Pure passive income mined through your app.

$17,500,000 - TBA Not Rated


The AIDUS Global D-Fund Platform is a decentralized fund market established upon the ETHEREUM network to serve as a professional asset management platform...

$100,000,000 - TBA Shitcoin


We strongly believe that cryptocurrency is the way to move forward but the current situation in the market has a lot of problems...

$19,500,000 - TBA Not Rated


By using 433 Token, everyone in the world can enjoy soccer like never before. 433 Token’s mission is to shatter the barrier between...

$27,000,000 - TBA Not Rated

Workchain aims to bring payroll into real-time, in sync with the way the world works. Using blockchain technology and verified work identities and...

TBA - TBA Pass

NEO Health

NEO Health is a collaboration between PeerAtlas and iScientia to build the world's most advanced medical information resource, clinical decision support tool, and...

TBA - TBA Not Rated


World’s first token-customized public chain for token economy and for everyone.

TBA - TBA Not Rated


WULET is a blockchain based platform that unites all loyalty programs with a synergy effect for companies. We are creating the ultimate tool...

49,000 ETH - TBA Not Rated


CUREStoken has been forged out of a desire to help address this problem, by decentralizing the health care system, empowering patients, Health App...

175,000 ETH - TBA Not Rated


Now, more than ever blockchain technology is revolutionizing the financial world, the most financial changes are happening in financial industry. Introducing EMJAC a...

$33,000,000 - TBA Not Rated

Player One

PlayerOne: a decentralized gamer identity protocol.PlayerOne will utilize the blockchain to create a trustless system for valuable data to be stored.

TBA - TBA Not Rated


BitCEO is a great revolution in combining blockchain technology with Artificial Intelligence to support CEOs build up their powerful business network.

TBA - TBA Shitcoin


ECOMI’s vision is to create the world’s best platform for digital collectibles and revolutionize the collectible industry giving users the freedom to interact...

1500 BTC - TBA Pass

Iron Throne

Iron Throne is the first multi-player strategic war game based on the public blockchain. The game employs blockchain technology and issues ERC20 tokens...

TBA - TBA Not Rated

Webcasino.Bet is a new trending online casino with the most sought-after games, friendly interface, professional customer service team and growing audience. It works...

$15,000,000 - TBA Shitcoin

Sound Legends

The Sound Legends ICO includes the Sound Legends VIP Membership and The Sound Legends Coin which, will both be used as the engine...

$19,500,000 - TBA Not Rated


Just a new step in cloud tech on blockchain

TBA - TBA Not Rated


Providing profit sharing platform by blockchain technology, using break down the traditional market to arouse innovation porn market, new technology can make more...

TBA - TBA Shitcoin


This project aims to build an ecosystem that users get benefits from maintaining a healthy body, in addition to being healthy. Our mobile...

TBA - TBA Not Rated

Authpaper Delivery

In the era of information technology, technology advancements have changed human lives by a lot. However, document delivery and huge data transfer, especially...

$415,00,000 - TBA Shitcoin

The Government Network

The Government Network is building a borderless nation powered by Blockchain Technology, operating from a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO). Its purpose is to...

$45,000,000 - TBA Shitcoin


Karbon14 is the first application to use blockchain benefits to create Proof of Life Certificates.

60,000 ETH - TBA Not Rated


Meet Crypt-ON - a multiservice financial p2p platform for secure transactions based on smart contracts. Besides the escrow service, the Crypt-ON ecosystem includes...

$16,000,000 - TBA Not Rated


PlutusX’s mission since its inception in 2015 has had one core drive: to reinvent the way investing is perceived. PlutusX planned on disrupting...

$38,400,000 - TBA Shitcoin


Emanate is building an Audio Exchange Protocol designed to evolve the music industry into the blockchain era, allowing artists to be paid in...

$12,000,000 - TBA Shitcoin


ASGARD is a decentralized crypto ecological fund that provides funding for specific environmental tasks. ASGARD is a culture of digital investment in projects...

$2,905,000,000 - TBA Shitcoin


Melior AI is an Artificial Intelligence research, development and solutions provider with a family of competitive e-commerce products created with its own proprietary...

$20,000,000 - TBA Not Rated


Brem - Is The Future Of The Real Estate Market

$3,000,000 - TBA Not Rated


CINDX is a crypto management hub where investors can sync their ‘wallets’ with professional traders, and earn along with them on a secure...

$21,000,000 - TBA Not Rated


A pure cryptocurrency exchange with world-class trading facility in coinoix exchange, Token holders can use CLX token to pay almost all type of...

$83,333,100 - TBA Not Rated

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