Macrochain (MANX) Blockchain Platform - Rating and Details of Macrochain ICO (Token Sale) - Rating: Pass

Blockchain is part of the internet architecture. The needs of most internet applications are local and the supplies are also local. But information collection, search, optimization, and payment (value transfer) are centralized. The blockchain application is the development of internet application towards decentralization. The information processing and value transfer become distributed in closed loops.

Macro-chain will not only make distributed applications easy to develop, but also expand applications and innovation beyond the exclusive area of large corporations.

The mission of MANX is to create a global, universal, inclusive block-chain ecosystem.

The vision of MANX is to become a decentralized applications platform for billions of users, where individuals and Small-Medium Enterprises are empowered to develop and deploy blockchain applications with ease on a high-security, low-cost, efficient, scalable, and decentralized platform.

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Team Members

Yawei Cui Ph.D.


Ph.D. from University of Toronto, Canada. An avid learner and accomplished professional who crosses the boundaries of many areas – academia, media, finance and now innovation and technology...

Jack Chiu Ph.D.

Co-Founder/Head of Technology

Ph.D. in Information Security from Beihang University. China’s very top cryptology and blockchain expert. Extensive experiences in cryptologic algorithmic design, telecom security, blockchain security architecture...

Xiaoming Cheng Ph.D.

Chief Advisor for the China Market/Honorary Dean of the MANX Academy

Ph.D. from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Extensive experience in China’s investment banking industry. Leading authority of China’s capital market, especially OTC market...

Sam Levine

Head of Technology Development

Experienced with all aspects of enterprise application development, with focuses on early applications of emerging technology, highly performant distributed systems, and data/analytics...

Peter Dolch

Head of Global Operation

25+ years’ experience incubating, launching and managing Tech Startups. Founder of the 23+ year old software consultancy that put the first US Stock Exchange on the Web...

Beichen Huang

Super Server Chief Architect/Head of Development Team in Canada

MSc. in Computer Engineering from University of Manitoba. 20+ years experiences in the IT industry. Built many robust web, mobile, and decentralized enterprise applications for private industries and government...

John Hua

Director, System Development

Hands-on experience on public / private blockchain configuration / deployment as well as dApp design and development. Hands-on experience on cloud based CRM (Salesforce), ERP (NetSuite) , PSA and LIMS...

Yang Tang Ph.D.

Head of Network Security

Ph.D. in Computer Science & Technology. Engaged in software development and information security for 18 years in China Construction Bank, and has MCSE, CISP and CISSP certification...

Jennifer Bie-Purewal

Head of Global Communities

Expert of social platforms, especially Telegram administration and moderation. 20yrs+ proficient communicator and resilient business developer. Renowned Chinese-English interpreter and moderator...

Eric S. Maskin Ph.D.

Economic Advisor

Nobel Prize Winner in Economics, Professor at Harvard University

Vladan Vuletić Ph.D.

Technology Advisor

Professor at MIT

Randall Davis Ph.D.

Technology Advisor

Peter Du

Cryptocurrency Advisor

Lihua (Jack) Yi

Cryptocurrency Advisor