TIM is an infrastructure project (blockchain with upto 100 million tx/sec and quantum secure). ICO is only opportunity to TIM tokens in bulk....

19,000,000 USD - TBA Not Rated


iOlite is a community-driven knowledge base for naturalized languages which enables easier human-machine interfacing. In other words, iOlite is a blockchain solution that...

12,500,000 USD - TBA Not Rated


Auditchain supports a full stack which includes the base protocol layer, GAAP, IFRS and GAAS smart contract layer, application layer, audit node layer...

TBA - TBA Not Rated


Weeve is building the infrastructure for public or private marketplaces for any form of digital assets ranging from geo-data to electricity or delivery...

TBA - TBA Not Rated


The ORE protocol specifies how API access control, validation, and payment can be provided by a shared infrastructure, called the ORE network, built...

TBA - TBA Not Rated


The Hoard platform consists of 3 pillars: 1. Enable True Ownership of virtual content in video games via blockchain tokens: in-game currencies, items,...

TBA - TBA Not Rated


XAIN is a flexible, embedded & end-to-end secure access control platform for machine and vehicle networks.

TBA - TBA Not Rated


ShoCard is a blockchain-based IM ecosystem where people can own and protect their digital identity. They decide with whom and when to share...

20,000,000 USD - TBA Not Rated


Tutellus aims to break the status quo , introducing a new paradigm in the student-teacher relationship with the creation of a new decentralized...

40,000,000 USD - TBA Not Rated


PepperDB is a blockchain-based database protocol and a DApp store. It is designed to leverage the power of existing databases (MySQL/MongoDB/Redis etc.) into blockchain, and...

30,000,000 USD - TBA Not Rated


Cognida delivers trusted blockchain solutions that address the increasingly complex information sharing challenges that enterprises face by allowing them to incorporate decentralized blockchain...

20,000,000 USD - TBA Not Rated


Sovrin implements Privacy by Design on a global scale, including pairwise pseudonymous identifiers, peer-to-peer private agents, and selective disclosure of personal data using...

TBA - TBA Not Rated

Omega One

Omega One is a secure, efficient, decentralized and digitally native global financial system is being born on the blockchain. It will restructure global power...

270,000 ETH - TBA Not Rated


Eloncity decentralizes our power infrastructure into millions of self sufficient microgrids.

TBA - TBA Not Rated


dYdX allows creation of entirely new asset classes which derive their value from underlying blockchain-based assets. Derivatives allow investors to achieve superior risk management...

TBA - TBA Not Rated


Fluence is a decentralized database network running on a set of trustless nodes, which allows to operate with structured data. Explicit structure permits to...

TBA - TBA Not Rated


Mattereum is an Internet of Agreements project to manage legal rights over physical property, intellectual property, and eventually even real estate, on the blockchain....

TBA - TBA Not Rated


Computable Labs currently developing their own blockchain and distributed systems technology to create a decentralized data marketplace which will be used by artificial intelligence...

TBA - TBA Not Rated


The Akropolis project is building the largest alternative pensions infrastructure in the world. We are creating decentralised pensions on the blockchain, built by...

25,000,000 USD - TBA Not Rated

Keep Network

A keep is an off-chain container for private data. Keeps help contracts harness the full power of the public blockchain — enabling deep interactivity with...

30,000,000 USD - TBA Not Rated

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