Lambda (LAMB) Blockchain - Rating and Details of Lambda ICO (Token Sale) - Rating: Pass

Lambda is a high-speed, secure and scalable blockchain infrastructure project. Through the logical decoupling and separate implementation of Lambda Chain and Lambda DB, they provide infinitely scalable data storage capabilities to decentralized applications and achieve Multi-chain data cooperative storage, cross-chain data management, data privacy protection, data ownership proof, distributed intelligent computing and other services. Additionally, as the underlying service of blockchain, Lambda Chain provides millions of requests per second (RPS) through Sharding technology, which can grow as the scale of the system expands; and it also offers technology service capabilities for future unlimited expansion through sub-chain technology.

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Important Information

  • Private sale: Hardcap is $15 million. 1 LAMB = 0.006 USD. Lock-up period: 10 months with 2+4+4 vesting terms (meaning the first 20% of tokens will be distributed 2 months after trading on exchange).


2017 Q4

Phase I Lambda Technological Demonstration and Research
  • To make deep research on the technical framework of each public blockchain and protocol layer, and the core team has read a large number of codes and papers (see appendix)
  • To demonstrate the computing and storage mock-up for massive data under Permissionless environment
  • To demonstrate the combination of OAS business model and Token economy

2018 Q1

Phase II Lambda Technological Demonstration and Research
  • To choose the appropriate blockchain consensus mechanism and determine the high-speed chain design using the Sharding scheme as well as the HoneyBadgerBFT consensus algorithm for subchains
  • To determine multi-subchain design for keeping accounts respectively with Request and Reponse.
  • To complete structural design for the separation of chains from libraries
  • To determine provable data possession (PDP) and the access control and encryption mechanism for ABE
  • To determine the technical route and the technical scheme
  • To complete technical white paper

2018 Q3

Phase III Lambda Core Component Development
  • To carry out evaluation test on the performance of libp2p and devp2p and modify codes
  • To implement the underlying chunk storage system
  • To implement the closed-source development of Lambda Chain
  • To carry out technical verification on Lambda FS
  • To carry out community development on Lambda FS and open source in real time
  • To implement the Lambda database based on Lambda FS
  • To develop Lambda Agent based on hotspot languages to facilitate integration with the existing applications.

2018 Q4

Phase IV Lambda Chain Test Network Development
  • P2P network development is used to synchronize blockchain ledgers and store data synchronously. Development of virtual machine and development and verification of built-in contracts
  • API interface, RPC interface, command line and development of peripheral tools
  • Open source Lambda Chain

2019 Q1

Phase V Test Network Construction and Development of Lambda-based Example
  • To construct a large-scale test network based on the community for all-round testing.
  • To issue LAMBs for encouraging early community enthusiasts to develop Lambda-based application examples
  • To carry out rewarding test and amendment on security and service vulnerability on application examples based on test networks.

2019 Q2

Phase VI Expansion of other data service capabilities and data transactions
  • It will be launched by the Foundation for encouraging more database types and service capabilities to access Lambda ecology
  • To explore data transaction capability based on Lambda ecolog