MetaHash is a next-generation network based on the Blockchain 4.0 technology for sharing digital assets and a platform for creating and managing decentralized...

36,000,000 USD - TBA Shitcoin

Trust Bar

TrustBar is a highly anticipated project that is creating a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange on the NEO platform. TrustBar is a decentralized crypto exchange...

35,000,000 USD - TBA Not Rated


Boosto is an influencer driven decentralized app store. It provides a protocol for creating decentralized applications that act like an entire ecosystem and...

35,000 ETH - TBA Not Rated


The First Global Blockchain 4.0 Based on Fog Computing Creating a Light Blockchain Era Accessible to Everyone

7,500,000 USD - TBA Not Rated


Moneynet is an incentive based cryptocurrency community where members can share investment information and acquire a reward. Members can freely share information such...

1,250 ETH - TBA Not Rated


The POP Network is a decentralized approach to monetized video distribution using direct micropayments and token incentives instead of relying on advertising and...

40,000,000 USD - TBA Shitcoin


MyBtcFx is one such variation of #Bitcoin with a booming market value that soars higher and higher. The total supply for #MyBtcFx currently...

10,000,000 USD - TBA Shitcoin

Leep Network

The Leep Network intends on addressing and effectively solving the current limitations of blockchain technology by creating a completely decentralized, efficient network that...

TBA - TBA Not Rated


The peaq project aims to facilitate innovation and add a whole new dimension to the crypto-world, making it possible to pursue previously inconceivable...

TBA - TBA Not Rated


Secure Crypto Payments is a payment gateway for Enterprise eCommerce. Enterprise eCommerce software is a solution that is used by big companies that...

121,000 ETH - TBA Not Rated


Vite is a new generation peer to peer ridesharing service powered by Vitecoin Token (VT).

8,000,000 USD - TBA Shitcoin


A Next-Generation Global Decentralised Infrastructure for Computing Power

TBA - TBA Not Rated


Eleven01 is one of the fastest , highly scalable blockchain protocol which aims to make blockchain technologies ready for real world use starting...

TBA - TBA Not Rated


The FLETA project seeks to be the core platform in the transforming blockchain market, akin to the Android or iOS in the mobile...

$30,000,000 - TBA Not Rated

eSports Ecosystem

eSports Ecosystem aims to be the standard cryptocurrency for the multi-billion dollar eSports industry. We will sponsor players, teams, tournaments and we will...

22,147,000 USD - TBA Not Rated


The Aclyd project is dedicated to disrupting the wine and spirits industry with a digital wallet which eases the expansion of door-to-door delivery...

10,000,000 USD - TBA Not Rated


Ezeebuy is set to change the world of mobile shopping. With the Ezeebuy application, the photo is king. Using the camera on their...

30,000,000 USD - TBA Shitcoin

Me Token

Me Token is an innovative Social Commerce Platform for consumers, influencers and brands. Introducing, a shoppable discovery app for fashion and style....

12,000,000 USD - TBA Not Rated

Omnilytics Platform

Omnilytics is a private equity-backed market intelligence company with a commercialised product. We utilise blockchain for the decentralised training of artificial intelligence, machine...

TBA - TBA Pass


ContractLand is a decentralized exchange powered smart contract marketplace focused on helping small-to-mid sized companies to optimize and transform their business through tokenization.

TBA - TBA Not Rated


TokenLoan is a blockchain-based C2C digital assets loan platform. Borrowers are able to hold their digital assets by pledging their digital assets and...

5,400,000 USD - TBA Not Rated

The Power

The Power creates the best blockchain network - top speed hybrid and scalable blockchain all in one. Speed and horizontal scalability are achieved...

TBA - TBA Not Rated


Deuro is a democratic blockchain of artificial intelligence. Its mission is to be the decentralized version of TensorFlow. You can visit Deuro’s official...

TBA - TBA Not Rated

Dusk Network

The DUSK Network is a decentralized infrastructure that enables fast, anonymous and secure bi-directional transmission of data among equipotent peers, paid for by...

TBA - TBA Not Rated


KRONOS seeks to tokenize the best hedge fund strategies in an innovative two-token system. Our ecosystem unites the world’s top trading talent in...

TBA - TBA Not Rated

Universal Protocol

We are an alliance of like-minded cryptocurrency companies and blockchain pioneers. Our ambition is to help decentralized ledger technology achieve mainstream adoption as...

$19,490,000 - TBA Not Rated


Bitfair aims to become a marketplace where crypto enthusiasts can directly enter into a Over-the-Counter trade via a Smart Option Contract (SOC). This...

TBA - TBA Not Rated

Bet Protocol

We create a new way to leverage blockchain programmability & oracle complexity with a protocol that let´s developers focus on the content rather...

TBA - TBA Not Rated


Humanscape is a blockchain-based community that collects and compile individual patient’s health data in a systematic way to increase opportunities for drug development...

25,000,000 USD - TBA Not Rated

Send Protocol

Send (SDT) is a token designed to address the three principle challenges facing cryptocurrencies today: volatility, speculation, and lack of user-friendliness. The SDT...

TBA - TBA Not Rated

Review Network

Directly connecting companies and consumers, Review.Network transforms the way companies do market research. A heavily segmented and targeted user community is rewarded when...

22,500,000 EURO - TBA Not Rated


AgentMile is the world’s first decentralised commercial real estate leasing platform powered by AI. We enable brokers and landlords to list their commercial...

20,000,000 USD - TBA Not Rated


InfraCoins is a decentralized open source booking and listing system. With an integrated marketplace that enables hoteliers and property owners, to list their...

30,000,000 USD - TBA Shitcoin

Open Data Exchange

The Open Data Exchange (ODX) will democratize internet access through the blockchain. Publishers and ISPs meet in a global marketplace for data. Powered...

TBA - TBA Not Rated

Opu Labs

Opu Labs is the blockchain solution for the tokenizing global skincare intelligence. Fueled by OPU Coin, consumers are able to monetize their skincare...

37,000,000 USD - TBA Not Rated

Zero Bank

The money transfer and exchange industry is not immune to the global movement towards decentralization and peer-to-peer sharing economies. In fact, these areas...

48,000,000 USD - TBA Shitcoin


Qravity provides a space for creative visionaries to collectively develop original monetizable digital content, including movies, music, games, e-books, and applications. The platform...

35,000 ETH - TBA Not Rated

WRIO Internet OS

WRIO Internet OS is an open-source platform that upgrades to distributed machine-readable Web 3.0 with blockchain-powered cloud apps and provides secure and user-centric...

15,500 ETH - TBA Not Rated


In Gabrotech, we have a vision to disrupt the loyalty rewards market and hand back the control of rewards rules to the public....

50,000,000 USD - TBA Shitcoin


EyeGlob.Net will provide an ecosystem consisting of social and professional networks and digital tools dedicated to eye health and customized for different stakeholders....

37,000,000 USD - TBA Not Rated

Capital T & R

Capital Technologies & Research will be manufacturing a computerized environment for what is to come, and is poised to revolutionize communication between users....

30,417,515 USD - TBA Not Rated


Buddy is a winning development automation platform that serves a rapidly growing market. Our vision is to become the backbone on which talented...

60,000 ETH - TBA Not Rated

KIRIK Protocol

KIRIK is an open-source meta-protocol for converging existing blockchains. It empowers users to build transactional protocols that help transfer digital assets between different...

35,000,000 USD - TBA Not Rated


Boomstarter.Network is the global fundraising platform based on crypto, blockchain and smart contracts. It will use blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and offer a crypto-mining...

20,000,000 USD - TBA Not Rated


Next generation blockchain-based credit service network High-performance, secure, AI-empowered, decentralized financial services for consumers

TBA - TBA Not Rated


We are creating a world-class high-frequency crypto trading platform that provides: 1) Fully-automated trading strategies that make money in your crypto exchange account...

10,000,000 USD - TBA Not Rated


UHIVE is a new, innovative and easy-to-use social network. It integrates the world’s first physical dimension and Hybrid blockchain technologies. It’s an advanced...

54,000,000 USD - TBA Not Rated


Bailsman offers a quick and easy blockchain-based guarantee solution for clients who don’t have the required amount of money or simply prefer to...

60,000,000 EUR - TBA Not Rated


The aim of ACESO is to decrease the expenses of protecting a computer from malware to a minimum, where users will no longer...

32,768 ETH - TBA Not Rated


Buglab leverages the power of the Ethereum blockchain to enable attainable, versatile, and reliable penetration testing for digital enterprise solutions. The platform links...

20,000,000 USD - TBA Not Rated

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