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Melior AI is an Artificial Intelligence research, development and solutions provider with a family of competitive e-commerce products created with its own proprietary Machine Learning and Deep Learning models in order to deliver the benefits of AI affordably to businesses of all sizes across the world.

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Team Members

Martin Szyllo

CEO & Co-Founder

A software architect with over twenty years in building technology startups, Martin is a gifted strategist who specialises in planning, compiling and executing complex digital solutions with a large amount of moving...

Jose Marcos Rodriguez Fernandez

CTO & Co-Founder

Jose is an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning expert with an enormous wealth of understanding of AI in customer care and assisting humans with AI systems in business. At a time when artificial neural networks..

Monique Duarte

COO & Co-Founder

Monique has over ten years of experience in product development where she has managed cross-functional teams both in-house and remotely. She has also successfully secured two rounds of professional investment for her...