LTO Network (LTO) Blockchain Protocol - Rating and Details of LTO Network ICO (Token Sale) - Rating: Gamble

LTO Network allows enterprises and governments to orchestrate interorganizational workflows in a transparent way. Decentralization allows you to streamline your business processes while mitigating fraud.

Tech & Github 9/10
Team & Staff 8/10
Community 9/10
Our Rating Gamble

Important Information

Seed round: Hardcap $1,400,000. Done over 85% in fiat. Private + public round: Either same peg or very similar.

Team Members

Rick Schmitz


Rick has been a Private Equity and M&A Tax lawyer at both PwC and Deloitte. Rick is also the founder of the successful Dutch startup Firm24 and LegalThings.

Arnold Daniels

Lead Architect

Arnold is a software engineer with over 20 years of experience and a certified AWS architect. Arnold is a former Lead Software Engineer at Cloud9 IDE (acquired by Amazon in 2016).

Martijn Migchelsen


Martijn worked as a Corporate Finance Advisor at PwC where he was part of the Technology sector team. He is also the co-founder of the successful Dutch startup Firm24 as well as LegalThings.

Sven Stam


Sven has 15+ years of experience. He holds a masters degree in Artificial Intelligence with a specialization in Distributed Systems.

Martijn Broersma


Martijn previously worked as a lawyer at Firm24. He is specialized in automating complex (legal) structures and workflows and oversees LegalThings' daily operations.

Ivan Golovko

Strategy & Investor Relations

Ivan is co-founder of Distributed Fund and Distributed Alliance, and is also advisor to VITE. Former CMO of ICODrops. Ivan brings his experience in product positioning, community management and investor relations.

Moesjarraf Jahangier

Senior Backend Developer

Moesjarraf is one of main engines driving LegalThings development. He created a large part of the services around LegalThings node.

Yevhen Horbachov

Lead Frontend Developer

Yevhen has over 15 years of development experience in which he led the front end team of the European Patent Office, he is currently in charge of the LegalThings frontend development.

Michael Egorov


Mike Egorov is CTO of NuCypher with a PhD in Physics, previously working as a Senior Software Engineer at LinkedIn. He is helping us with the technology validation and crypto industry exposure. We are also working tog...

Sandor Klein


Sandor Klein is Vice President of International Sales at Docker. He previously held management position at CA technologies, EnterpriseDB, and RedHat. Since LTO Network is deeply integrated with Docker, Sandor helps us...

Pedro Irujo


Pedro Irujo is an advisor to CEMEX Ventures, having previous experience in Vodafone and PwC. We are working together on a supply chain case for Latin America. Pedro is also helping us in validating financial terms and...

Femke Stroucken


Femke Stroucken is a partner at an international legal firm CMS. Next to helping us with the legal questions, we are also working together on formalizing commercial lease contract lifecycles as Live Contracts.

Sarfaraaz Jahangier


Mitchel Kerckhaert


Jurre Wolsink


Ties Van Dijk

System Integrator

Rick Ros

Head of Sales

Benjamin Roeloffs Valk

Designer & Marketeer

Michael Nieveld

Legal & Tax

Maurits Wismeijer