Linix Foundation (LNX) Blockchain Platform - ICO Review, Rating and Details of Linix Foundation ICO (Token Sale) - Rating: Watch

LINIX aims to provide efficient and everlasting solutions to sustain the growing adoption of decentralized communities.

Features & Highlights

  • Expanding Scalability
    • Enabled by DAG, smart contract execution & transaction per second (tps) scale infinitely
  • Instant Confirmation
    • On-chain transaction requires fewer than 0.5s for the final confirmation and irreversibility.
  • Robust Security
    • The Proof of Checks and Balances (PoCB) consensus algorithm in the Matrix Chain ensures safety from double spending and Sybil attacks.
  • MATRIX Chain
    • The MATRIX Chain is the permission-less ledger which tracks, stores, and confirms transaction and wallet addresses. The Proof of Checks and Balances (PoCB) maintains the consensus and security of the platform. In the MATRIX Chain, two parties known as Miners and Stakers govern its consensus.
  • MATRIX Block
    • In the traditional distributed ledger technology, the wallet balance is calculated by summing all of the previous transactions and blocks. It requires additional calculation and CPU usage. In the MATRIX Chain, however, the MATRIX consists of assets recognized by the hashtable.

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