Liquidity Network (LQD) Blockchain - Rating and Details of Liquidity Network ICO (Token Sale) - Rating: Not Rated

The Liquidity.Network is a non-custodial, blockchain settlement system supporting off-chain payments (e.g. Ether/ERC20).

The Liquidity.Network is operational under and supports millions of users securely, reducing transaction costs significantly and enabling the mainstream adoption of blockchain. Liquidity is trustless, does not require rigid funds to be locked up, supports off-chain rebalancing, easy routing and free channel establishement.

The Liquidity Ecosystem stems from a symbiosis between our two novel innovations: the Liquidity Hub and REVIVE.
The Liquidity.Exchange is a non-custodial off-chain exchange.

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Team Members

Arthur Gervais, PhD.

Arthur obtained his PhD from ETH Zurich on the topic of blockchain security. Co-founder of the smart contract formal verification tool Personal site and academic papers.

Rami Khalil

Rami obtained his Master from ETH Zurich. Inventor of REVIVE, the first decentralized protocol to rebalance payment channels without on-chain transactions.

George Sedky

George is a research focussed IT security enthusiast. He finished his BSc at the German University in Cairo, has over 3 years experience in software engineering, designed cyber defence tools.

Guillaume Felley

Guillaume studied at EPF Lausanne and obtained his master degree from ETH Zurich in Switzerland. He built TLS-N, a blockchain oracle system and built the first usable off-chain wallet.

Thibault Meunier

Thibault obtained both his Master from Imperial College London and a French Engineering diploma from ENSEEIHT. Previously at CERN, he rebuilt their main front-end hosting website, entrypoint for more than 14000 websites.

Tony Tran

As an extrovert, Tony enjoys communications, building relationships and especially community discussions about cryptocurrency and blockchain. Before crypto, Tony worked for General Electric for 5 years...