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Lition is developing the only scalable public-private blockchain with deletable data features, made for commercial products. Designed with Lition’s live P2P trading use case, and co-innovated with SAP. 

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Q4 2017

Company incorporated;
Initial Fundraising;
Licensing process for electricity supplier initiated'
Alpha version of app;
First partnership initiated.



Q1 2018

License as an electricity supplier obtained in Germany;
Beta version of P2P energy trading app;
First green power plants connected to Lition Energy Exchange;
First employees on board (4 internal and 6 external).


Q2 2018

Mass market ready (>41 million households);
Scaling up connected green power plants to 18 GWh in Germany;
Smart reader integration;
Business requirements for blockchain specified;
Design of blockchain architecture;
Technical advisory SAP.


Q3 2018

Use case for P2P applied for energy retailing piloted;
Leading energy partners on board;
25 people at Lition;
Office in Beijing opened;
Technical WP released;
Blockchain prototype;
Development with SAP started.


Q4 2018

Seed funding round completed;
Commercial expansion of P2P Energy trading use case;
Support of German Blockchain Law makers enabling STOs in Lition Blockchain.



Q1 - Q2, 2019

Testnet 1.0 public release ;
P2P expansion to large industrial clients;
Smart grid use case launch;
Energy-data driven use case launch;
1st use case migrated;
Testnet 1.0 public release;
dApp Partners onboarded;
Team Scale-Up.


Q3 - Q4, 2019

Growth of partner network within energy sector;
First pilots of regulated industries outside energy;
Mainnet 1.0 public release;
Testnet update;
Large-scale user migration.



Large-scale marketing for ecosystem;
Worldwide commercial, large-scale use cases of industries
outside of energy (healthcare, finance);
Mainnet 2.0 public release with full set features.


Team Members

Richard Lohwasser

Co-Founder & CEO

Richard holds a Ph.D. in energy economics and is an international awarded IT specialist and blockchain expert. At 15, he was fluent in 7 different programming languages. At 17, he developed and founded the startup...

Dr. Kyung-Hun Ha


Kyung has a strong management and IT background. He holds an MBA and Ph.D. in IT (Summa cum Laude). He has been a director for Online at Vattenfall, one of four leading multinational energy conglomerates in Germany...

Dr. Manfred Gabriel

Board Member

Manfred has invested more than US$ 1.2bn, with 850mn from institutional investors. He holds a Ph.D. in Business. He was one of the founding partners of ADVISUM in 2001 and has since developed, raised, invested in, and...

Jan Wiedenhaupt

Board Member Legal/Finance

Jan graduated in business and engineering. He has served as a founding partner and managing director of ADVISUM since 2001. He developed, invested in, and jointly managed funds for institutional investors with more...

Reinhard Lohwasser

Board Member Technology

Reinhard completed his master’s degree in physics and holds an MBA. He has been a partner of ADVISUM since 2006. Until now, he has been responsible for an investment volume of more than US$ 400m. Additionally he...

Stephan Vogel

Business Development Manager

Stephan has a degree in economics and a master’s degree in international business, with a strong focus on marketing and tech business processes. He is an experienced leader having worked for more than a decade as a...

Stephan Bialek

Head of Finance & Operations Manager

Stephan is a certified accountant. As a department manager at ExtraEnergie, he ensured correct billing and revenue assurance of 700.000 customers. He was responsible for more than 30 employees in the area of finance...

Benni Wörpel

Blockchain Marketing Manager

Benni has a B.A. in Science and Technology and a master’s degree in integrated natural resource management. His main focus areas are renewable energy and climate change and methodology and modelling of sustainability...

Qinwei Hao

Managing Director Lition China

Qinwei is a graduate of the renowned China Youth College for Political Sciences (中国青年政治学院), which only accepts 100 students per year. Thereafter, she earned a master’s degree in economics from the University of...

Chris Kilchling

Brand & Design Manager

Chris has led branding and design across many industries. In the blockchain space, Chris served as Creative Director of Crypto Club Africa and is now responsible for all brand and design matters at Lition. Prior to...

Susanne Hößler

Senior Data Analyst

Susanne's working career began at AMD, where she technically supported both private and business clients. Her strong analytic mindset and technical understanding not only enabled highly efficient service, but also...

Amy Xiao

Marketing & Community Manager

Amy has worked with multinational companies for more than 9 years, and has gained tremendous experience in global sales and marketing. Her work environment has always been very international so she has excellent...

Alexander Bugaj

TGE Manager

Alex holds a B.A. Degree in International Business and has found his true passion within the cryptosphere. He succeeded early on within the market by putting his focus mainly on token sales. Thanks to his occupations...

Dr. Jürgen Müller

Technology Advisor

Jürgen holds a Ph.D. in IT Systems Engineering from the Hasso Plattner Institute where he was co-representative of Professor Plattner’s research chair at the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) for Software Systems...

Kelly Ford

Sales & Marketing Advisor

Kelly is a serial international entrepreneur with 28 years of international marketing and strategy experience including 2 venture-funded tech startups (SiteAdvisor and Hunch) with successful exits (to McAfee and eBay)...

Yan Feng Chen

Digital Token Economy Advisor

He holds a master's degree in electrical engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, once served as general manager of the Western Region in the United States National Instruments Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: NATI), and...

Sang-Seop Lee 이상섭

Blockchain & Energy Use Cases Advisor

Sang-Seop is working as Head of Specialists and Leading Energy Expert for the Korea Block Chain Association (KBCA), primarily conducting research and providing blockchain consulting services for the smart energy age...

Prof. Dr. Markus Bick

Research Advisor

Prof Dr. Markus Bick has been Head of the Chair of Business Information Systems at the ESCP Europe, one of the top tier Business Schools in Europe, since 2005. His chair of talented researchers and developers mainly...

Artur Basak

Lead Frontend Developer

Artur holds a B.A. in computer science. He is an outstanding specialist with strong skills in front-end development, and a deep knowledge of a vast range of technologies including blockchain. Artur started to program...

Nastassia Metselitsa

Scrum Master

Nastassia has an extensive academic background. After her studies she started to work on various IT related topics in the sales department. After successful delivery, she moved quickly into the project management...

Aliaksandr Zimakou

Blockchain & Frontend Developer

Aliaksandr started his career path with getting practical experience in back-end development. Thanks to an impressive number of implemented projects across various domains, Aliaksandr developed a strong skill set in...

Jan-Patrick Schulz

UX/UI Expert

Jan has a degree in communication psychology. He started his career as a consultant in communication planning for multinational clients in DACH and Eastern Europe at Initiative Media GmbH. Lately, he solely focuses on...