Lition (LIT) Blockchain Platform - ICO Review, Rating and Details of Lition ICO (Token Sale) - Rating: Not Rated

Lition is developing the only scalable public-private blockchain with deletable data features, made for commercial products. Designed with Lition’s live P2P trading use case, and co-innovated with SAP. 

Returns Since ICO

  • ICO Price in USD: $0.1. ROIx in USD: 0.81x USD
  • ICO Price in BTC: 0.000024695 BTC. ROIx in BTC: 0.33x BTC
  • ICO Price in ETH: 0.000675675 ETH. ROIx in ETH: 0.52x ETH

Problems & Solutions

Given the lack of existing solutions to satisfy the requirements experienced in a real, commercially productive blockchain application, Lition has designed a proprietary blockchain solution. This new blockchain to solve these shortcomings has been described in this document. Lition has presented the design for a blockchain network and minimum requirements for a governing agreement among a privileged subset of the nodes’ operators to ensure that sensitive and private data can be handled and securely deleted on demand and even connected to smart contracts for deletion. The guiding design criteria of postquantum security for data integrity, data minimization under the constraint of providing fault tolerance, privacy of sensitive data, a provision to delete all occurrences of sensitive data, and the freedom to join as a (non-privileged) node without any special provisions or legal obligations have been described, along with the novel approach to solve the security issue of private data (and private transactions) in a blockchain technology by providing a technique to publicly prove the correctness of a transaction involving private data without revealing the private data. This proof is not fully trustless but is of a probabilistic nature and similar to non-interactive zero knowledge proofs (NIZKPs).

Features & Highlights

Lititon is developing the world’s first scalable public-private blockchain with deletable data features, made for commercial products. This state-of-the-art protocol enables blockchain-based applications to step out of their current niche into commercial mainstream deployment. Lititon is offering all what businesses need: A public-private, legal and effective infrastructure:

  • Your data kept private
    • Sensitive data is stored on private sidechains. Quantum-computer safe.
  • Built for Security Token Offerings
    • Made for European regulated STOs. Designed in cooperation with the German government.
  • Regulation-proof and deletable
    • Store your private data only as long as you want to. Fully compliant with data privacy regulations.
  • Infinitely scalable and low-priced
    • Every new sidechain increases throughput. Smart contract executions for $0.01 with 3-sec block confirmation times.
  • Live P2P application
    • Our blockchain is steadily evolving thanks to our experience with Lition's energy trading dApp - the world's first to launch in a mass market.
  • Built with exclusive partnerships
    • Cross-industry use cases and applications made possible through the invaluable expertise and support of key industry players.

Token Allocation

"Public Sale","Private Sale","Seed Sale","Team","Advisors","Ecosystem","Community" {"name": "Public Sale","value": 13.79},{"name": "Private Sale","value": 6.20},{"name": "Seed Sale","value": 19.31},{"name": "Team","value": 8.41},{"name": "Advisors","value": 5.10},{"name": "Ecosystem","value": 37.31},{"name": "Community","value": 9.86}

Token Release Schedule

"Apr 2019", "May 2019", "Jun 2019", "Jul 2019", "Aug 2019", "Sep 2019", "Oct 2019", "Nov 2019", "Dec 2019", "Jan 2020", "Feb 2020", "Mar 2020", "Apr 2020", "May 2020", "Jun 2020", "Jul 2020", "Aug 2020", "Sep 2020", "Oct 2020", "Nov 2020", "Dec 2020", "Jan 2021", "Feb 2021", "Mar 2021", "Apr 2021" {"name": "Public Sale", "icon": "roundRect"},{"name": "Private Sale", "icon": "roundRect"},{"name": "Seed Sale", "icon": "roundRect"},{"name": "Team", "icon": "roundRect"},{"name": "Advisors", "icon": "roundRect"},{"name": "Ecosystem", "icon": "roundRect"},{"name": "Community", "icon": "roundRect"} {"data": [13.79, 13.79, 13.79, 13.79, 13.79, 13.79, 13.79, 13.79, 13.79, 13.79, 13.79, 13.79, 13.79, 13.79, 13.79, 13.79, 13.79, 13.79, 13.79, 13.79, 13.79, 13.79, 13.79, 13.79, 13.79],"name": "Public Sale", "symbol": "circle", "type": "line", "stack": "Save", "areaStyle": {}},{"data": [0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 1.55, 3.10, 4.65, 6.20, 6.20, 6.20, 6.20, 6.20, 6.20, 6.20, 6.20, 6.20, 6.20, 6.20, 6.20, 6.20, 6.20, 6.20, 6.20, 6.20, 6.20, 6.20],"name": "Private Sale", "symbol": "circle", "type": "line", "stack": "Save", "areaStyle": {}},{"data": [0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 4.83, 9.66, 14.49, 19.31, 19.31, 19.31, 19.31, 19.31, 19.31, 19.31, 19.31, 19.31, 19.31, 19.31, 19.31, 19.31, 19.31, 19.31, 19.31, 19.31, 19.31, 19.31],"name": "Seed Sale", "symbol": "circle", "type": "line", "stack": "Save", "areaStyle": {}},{"data": [0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 2.10, 2.10, 2.10, 2.10, 2.10, 2.10, 4.20, 4.20, 4.20, 4.20, 4.20, 4.20, 6.30, 6.30, 6.30, 6.30, 6.30, 6.30, 8.41],"name": "Team", "symbol": "circle", "type": "line", "stack": "Save", "areaStyle": {}},{"data": [0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 1.27, 2.54, 3.81, 5.10, 5.10, 5.10, 5.10, 5.10, 5.10, 5.10, 5.10, 5.10, 5.10, 5.10, 5.10, 5.10, 5.10, 5.10, 5.10, 5.10, 5.10, 5.10],"name": "Advisors", "symbol": "circle", "type": "line", "stack": "Save", "areaStyle": {}},{"data": [4.66, 4.66, 4.66, 9.32, 9.32, 9.32, 13.98, 13.98, 13.98, 18.64, 18.64, 18.64, 23.30, 23.30, 23.30, 27.96, 27.96, 27.96, 32.62, 32.62, 32.62, 37.32, 37.32, 37.32, 37.32],"name": "Ecosystem", "symbol": "circle", "type": "line", "stack": "Save", "areaStyle": {}},{"data": [0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 2.46, 2.46, 2.46, 4.92, 4.92, 4.92, 7.38, 7.38, 7.38, 9.86, 9.86, 9.86, 9.86, 9.86, 9.86, 9.86, 9.86, 9.86, 9.86, 9.86, 9.86, 9.86],"name": "Community", "symbol": "circle", "type": "line", "stack": "Save", "areaStyle": {}}

Token Utility & Use Cases

Tokens are used to for creation of private sidechains, to pay for all transactions on the Lition infrastructure and for access to token staking rights.

  • Energy - The Lition Exchange platform is the embodiment of our vision for an open and direct energy exchange and the first use case for the Lition Energy Ecosystem. We simplify the legal, operational and economic hurdles for green power producers and allow customers to buy truly green electricity at an affordable price.

  • Healthcare - Currently, medical patient data is scattered. A great deal of effort is required to collect and settle insurance claims. With our blockchain solution, this sensitive data that is used for the claim process can be centrally stored on a private sidechain to which only doctors and insurance companies have access. After the claim, the patient can delete the data on the private sidechain, ensuring efficiency and privacy at all times.

  • Pharmaceuticals - Data privacy is crucial across the pharmaceutical industry. The research, development, and clinical testing data required for approval of new drugs by public institutions like the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and private patient data concerning illnesses, medication, and family medical history require absolute confidentiality. However, relevant parties still need access to that sensitive information. With the new Lition mainnet, confidential data will be stored on a private sidechain, providing access to involved parties, and allowing for deletion of private patient data when no longer required.

  • Automotive - Odometer manipulation is a major issue in second-hand car sales in most countries. With the Lition blockchain, anonymous movement data can be stored on a private sidechain, ensuring privacy of the vehicle holder and fraud protection upon purchase. Furthermore, movement data may also be on a private sidechain, especially used in a smart city context.

  • Enterprise Data Management - Global data breaches will amount to USD 2.1 trillion by 2019. As data exchange between enterprises is necessary, privacy and security is extremely crucial. The Lition blockchain offers privacy, security, and trusted data exchange. Decentralized data storage, limited availability of private data, and highly restricted access prevents continuous data theft and sabotage.

  • Media - Growing usage and distribution of digital media requires transparent and secure systems concerning copyright protection and compensation for originators. Originators’ details, e.g. specific info on content, sources, age restriction, etc. can be displayed in a private sidechain, along with personal user data such as buyers’ bank data to compensate the originator directly via the blockchain.

  • Bond Finance - Corporate bonds require myriad approvals (e.g. credit scores, balance sheets) and middlemen (for settlement, custody, etc.). Lition's blockchain enables decentralized storage of all prerequisites for a loan, plus automated smart contract issuance. Furthermore, after the bond has been issued, partial or all private data can be deleted.

  • Warehousing/ Logistics - The Lition blockchain allows for public storage of inventory data, such as stock items, certificates of origin, quantities, prices, complaints, etc. Linking this information to a private sidechain with purchaser information can automate payment procedures, increase efficiency on restocking, optimize transportation, improve material quality, and improve response to supply and demand.

  • Travel - Common search engines for hotels, flights, and rental cars operate as middlemen between the customer and partners of the tourism industry, causing unnecessary costs on both sides. With the Lition mainnet solution, all offers can be stored on a public blockchain. The customers’ private information during the booking process (date of travel, prices, bank data, etc.) is held on a private sidechain, where payment procedures and travel details are kept anonymous and secure.

Roadmap & Updates

  • Q4 2017
    • Company incorporated
    • Initial Fundraising
    • Licensing process for electricity supplier initiated
    • Alpha version of app
    • First partnerships initiated
  • Q1 2018
    • License as electricity supplier obtained in Germany
    • Beta version of P2P energy trading app
    • First green power plants connected to Lition Energy Exchange
    • First employee on board (4 internal and 6 external)
  • Q2 2018
    • Mass market ready (>41 million households)
    • Scaling up connected power plants to 18 GWh in Germany
    • Smart reader integration
    • Business requirements for blockchain specified
    • Design of blockchain architecture
    • Technical advisory SAP
  • Q3 2018
    • Use case for P2P applied for energy retailing piloted
    • 25 people at Lition
    • Leading energy partners onboarded
    • Office in Beijing opened
    • Technical WP released
    • Blockchain prototype
    • Development with SAP started
  • Q4 2018
    • Seed funding round completed
    • Commercial expansion of P2P Energy trading use case
    • Support of German Blockchain Law makers enabling STOs in Lition Blockchain
    • Contract signing with leading bank on banking use case
    • MVP of Testnet (private release)
  • Q1 2019
    • Launch of banking case
    • Launch of security token use case for real estate
    • Testnet 1.0 Public release
    • First use cases migrated to Lition Testnet infrastructure
    • dApp partners onboarded
    • Expansion of P2P trading use case also for large industrial clients
    • Team Scale-up
    • ICO (March)
  • Q2 2019
    • Launch of STO use case outside of real estate with partner
    • Launch of smart grid use cases
    • Mainnet 1.0 Private release
    • Migration of use cases to Mainnet
    • Start Genesis Phase (see Whitepaper pag.25-26)
  • Q3 2019
    • Growth of partner network across industries
    • First pilots of regulated industries outside Energy sector that deal with private data
    • Mainnet 1.0 Public release
    • Hosting first STO’s
    • Onboarding of dApp partners
  • Q4 2019
    • Industry-designed toolkits for the development of tailored blockchains
    • Testnet Update
    • Mainnet 1.5 Update, including data delectability
    • Large-scale user migration
  • 2020
    • Large-scale marketing for ecosystem
    • Worldwide commercial, large-scale use cases of industries outside of energy (healthcare, finance)
    • Mainnet 2.0 Public release with full set of features

Team Members

  • Dr. Richard Lohwasser, Co-Founder & CEO, Richard holds a Ph.D. in energy economics and is an international awarded IT specialist and blockchain expert. At 15, he was fluent in 7 different programming languages. At 17, he developed and founded the startup, a Top-10 website at that time in Germany, with 1 million views per day. Later he completed a 5-year university program in 3 years and graduated as No. 1 student. After founding another tech startup in California and working for 6 years as a strategy consultant for McKinsey, he was appointed the youngest director in the history of Vattenfall: a US$ 10bn European utility corporation. Directly before Lition, Richard was managing director of German operations at leading independent international energy supplier ExtraEnergie, where he was responsible for >350 employees and US$ >1bn in sales. Linkedin.

  • Dr. Kyung-Hun Ha 하경훈, Co-Founder & COO, Kyung has a strong management and IT background. He holds an MBA and Ph.D. in IT (Summa cum Laude). He has been a director for Online at Vattenfall, one of four leading multinational energy conglomerates in Germany with more than US$ 10 bn in sales. Currently, he is a senior director responsible for operations at GASAG, a US$ 1,4 bn leading energy supplier in Germany. In addition to his operational functions with Lition and his role at GASAG, he is an expert in the field of online marketing & data analytics. Prior and in parallel to his corporate career, he has successfully founded five start-ups in the tech and ecommerce sectors. Linkedin.

  • Dr. Manfred Gabriel, Board Member, Manfred has invested more than US$ 1.2bn, with 850mn from institutional investors. He holds a Ph.D. in Business. He was one of the founding partners of ADVISUM in 2001 and has since developed, raised, invested in, and jointly managed funds. He founded various start-ups and invested in more than 100 companies with approx. 35.000 total employees and a combined revenue of more than US$ 7 bn. Prior to this, he was Managing Partner at the investment firm GCI Management in Switzerland, and an account manager at Cap Gemini responsible for growing and restructuring companies in the technology, automotive and financial sectors like Deutsche Bank, BMW AG and Citigroup. Linkedin.

  • Jan Wiedenhaupt, Board Member Legal/Finance, Jan graduated in business and engineering. He has served as a founding partner and managing director of ADVISUM since 2001. He developed, invested in, and jointly managed funds for institutional investors with more than US$ 700m. As of right now, he’s been responsible for a volume of more than US$ 1 bn. Additionally, he has founded four start-ups. Before that he was a member of the management board of GCI Management Germany, a now stock listed investment firm. Earlier he served as Engagement Manager at Cap Gemini, responsible for clients like Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom, and other clients in the financial and technology sectors. Linkedin.

  • Reinhard Lohwasser, Board Member Technology, Reinhard completed his master’s degree in physics and holds an MBA. He has been a partner of ADVISUM since 2006. Until now, he has been responsible for an investment volume of more than US$ 400m. Additionally he founded three startups, one together with his brother Richard Lohwasser. Before that, Reinhard worked for Lucent Technologies in various top management positions, such as Global Product Management Team Lead, where he held the profit and loss responsibility for the worldwide leader in optical multiplexer. Prior to that, he worked as a consultant for Cap Gemini, GCI Management, and Lockheed Martin, USA, in the field of atomic physics. Linkedin.

  • Stephan Vogel, Business Development Manager, Stephan has a degree in economics and a master’s degree in international business, with a strong focus on marketing and tech business processes. He is an experienced leader having worked for more than a decade as a senior project and business development manager for T.A. Cook, a leading strategy and implementation consulting boutique focused on asset-intensive industries. There, Stephan founded the Brazilian office and converted millions in sales. With his strong entrepreneurial mindset, he plays a key role in building Lition, propelling the company to be the blockchain standard for business across all industries. Linkedin.

  • Stephan Bialek, Head of Finance & Operations Manager, Stephan is a certified accountant. As a department manager at ExtraEnergie, he ensured correct billing and revenue assurance of 700.000 customers. He was responsible for more than 30 employees in the area of finance, accounting, and controlling. His excellent leadership qualities and successful optimization of operating processes were a significant benefit for the department. Stephan has also studied information systems with a focus on development, administration, and web connection of DB2 and SQL databases. Furthermore, he successfully founded an e-commerce platform for World of Warcraft. Linkedin.

  • Benni Wörpel, Blockchain Marketing Manager, Benni has a B.A. in Science and Technology and a master’s degree in integrated natural resource management. His main focus areas are renewable energy and climate change and methodology and modelling of sustainability. He is a blockchain pioneer, and is certified by the first blockchain university courses in Germany. His master’s thesis examines the implementation of blockchain technology in a carbon cap and trade scheme. Benni has marketed and partnered with various startups, and is also an early investor in bitcoin and altcoins. Linkedin.

  • Qinwei Hao, Managing Director Lition China, Qinwei is a graduate of the renowned China Youth College for Political Sciences (中国青年政治学院), which only accepts 100 students per year. Thereafter, she earned a master’s degree in economics from the University of Cologne. She then held various managerial positions in an electrical company, where she worked for more than 7 years. Thanks to the international context she has worked in, Qinwei has developed a strong intercultural mindset which fits Lition’s global vision. As Managing Director, she is leading Lition’s Chinese branch in implementing EV charging stations in China.

  • Chris Kilchling, Brand & Design Manager, Chris has led branding and design across many industries. In the blockchain space, Chris served as Creative Director of Crypto Club Africa and is now responsible for all brand and design matters at Lition. Prior to this, he earned a diploma in graphic design and accumulated 15 years of multidisciplinary experience while working as a brand consultant and creative director on projects around the globe. He specializes in the development of corporate identities for forward-thinking brands in a variety of markets. Through his work, he has elevated numerous successful companies by implementing compelling and fully-integrated design and branding strategies. Linkedin.

  • Susanne Hößler, Senior Data Analyst, Susanne's working career began at AMD, where she technically supported both private and business clients. Her strong analytic mindset and technical understanding not only enabled highly efficient service, but also prepared her for nearly a decade as Data Analyst at eg Factory, a leading IT and operations service provider in Germany. Susanne led the analysis of the company's >700.000 customers. Working closely with senior tech experts and company leadership, Susanne’s data-driven approach fundamentally influenced business procedures and company decisions. Linkedin.

  • Amy Xiao, Marketing & Community Manager, Amy has worked with multinational companies for more than 9 years, and has gained tremendous experience in global sales and marketing. Her work environment has always been very international so she has excellent, customer-driven communication skills. Amy runs our Chinese social media channels and community building. Additionally, having studied international business English for several years, Amy is currently translating all relevant material about our blockchain technology for the Chinese market. Linkedin.

  • Alexander Bugaj, TGE Manager, Alex holds a B.A. Degree in International Business and has found his true passion within the cryptosphere. He succeeded early on within the market by putting his focus mainly on token sales. Thanks to his occupations as an ICO Researcher, Alex took a deep dive into the subject of token sales and has been confronted with community management tasks as well as investor relations. Linkedin.

  • Marcel Jackisch, Solution Architect, After studying computer science in high school and founding a web design firm, Marcel graduated from mechanical engineering where he focused on computational fluid dynamics. Due to his passion for climate change mitigation, he then pursued a master's degree in energy and resource management. In the fall of 2017, Blockchain technology became his focal point as he quickly discovered the vast potentials for the disruption of energy markets. In 2018 he conducted his thesis at E.ON on the evaluation of Blockchain use cases in the offshore wind sector. His main interest currently lies in advanced consensus protocols and the implementation of IoT data feeds. Linkedin.

  • Josef Sevcik, Head of Blockchain Development, Josef has Master in Computer Science and an MBA in General Management. His a professional with 18 years of experience in selling, developing and delivering. Such as a IMS Developer for Siemens, Solution Architect for Ericsson (9 years) As a blockchain developer he is very interested in challenging tasks where he can utilize his programming skills to the fullest & further extend it, in creating products and services that bring real value to the end-users. In 2018 he was leading the design development of the blockchain B2B solution for Sophia TX as a blockchain architect. Now he is applying his skills as Lition’s architect.

  • Aliaksei Hiatsevich, Blockchain Software Engineer, Experienced Lead Software Engineer with a long history of working in computer software industry. Skilled in Blockchain, Ethereum(Solidity), Hyperledger, C/C++, iOS/Swift and Linux. Strong engineering professional with B.A. in Radio physics, fascinated by all kind of things like blockchain, distributed ledgers and smart contracts. Allaksei has intensively studied blockchain and layer 2 scaling solutions. In particular he is working / exploring the possibilities to “delete” data on the blockchain without jeopardizing it’s immutability for Lition.

  • Nastassia Metselitsa, Scrum Master, Nastassia has an extensive academic background. After her studies she started to work on various IT related topics in the sales department. After successful delivery, she moved quickly into the project management position for *instinctools clients. As Project Manager her strength lies in facilitation skills, agile approaches, time and resource management, and providing technical expertise. Nastassia is very fond of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency projects in the renewable energy sector. Linkedin.

  • Ivan Dubouski, Senior Blockchain Engineer, Ivan is a Senior Software Engineer. He has a strong technical background with over 10 years of commercial IT development experience. He has extensive expertise in Java enterprise development, web development, blockchain, technical & group leading, project management. He is a Team lead and software engineer with proficiency in problem solving. Can convert challenges to tasks and collaborate with international teams on the way to success.

  • Eugene Melnikov, Senior Blockchain Engineer, Eugene is very experienced specialist. He has been working in IT more than 10 years. Now he focused on different blockchain families: ethereum, hyperledger, bitcoin, graphene. Eugene successfully implemented number of blockchain projects, participate in hackathons and meetups, continuously learning new technologies and dream about decentralizing the world. He has been a Blockchain Engineer for Smart Contracts for Etherisc and a IoT Developer and Blockchain Software Engineer a Ruby Developer and a PHP Developer for Altoros for more than 10 years.

  • Artur Basak, Lead Frontend Developer, Artur holds a B.A. in computer science. He is an outstanding specialist with strong skills in front-end development, and a deep knowledge of a vast range of technologies including blockchain. Artur started to program in the 5th grade. Currently, Artur serves as Blockchain and Fullstack Developer and has contributed an impressive number of successfully implemented projects. Furthermore, Artur is a programmer and lead software developer at *instinctools. He continues to master his skills day by day, and he enjoys sharing his profound knowledge as a teacher and lecturer. Linkedin.

  • Aliaksandr Zimakou, Blockchain & Frontend Developer, Aliaksandr started his career path with getting practical experience in back-end development. Thanks to an impressive number of implemented projects across various domains, Aliaksandr developed a strong skill set in front-end, full-stack and blockchain development. Aliaksandr is very enthusiastic about studying new technologies, such as Ethereum ERC20, as well as learning new programming languages. He quickly improves hard and soft skills and is able to program and lead sophisticated projects. He is also an early investor in bitcoin. Linkedin.

  • Jan-Patrick Schulz, UX/UI Expert, Jan has a degree in communication psychology. He started his career as a consultant in communication planning for multinational clients in DACH and Eastern Europe at Initiative Media GmbH. Lately, he solely focuses on digital product development driven by user insights. He researches, designs and evaluates high-end digital user experiences. He is a professional user researcher, product designer, and innovation facilitator with 6 years’ experience in UX consulting in the energy sector and across various other markets at eparo GmbH and additional freelance engagements.

  • Dr. Jürgen Müller, Technology Advisor, Jürgen holds a Ph.D. in IT Systems Engineering from the Hasso Plattner Institute where he was co-representative of Professor Plattner’s research chair at the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) for Software Systems Engineering, University of Potsdam, Germany. Besides numerous teaching activities, he mainly contributed to research projects in the area of In-Memory Data Management. Jürgen is CTO and Board Member of SAP, the world’s leading enterprise software company with over 335,000 customers in over 180 countries and €22 bn in revenues. Jürgen has global responsibility for innovation across SAP and advises the executive board on all innovation-related topics in the tech field. As SAP's main driver for innovation, he has a deep understanding of the most recent tech trends, especially blockchain technology. As Lition's chief advisor for innovation and blockchain technology, Jürgens assures Lition develops the most technically sound, innovative and tangible solutions to conquer the market. Therefore, Jürgen is working very closely with Richard and Kyung to plan and execute all tech and innovation decisions. Linkedin.

  • Yan Feng Chen, Advisor Digital Token Economy, He holds a master's degree in electrical engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, once served as general manager of the Western Region in the United States National Instruments Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: NATI), and later established the “Polystar Instrument” as a founding shareholder to provide customized tests and measurement instruments for industrial clients. He is also an early participant and investor in the blockchain industry and has been engaged in a number of blockchain projects with a deep understanding of the industry. Leader of the team that built WOOKONG, the first multi-signature hardware cold wallet for various currencies, and co-founded Cybex, the decentralized Exchange, and the LongHash. Linkedin.

  • Kelly Ford, Sales & Marketing Advisor, Kelly is a serial international entrepreneur with 28 years of international marketing and strategy experience including 2 venture-funded tech startups (SiteAdvisor and Hunch) with successful exits (to McAfee and eBay). Most recently, Kelly served as Chief Marketing Officer at leading European mobile bank N26. During his marketing leadership, N26 became one of Europe’s most successful FinTechs, expanding from 2 countries to 17, growing its customer base 12x to more than 1 million, and raising in excess of $200M in venture capital. Before N26, Kelly was CMO for PayPal in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Prior to that he served as Head of Marketing, for EBAY in New York, as Sr. Director of Marketing for MCAFEE and as Director of Media Strategy for AOL. His early career included 8 years in international brand management at the iconic Campbell Soup Company as well as several years in boutique strategy consulting to Fortune 500 clients. Kelly has an Electrical Engineering/Computer Science degree from Stanford University and an MBA from INSEAD. Kelly’s deep experience in brand building, performance marketing and international growth strategy will be an invaluable asset as Lition builds a trusted consumer brand with global presence. Linkedin.

  • Sang-Seop Lee 이상섭, Advisor Blockchain & Energy Use Cases, Sang-Seop is working as Head of Specialists and Leading Energy Expert for the Korea Block Chain Association (KBCA), primarily conducting research and providing blockchain consulting services for the smart energy age. With his strong ties to the international energy community and profound technical know-how, Sang-Seop constantly explores the implementation of blockchain technology in the energy sectors with leading experts and executives around the globe. Sang-Seop has worked in the tech and IT sectors at various senior executive positions for over 16 years. For seven years he has been the Head of SI Division of Gabia, one of the leading South Korean-based companies dedicated to the provision of internet infrastructure services. Prior to that, he worked as a Managing Director at Godosoft Co. Ltd., the leading e-commerce solution provider in South Korea. Sang- Seop has a Sociology degree from the prestigious Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea.

  • Prof. Dr. Markus Bick, Advisor for Research, Prof Dr. Markus Bick has been Head of the Chair of Business Information Systems at the ESCP Europe, one of the top tier Business Schools in Europe, since 2005. His chair of talented researchers and developers mainly focuses on the effective and efficient development and utilization of information systems like blockchain technology, as well as on the challenges and opportunities related to digital transformation. His main objective is to gather theoretical knowledge, methods and tools regarding modern digital information systems and technologies. During his tenure at ESCP Europe, Prof. Dr. Markus Bick has published countless journals, conference papers, and book contributions at highly renowned outlets worldwide. He holds a Ph.D. in Business and Information Systems from the University of Duisburg-Essen, where he worked as a researcher at the Department of Information Systems for Production and Operations Management (Prof. Dr. H. Adelsberger). As Lition’s advisor for research, Prof. Dr. Markus Bick strongly supports Lition with the latest research insights in blockchain and key drivers for market adoption. Linkedin.

Partnership Overview

  • SAP - SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software, helping companies of all sizes and in all industries run at their best: 77% of the world’s transaction revenue touches an SAP system. Our machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), and advanced analytics technologies help turn customers’ businesses into intelligent enterprises. Our end-to-end suite of applications and services enables our customers to operate profitably, adapt continuously, and make a difference. With a global network of customers, partners, employees, and thought leaders, SAP helps the world run better and improves people’s lives.

  • LongHash - LongHash is a platform for accelerating the development and understanding of blockchain technology. LongHash's data journalism platform will help you understand cryptocurrency through a combination of data analysis and narrative storytelling. We welcome serious investors as well as newcomers who want to understand what the blockchain hype is about. Our analysis will be original, independent and global.

  • Microsoft - Microsoft is an American multinational corporation that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports, and sells a range of software products and services. Microsoft’s devices and consumer (D&C) licensing segment licenses Windows operating system and related software; Microsoft Office for consumers; and Windows Phone operating system. The company’s computing and gaming hardware segment provides Xbox gaming and entertainment consoles and accessories, second-party and third-party video games, and Xbox Live subscriptions; surface devices and accessories; and Microsoft PC accessories. Its phone hardware segment offers Lumia smartphones and other non-Lumia phones. Its D&C other segment provides Windows Store, Xbox Live transactions, and Windows phone store; search advertising; display advertising; Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal; first-party video games; and other consumer products and services as well as operating retail stores.

  • Alpha Labs - Alpha Labs is one of the largest crypto assets fund based in Seoul, South Korea. 

  • LD Capital - LD Capital is one of Asia's earliest organizations focusing on value investing in blockchain field. Owing to industrial resource advantages and professional investment research teams, LD Capital has successively discovered and invested in projects such as Qtum, Vechain and Eos which all achieved over 100 times return. LD Capital focuses on blockchain innovation projects within finance, games, content publishing, Internet of Things and other circuits, and we have been propelling broad layout of blockchain technology and infrastructure construction to facilitate the comprehensive development of the global blockchain ecosystem.

  • Advisum - We invest in companies and projects that have the demonstrable potential to achieve massive changes in established industries based on blockchain technology. We are interested in applications based on existing blockchain technologies as well as technical developments of novel blockchain infrastructures, ie our own blockchains. In addition to financial involvement, we actively contribute our entrepreneurial, technological, commercial and business development experience from stock market listing, ICOs, international structures and more than 100 corporate investments.

  • Stanford Graduate School of Business - The Stanford Graduate School of Business is one of the professional schools of Stanford University. It offers a general management Master of Business Administration degree, a full-time twelve-month MS in Management for mid-career executives, and a Ph.D. program, along with a number of joint degrees with other schools at Stanford University including Earth Sciences, Education, Engineering, Law and Medicine. The Stanford Graduate School of Business was established in 1925 in Stanford, California. It currently has 114 acedemic staff, 2,284 students, 101 doctoral students, and 882 postgraduate students.

  • Tokeny - In a Mission to Bring Liquidity to the Best Investment Opportunities. Over the coming decades, token sales will revolutionize the way capital markets operate. The technology is now ready to improve legacy processes and enter securities markets worth trillions of dollars. The ownership and value of any asset class – funds, real estate, equity – can now be digitized in the form of tokens. We are on the cusp of a new paradigm for issuers and investors, in which value and ownership can be subdivided, tradable 24/7 and accessible globally.

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