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Providing a comprehensive suite of advanced services and technologies to manage, protect and sell every digital content, K.im aims to bring one of the biggest revolutions in the digital content distribution and monetisation industry.

Problems & Solutions

Every day, billions of people browse the internet for content: news, videos, music, blogs and answers to questions.

But all too often, content creators receive a very small royalty for the content they produce, if any at all. This is a very real and unfair revenue distribution gap between creators and intermediaries.

The second concern is where digital content is distributed via ad-funded sites. Here, content creators can lose signifi ant ad revenue due to ad-blockers.

Additionally, content creators may lose out if they use commission platforms. New content subscription marketplaces like Amazon take 30% commission for signing up new customers.

The third observation is the significant hidden cost of personal data exploitation. Internet users register their personal details on many sites they visit, sometimes including payment information. This creates lucrative targets containing millions of customer records which have generated significant company costs and loss of trust when things go wrong.

K.im is intended to be a publishing platform which provides the mechanism via which users can store, sell and buy digital content through the power of its Payment Engine. It aims to maximise publishing revenue with a focus on:

  • Ease of use
  • Speed and efficiency
  • Privacy and security
  • Unlimited exposure for digital content

Features & Highlights

  • Reduced revenue share of digital content sales to the publisher due to market centralisation and high intermediary fees.
  • Inability to offer ultra-low price points due to hefty transaction fees, even on the cryptocurrency market.
  • No simplified way to monetise content that is published on existing platforms.
  • No alternative to ad-based or subscription-based revenue generation for websites.
  • Storage Aggregation: K.im will provide a storage aggregation service for publishers to upload content to a range of third-party storage platforms such as the legacy technologies of Dropbox and Amazon Drive, as well as the cutting-edge technologies such as Swarm, Storj and IPFS. This can then be used to distribute the contents for sale. Publishers will be able to select multiple options from a range of storage platforms to upload simultaneously.
  • A Friendly Content Management Dashboard- The Dashboard will contain 3 content management tools:
    • Content de inition and customisation system
    • Pricing and currency selection tool
    • Option for free promotional download for customer
  • Publisher Reputation System: Publishers, if they decide to, will be able to provide K.im with personal or professional information in order to be labeled by K.im as a trusted user. Through this approach their reputation will increase giving greater confidence to consumers. It is proposed that publishers receive incentives based on the level of Know Your Customer (KYC) information (Level of Trust) they choose to provide. This will be an opt-in feature.
  • Content Rating System: Digital content may be evaluated by consumers who purchase it, creating a community-based rating system. This in turn shall reflect upon the publisher’s rating based on the ratings achieved by the publisher’s content.
  • Report and Takedown System: K.im aims to respect the rights of copyright owners. K.im will work on policies, designs, and technologies that attempt to address the many complex issues of international copyright compliance for user-generated content intermediary services and related risks.

Token Allocation

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Token Utility & Use Cases

The Kimcoin is a utility token. Its purpose is to facilitate access to the K.im content ecosystem by providing a Liquid token to pay publishers of digital content on the K.im platform.

The current proposed K.im model will provide users the ability to use their Kimcoin through the K.im platform and for transactions made with the K.im Payment Appinside the K.im ecosystem.

The Kimcoin will:

  • Facilitate micropayment transactions for the purchase and tipping of content by end users.
  • Provide access to the premium features of the K.im content management platform, enabling content publishers to grow the sales of their assets with ease.
  • Act as a unit of value for digital content on the K.im platform.

Roadmap & Updates

  • Q4 2016
    • Initial Crowdfunding (€850K RAISED)
  • Q3 2017
  • Q1 2018
  • Q4 2018
  • Q2 2019
  • Q4 2019
  • Q1 2020
  • Q2 2020
  • Q3 2020

Team Members

  • Kim Dotcom, Founder and Chief Evangelist. Kim is a well-known internet entrepreneur who knows what it takes to create successful online mass market digital businesses. He founded Megaupload, one of the largest online companies in the world in its time, accounting for about 4% of worldwide internet traffic at one stage. Kim subsequently founded Mega, a New Zealand based end-to-end encryption file hosting and storage service which, as of 20 January 2018, has 100 million registered users in more than 245 countries and territories, and more than 40 billion files uploaded the service. 1 Additionally, Kim is a strong advocate for digital freedom and personal privacy.

  • Phil Creagh, Director. Phil is a founding partner of Anderson Creagh Lai, and senior partner and chairman of the firm. Phil’s practice areas are wide ranging and include dispute resolution and civil litigation, corporate and commercial advice, and specialist commercial property work. In addition to his litigation practice, Phil continues to advise corporate and commercial, and occasionally property, clients on their needs. Phil has also had governance experience, serving on the managing board of a leading Australasian law firm, as a director for a number of valued personal clients, and as an officer and trustee of a number of voluntary organisations. Phil also provides pro-bono assistance and advice to different institutions.

  • Puai Wichman, Director. Puai is the Founder and Chairman of Ora Fiduciary (Cook Islands) Limited, a regulated Trustee Company in the Cook Islands. Puai has been involved in the Cook Islands financial services industry since 1993 with a focus on the administration of Trusts for High Net Worth individuals and their families. He has also worked in very diverse areas including administration of publicly listed Funds and sophisticated cross border structuring for private clients. Puai is a member of the Cook Islands Law Society.

  • Jeffrey Lai, Legal Counsel. Jeffrey is a founding partner and the managing director of Anderson Creagh Lai (ACL), a boutique New Zealand commercial law firm. Jeffrey specialises in corporate structuring and restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, investment funds, domestic and international business expansion, innovative and high growth companies, and complex contractual arrangements. Jeffrey has a particular focus on science, technology and innovation sector.

  • Bonnie Lam, Corporate Finance. Bonnie has extensive experience setting up and managing international companies, and has previously been the CFO of a major cloud storage provider. She brings high integrity and top-notch expertise in finance, accounting, banking, tax and legal matters.

  • Emmanuel Gadaix, Chief Scientist. Emmanuel has spent 25 years building pioneering businesses and products across, e-commerce, security, FinTech and Telco. He is a trailblazing industry technology entrepreneur who’s helped Nokia, Reuters, PwC, Telenor, Orange and MTN.

  • Julius Bencko, Lead Designer. Julius has over 15 years of experience in graphic design, motion graphics, animation, video and photography. Some of his work was also included in several world wide book publications. This free-spirited artist had also co-founded and designed Megaupload and all its sister websites.

  • Igor Mino, Backend Developer. Igor has over 10 years of experience in web development. As a full-stack web developer he has been collaborating on building a control panel for a web hosting company. Coming from an old-school era of Pascal/Dephi, Igor always stays up to date with new technologies in order to find perfect solutions.

  • Marc Weistroff, Product Development Adviser. With more than 10 years of experience, Marc Weistroff has a broad knowledge in building and delivering web applications to the market including blockchain payment strategies. Also driven by his curiosity into the depth of the underlying technologies, he brings his insights to the products he works on.

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