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MiL.k Alliance is a platform that brings together the points of lifestyle services and make them interchangeable for other services you need.

Features & Highlights

  • The Brand Token Transaction System and its method of payment, MiL.k Coin

The biggest feature of the platform is that it tokenizes the mileage points that users have acquired and are holding, and through this process, the platform expands the usability of the mileage points and further, provides users direct benefits such as discounts on the points.

MiL.k Coin will be the only method of payment for transacting Brand Tokens on our platform and will serve as the means to integrate mileage points and convert them to cash.

Since the price of MiL.k Coin at the external crypto exchange will have no influence whatsoever on the Brand Token transactions, users seeking to buy Brand Tokens with discounts, combine their mileage points, or cash them out (all through MiL.k Coin) will manage to do so without worrying about the price fluctuation on MiL.k Coin.

Consequently, the Brand Token transaction system can be operated stable.

  • Ensuring Stability, Reliability, and Security for Service Companies

As the blockchains for each service company’s Brand Token and the blockchain for MiL.k Coin are completely separate, each service company’s customer information will not be leaked to other companies or outside the platform, nor will the total amount of a certain Brand Token issued by a service company be changed by users or other service companies.

Service companies are not affected by the Brand Token transactions or MiL.k Coin’s price fluctuation because they are not directly involved in the MiL.k Coin - Brand Token transaction.

Through this structure, service companies can be assured of the platform’s security, reliability, and stability.

  • Providing Clear Benefits to Customers

For customers, benefitting from their mileage points before expiration is quite important.

The platform benefits customers by enabling them to convert their mileage points from a certain service to others, integrate their spread points to one currency, Mil.k Coin, and even cash them.

  • MiL.k Coin’s Intrinsic Value

As mentioned, Brand Token is like a product on the platform and MiL.k Coin is the only method of payment.

For customers, using MiL.k Coin to buy Brand Token is better than using cash because they can benefit from discounts on the platform, and this means possessing MiL.k Coin leads to possessing potential right for discounts.

Token Allocation

"Liquidity Supply","User Distribution","Partner Allocation","Long-Term Operation","Initial Construction" {"name": "Liquidity Supply","value": 28},{"name": "User Distribution","value": 11},{"name": "Partner Allocation","value": 37},{"name": "Long-Term Operation","value": 14},{"name": "Initial Construction","value": 10}

Roadmap & Updates

  • 2018. 3Q
    • Kick-off
  • 2019. 1Q
    • Establishment of business structure and development requirements
  • 2019. 2Q
    • Recruitment of initial alliance partners
  • 2019. 2Q ~ 3Q
    • Integration with participant's legacy system completion

Team Members

  • Jayden Cho, CEO & Co-Founder. Jayden is a seasoned specialist with more than 10 years of experience in the digital payments. He has directed the strategic business initiatives at DANAL Co., Ltd, the world's first innovator of mobile payment systems, and was responsible for managing global payment system and its backend operations at Samsung Electronics' MSC Billing Group. Afterwards, he joined Kakao Corp, a leader of the platform ecosystems in South Korea, managing the FinTech business by carrying out the credit card payment and money-transfer business initiatives. Jayden graduated from Hanyang University majoring in Electric and Electronic Engineering.

  • Rooney Jung, CTO. With experiences ranging from small start-ups to large corporations, Rooney Jung has led a variety of projects including video games, search engines, and web/application service projects. He was in charge of the entire development of Kakao Talk, Korea's most popular messenger from the initial stage to the business proposal, planning, user experience (UX) and program development. Rooney graduated from Seoul National University majoring in Computer Engineering.

  • Shawn Woo, CBO & Lawyer. Shawn is a lawyer in Korea who has the deep expertise in IT and Blockchain. He graduated from Seoul National University, College of Engineering and passed the judicial examination. After the completion of Judicial Research & Training Institute, he served as in-house counsel of Hyundai-Motor Group Affiliate and ran technical/corporate consulting at S&L Partners which is one of Korea’s premier law firms. Shawn has been advising and consulting start-ups prior to joining Mil.k Alliance and with those professional experiences, his background is the perfect fit for the blockchain industry.

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