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Kadena is the leader in distributed digital ledgers, with the first secure, scalable platform and simplified smart contract language designed for business. Kadena helps organizations achieve more with blockchain.

Kadena is an implementation of the novel ScalableBFT consensus protocol, which draws inspiration from the Tangaroa protocol as well as practical engineering realities. Until now, private blockchain technologies have been able to provide either high performance or scalability but not both. Rarely deployed into production, BFT-Consensus algorithms achieve high performance initially, but exhibit drastic performance degradation as cluster size increases. Mining (or “proof of work”) is the only workable alternative: it has practically no scaling limit. However, being a probabilistic mechanism, mining is necessarily slow and thus unable to attain the performance demanded by enterprise use-cases. The ability to perform at scale, without sacrificing the guarantees that blockchains provide, has been a major unresolved problem in the implementation of private blockchains. Scaling is critical for industrial adoption. Blockchain applications must be able to maintain acceptable performance for a successful deployment to sustain wide and growing participation.

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