a transparent & more effective financial system, pushing forward a decentralized, trustless, and more equitable Internet. Portfolios include Fantom, Oasis Labs, Certik, etc.

  • Astronaut Capital - Astronaut Capital is a licensed asset manager focused on providing an outperforming investment vehicle to sophisticated retail and institutional investors. Through extensive research, detailed due diligence, and a constant strive for alpha, Astronaut Capital has become one of the leading managers for cryptocurrency and digital asset investment.

  • The Spartans - The Spartans help founders build the most awesome blockchain technology and projects.

  • Elysium - Elysium is a venture capital connecting extraordinary entrepreneurs with global capital across US, Europe, Asia.

  • Torque - Torque is a token fund and blockchain insititution who partners with the blockchain projects for the future and provides the latest blockchain and crypto-related industry news, projects and breakthroughs.

  • Wandarin Capital - Wandarin Capital was established in Taiwan and is an institutional fund that provides value in different ways to strategic partners, including project planning, advice, and professional analytics. Portfolios include Uranus, Blockcloud, Origin, Perlin, etc.

  • MainNet Capital - MainNet Capital is a global crypto investment fund focusing mainly on outstanding blockchain projects. Portfolios include Thunder, Algorand, Carry, etc.

  • ANGFUND - ANGFUND is a boutique fund and a specialized fund that focuses on blockchain start-up projects. Highly skilled in digital asset management and provides financial, technical, strategic, compliance support and services to the projects.

  • Neo Global Capital - One of the world’s most renowned blockchain investors, NGC has funded top protocols and infrastructures such as Ontology, Zilliqa, Oasis Labs, etc. Strategic partner of NEO.

  • JRR Crypto - JRR Crypto, headquartered in Switzerland, is the world’s leading blockchain industry group specializing in blockchain ecology and investment banking. JRR is also an angel investor of Binance. Its portfolio companies include QuarkChain, DxChain, Merculet, DCC, etc.

  • GENESIS - GENESIS is a Global Leading Venture Capital & innovator in the blockchain industry. Committed to mining the best projects in early stage.

  • FutureMoney - FutureMoney has been pushing the frontiers of blockchain since before it was a buzzword. Their blockchain research and development is focused on areas including network security, consensus governance and internet privacy.

  • UniValues Associates - UniValues Associates is an early-stage crypto fund investing in transformative companies harnessing blockchain technologies and token economy to change the world. Portfolios include Hub, Loopring, CoinXP,etc.

  • Reflexion Capital - Reflexion Capital is a global leading blockchain investment and advisory institution, which focuses on blockchain protocols, infrastructures, and applications. Portfolios include MultiVAC, Trias, Lambda, InterValue, BlockMania, etc.

  • MW Partners Group - MW Partners Group is a private investment firm focused exclusively on blockchain-enabled projects. They pride themselves in selecting only the best projects to invest in and in their strict due diligence vetting process. Portfolios include Zilliqa, Bluzelle, Kyber network, etc.

  • Unity Ventures - Unity Ventures was established by one of the first seven Baidu employees, Wang Xiao in 2011. It is one of China’s top venture funds which has invested in over 100 start-ups. Venture investments include 36kr, Monmeta, QingCloud, etc.

  • 256 Ventures - 256 Ventures is a software app startup studio in Huntsville, Alabama. They help projects organize ideas into plans, find other team members, protect intellectual property, raise capital, develop products, and guide them to the market.

  • IDG Capital - As the world's leading investment institution, IDG Capital is committed to leveraging its global resources and investment management experience to help companies achieve excellence. IDG has accumulated rich investment experience in venture capital, private equity and mergers, and acquisitions. It has offices in 13 cities around the world and has invested 750+ companies.

  • DFG - Dynamic Fintech Group is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, focusing on blockchain investment and consulting. Its partners are elite graduates from Cornell, UC Berkeley and CMU, with solid technical, finance and PR backgrounds. Portfolios include QuarkChain, Bgogo, Perlin and others.

  • ZMT Capital - ZMT Capital is a venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley that invests in disruptive technologies and business models. It has deep roots in Fintech, blockchain, mobile internet, AI, hardware, AR/VR and IT infrastructure. Portfolios include 0x, Elf, IoTex, etc.

  • Distributed Fund - Distributed Fund is an institution whose mission is to assist the development of decentralized economic and social models through smart investments, based on the ideals of sharing economy and open-source development.

  • Block Rock Capital - Block Rock Capital is a crypto economy- and blockchain- focused fund. With 50+ years in finance and asset management, 30+ years in building technology companies, their goal is to recognize, develop and spread adoption in this new technological wave.

  • NEXUS ONE - NEXUS ONE is an investment company established in December 2017. Team members graduated from Peking University. Except investment, they provide community building, network connectivity, and media promotion as well, pursuing joint growth with projects.

  • Singum Capital - Singum Capital is a Singapore-based firm that exclusively consults in Blockchain-enabled companies. They participate in pre-sale stages of TGE and Equity investments such as DxChain, Zilliqa, Bgogo, Origo, etc.

  • Hashed - Hashed is the premier crypto fund and the largest blockchain investor in South Korean and East Asia. It also serves as a blockchain consulting partner to the South Korean government. Portfolios include: Ethereum, Qtum, EOS, Dfinity, Ontology, QuarkChain, etc.

  • Arrington XRP Capital - Arrington XRP Capital is a digital asset management firm in blockchain-based capital markets. Its founder is Michael Arrington, the founder of TechCrunch who also invested in Uber, Airbnb and Pinterest. Portfolios include Celer, Bgogo, Perlin, Definity, Ripple, etc.

  • Kosmos Capital - Kosmos Capital is the largest and leading Australian based multi-strategy VC firm specializing in blockchain-based assets. Portfolios include Fantom, RSK, Oasis Labs, Merculet, etc.

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