Macrochain (MANX) Blockchain Platform - Rating and Details of Macrochain ICO (Token Sale) - Rating: Pass

Blockchain is part of the internet architecture. The needs of most internet applications are local and the supplies are also local. But information collection, search, optimization, and payment (value transfer) are centralized. The blockchain application is the development of internet application towards decentralization. The information processing and value transfer become distributed in closed loops.

Macro-chain will not only make distributed applications easy to develop, but also expand applications and innovation beyond the exclusive area of large corporations.

The mission of MANX is to create a global, universal, inclusive block-chain ecosystem.

The vision of MANX is to become a decentralized applications platform for billions of users, where individuals and Small-Medium Enterprises are empowered to develop and deploy blockchain applications with ease on a high-security, low-cost, efficient, scalable, and decentralized platform.

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