IOV (IOV) Blockchain - Rating and Details of IOV ICO (Token Sale) - Rating: Pass

IOV provides the Blockchain Communication Protocol (BCP) that enables a global ecosystem of autonomous blockchains to be accessed efficiently. The BCP standardizes communication between blockchains and client software creating a more scalable and robust interchange of blockchain based information.

IOV provides also a decentralized blockchain database called the Blockchain Name Service (BNS), the first DNS for all the active Blockchains. Blockchain Name Service lists all active blockchains, their respective tokens and the IP addresses of their bootstrap nodes.

Benefits of the IOV technology

  • Benefits for end-users of a wallet that implements the Blockchain Communication Protocol
  • Have an easy human value address that they can remember, like john*iov.value
  • Exchange any kind of tokens without the need for third-party influence, using a unique software that offers a great user experience

Benefits for blockchain creators that implement the Blockchain Communication Protocol

  • Token listed by default after registration on the Blockchain Name Service
  • Token can be sent and received with any wallets by default
  • Token can be exchanged for a different one by default
  • Blockchain creators can use certified templates provided by IOV to launch their ICO easily and securely.

Additional tools provided by IOV implementing the Blockchain Communication Protocol

The IOV Wallet, which will be the first wallet to implement the Blockchain Communication Protocol. The IOV Wallet will demonstrate the benefits for the end users as well.

A set of Deployment Tools and Templates for the creation of a blockchain, which allows the implementation of the Blockchain Communication Protocol to demonstrate its benefits for blockchain creators. By using these tools, the creation process of a blockchain will be as simple as clicking on a button.

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Important Information

  • Presale:
    • Round 1: 1 IOV = 0.093 USD. Individual Cap is 579,500 USD. The hardcap is 5,795,000 USD.
    • Round 2: 1 IOV = 0.104 USD. Individual Cap is 869,250 USD. The hardcap is 14,487,500 USD.