Iron Throne () Gaming - ICO Review, Rating and Details of Iron Throne ICO (Token Sale) - Rating: Not Rated

Iron Throne is the first multi-player strategic war game based on the public blockchain. The game employs blockchain technology and issues ERC20 tokens through the smart contract, and introduces the concept of war into blockchain game. Through the system of token economy, Iron Throne gathers game developers, players and investors under the same consensus to further construct and develop, and together to profit from the game ecology.

In Iron Throne, players are able to mine tokens, to shop in the marketplace, to recruit soldiers and etc. Meanwhile, players can choose the character they would like to be——a lord of an empire or a leader of a clan. When it is the right time, lord can declare war against other lords and summon tribal leaders in the community to join their guide to fight, to plunder treasures and to obtain glory.

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