STP Network

Standard Tokenization Protocol is an open-source standard defining how tokenized assets are issued and transferred while complying with all necessary regulations. Tokens built...

$8,000,000 Not Rated

Force Protocol

Force Protocol project is distributed crypto-financial services protocols based on the mainstream public chain system and the under-layer standard data network of protocols....

TBA Not Rated

GTEX Gaming Platform

GTEX PoA Network is blockchain designed specifically for gaming. By using Proof of Authority technology to validate transactions, GTEX PoA Network will have...

$1,500,000 Not Rated


The Social Good Project is a global activity based on a vision of “improving society” that transcends national, racial, religious, and cultural differences,...

$50,000,000 Not Rated


A decentralized Electric Vehicle Application Platform

$6,000,000 Not Rated was created to enable a new generation of global traders with the tools to access the revolutionary age of Cryptocurrencies

$83,000,000 Not Rated


Most Advanced Crypto Trading Platform that brings gamification to trading. Trading Pools, social accounts with traders insights, advanced order making including stop-loss orders,...

$11,200,000 Not Rated


With the azultec Cube you can generate crypto currencies through cloud computing. The best part: the Cube uses renewable energy and recuperates the...

TBA Not Rated


QCoin is the worlds first usable Quantum Safe Cryptocurrency, with its own developed Blockchain “Yggdrasil”. QCoin and is Blockchain has been developed to solve...

$25,000,000 Not Rated


RENOVATO idea is to club the basic cryptocurrency exchange infrastructure with self-developed trading algorithms and AI-based evolving trading tools and features that allows...

$17.280.000 Not Rated


DARS is blockchain-based platform where users can create decentralized apps for referral marketing.

$19,100,000 Not Rated


TEEX is a secure distributed computing platform which provides a Layer-2 solution to eliminate two fundamental limitations of traditional blockchain: privacy and scalability....

TBA Not Rated

High Bank

HighBank aims to create a one-stop platform providing a holistic blockchain experience to any developer, crypto trader and marketing agency via community wide...

$40,000,000 Not Rated


East2 aims to disrupt and change the long-standing airline frequent flyer loyalty model. With teams based in Europe and Asia, it is building...

$16,000,000 Not Rated


What is SmartRiyal? The smartriyal platform includes several subprojects with a shared goal: revolutionizing the use of AI and technology in the modern...

$70,000,000 Not Rated


The Zynecoin concept is a world premiere. The African continent will benefit greatly from its services offered on the blockchain and off the...

$50,000,000 Not Rated

Wise Network

Wise is an innovative developer of analog-mixed-signal, system-on-a-chip who created an eco-system that enables a universe of applications on IoT and mobile devices...

$150,000,000 Not Rated

P2P Global

Peer 2 Peer Global Network is birthed with the aim to solve the burning financial problem that unemployment causes with these unavoidable and...

$2,000,000 Not Rated


IMP is short for “Impression”, a marketing term that indicates the number of times a particular piece of content is displayed without having...

$3,000,000 Not Rated

Beer Coin

Develop the Brewery Consortium craft breweries globally. Brewery Consortium partners will: undertake joint brewing and marketing ventures. Brewery Consortium partners will all offer...

$25,000,000 Not Rated


Lition is developing the only scalable public-private blockchain with deletable data features, made for commercial products. Designed with Lition's live P2P trading use...

$8,000,000 Not Rated


Resistance is an anonymous decentralized exchange, ResDEX, driven and supported by the Resistance privacy-oriented blockchain, which uses the RES privacy coin as an...

$18,000,000 Not Rated


Precium is a smart contract platform that provides a template of various smart contract terms to allow users to create and use smart...

$9,600,000 Not Rated


Social P2P crypto exchange and hedge trading platform.

$38,400,000 Not Rated

BitBook AG

Bitbook is a new gambling and betting platform based on the Ethereum Blockchain, combining a diverse range of betting options and gambling games...

€34,000,000 Not Rated


pixEOS has developed the first Art Gamification Platform through a smart-economy on the EOS blockchain - pixEOS tokens have multiple utilities enabling artists...

833,333 EOS Not Rated


Conjure is an incentivized, decentralized content platform that rewards participants for contributing quality content with cryptocurrency. Conjure combines concepts from social media, search,...

$3,000,000 Not Rated

ASQ Protocol

ASQ PROTOCOL is a content ecosystem that leverages the transparency of blockchain to streamline the value flow between those users who are supplying...

$51,000,000 Not Rated

Conflux Foundation

Conflux, a fast, scalable and decentralized blockchain system that optimistically process concurrent blocks without discarding any as forks. The Conflux consensus protocol represents...

$35,000,000 Not Rated

Fort Financial Crypto

FortFC - liquidity provider on the cryptocurrency market that aggregates Buy and Sell orders simultaneously from a pool of the most popular world...

€25,000,000 Not Rated


Pure passive income mined through your app.

$17,500,000 Not Rated


The AIDUS Global D-Fund Platform is a decentralized fund market established upon the ETHEREUM network to serve as a professional asset management platform...

$100,000,000 Shitcoin


We strongly believe that cryptocurrency is the way to move forward but the current situation in the market has a lot of problems...

$19,500,000 Not Rated


By using 433 Token, everyone in the world can enjoy soccer like never before. 433 Token’s mission is to shatter the barrier between...

$27,000,000 Not Rated

Workchain aims to bring payroll into real-time, in sync with the way the world works. Using blockchain technology and verified work identities and...

TBA Pass


EMX is the first crypto-native exchange to offer traditional futures products along with crypto futures products. Trade global futures with your cryptocurrency on...

$12,000,000 Not Rated

NEO Health

NEO Health is a collaboration between PeerAtlas and iScientia to build the world's most advanced medical information resource, clinical decision support tool, and...

TBA Not Rated


World’s first token-customized public chain for token economy and for everyone.

TBA Not Rated


WULET is a blockchain based platform that unites all loyalty programs with a synergy effect for companies. We are creating the ultimate tool...

49,000 ETH Not Rated


CUREStoken has been forged out of a desire to help address this problem, by decentralizing the health care system, empowering patients, Health App...

175,000 ETH Not Rated


Now, more than ever blockchain technology is revolutionizing the financial world, the most financial changes are happening in financial industry. Introducing EMJAC a...

$33,000,000 Not Rated

Player One

PlayerOne: a decentralized gamer identity protocol.PlayerOne will utilize the blockchain to create a trustless system for valuable data to be stored.

TBA Not Rated


BitCEO is a great revolution in combining blockchain technology with Artificial Intelligence to support CEOs build up their powerful business network.

TBA Shitcoin


ECOMI’s vision is to create the world’s best platform for digital collectibles and revolutionize the collectible industry giving users the freedom to interact...

1500 BTC Pass

Iron Throne

Iron Throne is the first multi-player strategic war game based on the public blockchain. The game employs blockchain technology and issues ERC20 tokens...

TBA Not Rated

Webcasino.Bet is a new trending online casino with the most sought-after games, friendly interface, professional customer service team and growing audience. It works...

$15,000,000 Shitcoin

Sound Legends

The Sound Legends ICO includes the Sound Legends VIP Membership and The Sound Legends Coin which, will both be used as the engine...

$19,500,000 Not Rated


Just a new step in cloud tech on blockchain

TBA Not Rated


Providing profit sharing platform by blockchain technology, using break down the traditional market to arouse innovation porn market, new technology can make more...

TBA Shitcoin


This project aims to build an ecosystem that users get benefits from maintaining a healthy body, in addition to being healthy. Our mobile...

TBA Not Rated

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