Fetch AI (FET) AI Protocol - Rating and Details of Fetch AI ICO (Token Sale) - Rating: All In

Fetch is a next-generation protocol built with a ready-to-go Useful Proof of Work system invented by world-leading AI minds.

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Important Information

  • Private Sale: 3 month lockup, then linear vesting in three tranches over months 4,5 and 6. Private sale price: 1 FET = $0.05267.


Q4 2018

  • Releasing community website for useful proof-of-work/smart contract development support

Q4 2018 through 2019

  • Commercial development working examples

Late Autumn early Winter 2018

  • Increased access to private test network leading to public test network.

Q1 2019

  • Network Alpha (Q1 2019); all core functionality in place

Q2 2019

  • Network Beta; full Fetch network for testing and tuning

Summer 2019

  • Main network release; native Fetch token

Team Members

Humayun Sheikh

Co-founder and CEO

An innovation entrepreneur, founding investor in DeepMind with a record in revolutionising trading in steel sector and now changing the way we transact and travel.


Toby Simpson

Co-founder and CTO

Producer of the successful a-life Creatures series of games and early developer at Deepmind. His thirty years’ experience in software, ten as a CTO, are now focussed on crypto-economics.

Thomas Hain

Co-founder and CSO

Professor at Sheffield and established scientist in advanced machine learning AI who bridges real world and academia and is inspired by the opportunities AI brings to modern society.


Troels Rønnow

Head of Software Engineering

A scientist and innovator, that benchmarked D-Wave Two, co-authored 35 patent applications who has been working more than two years full time building distributed ledgers.


Jonathan Ward

Head of Research

A researcher in machine learning, complex systems and blockchain technology. Excited by the challenge of deploying decentralized multi-agent systems in smart cities, supply chain and healthcare. PhD in Machine...

Marcin Abram

Machine Learning Scientist

Theoretical physicist and machine learning scientist. Marcin's doctoral research explored topics on coherence and emergent behaviour in quantum systems. His current work focuses on machine learning...

Chris Atkin

Digital Marketing Coordinator

A qualified journalist with a passion for social media. He has five years of experience at Sky News and BT Sport and has managed the social media accounts of Panama’s largest language school.



Khan Baykaner

Senior Software Engineer

Research engineer in machine learning with experience developing deep reinforcement and generative models, solving problems in digital health, audio/video media and NLP. PhD developing computational auditory models fr

Peter Bukva

Software Engineer

Experienced software engineer and scientist. Previously worked at Bloomberg and Siemens Corporate Research. MSc in Solid State Physics and PhD in High Temperature Superconductors.

Joshua Croft

Software Developer & Ecosystem Coordinator

NLP and data mining specialist in geolocation, natural language and IoT. Ex-PlayStation developer with an MSc in Advanced Computer Science from the University of East Anglia.


Richard Dearden

AI and Machine learning lead

PhD in Artificial Intelligence and 20 years of experience in academia and Industry. Has deployed AI in space, deep below the earth’s surface and six kilometres under the ocean.


Robert Dickson

Software Engineer

A seasoned software engineer and architect with experience in dynamics simulations, low-level protocols, 3D graphics and virtual machines. He has a strong artificial life and mathematics background.


Marco Favorito

Machine Learning Engineer

M.Sc.Eng. in Computer Science from Sapienza University of Rome, where he worked on a thesis in Reinforcement Learning. Software Engineer with solid programming skills, he's working on the OEF.


Edward Fitzgerald

Senior Software Engineer

A engineer, researcher and technology enthusiast with experience of distributed ledgers, video codecs, networking and low level software optimisation. Strong engineering and mathematical background, he obtained his...

David Galindo

Lead Cryptography Engineer

Associate Professor in Computer Security at University of Birmingham with 15 years of experience in applied cryptography research, both in academy and industry. His work has been published in top academic venues in...

Julia Gomes

Machine Learning Engineer

Interested in machine learning and IoT. Received a BA in Statistics from UC Berkeley, MSc in Computational Statistics and Machine Learning from UCL, and was most recently a visiting researcher in the Cyber-Physical...

Daniel HonerKamp

Machine Learning Engineer

Combining expertise in both machine learning and economics with an MSc Computational Statistics and Machine Learning from UCL and previous experience at the Swiss National Bank.


Ali Hosseini

Software Engineer

Expert on Multi-Agent Systems and logical modelling with a background in software engineering. PhD and MSc in Artificial Intelligence from King's College London with excellent academic track record and publications...

Nathan Hutton

Software Engineer

Experienced software engineer and FPGA specialist, previously worked at BAE in high speed communications systems. MEng from The University Of Edinburgh.


Katie Lucas

Senior Software Engineer

Ex-Google SRE and Privacy engineer, she has also worked with Citrix, Hitachi and Grapeshot. Highly experienced in many fields including security systems, military simulations and real-time data-processing pipelines.

Jerome Maloberti

Machine Learning Engineer

Implementing large scale multi-agent systems with ML algorithms with nearly 20 years’ experience following a first degree in Software Engineering and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence...

Arthur Meadows

Commercialisation and Marketing

International experience in software start-ups and bringing disruptive, high-growth tech products to commercial success. MBA from Judge Business School, University of Cambridge...

Maria Minaricova

Senior Programme Manager

Experienced in managing strategic program delivery, business development and the application of state-of-the-art ICTs. Worked at Oracle and at Europe’s e-infrastructure GEANT collaborated with flagship pan-European...

Frederic Moisan

Computational economist

Researcher in behavioural, experimental and computational economics, applying game theory to the economics of networks and the design of decentralized marketplaces. PhD in AI from the University of...

Catherine Moriarty

Chief Amazement Officer

Dynamic people person with a wealth of commercial experience and a wonderful understanding of maximising peoples' potential. Driven and focused, with humour and respect for everyone she meets. Principled and...

Patrick Motylinski

Senior Research Scientist

Scientific researcher with many years of experience in areas ranging from physics and mathematics, to blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. Holds a PhD in theoretical high energy physics from University of...

Soren Riis

Research Scientist Consultant

Research Scientist at University of Queen Mary London with the speciality of Multi-user Information Theory, Network Coding, Algorithmics, Complexity Theory and Cryptography. DPhil (PhD) in...

Gary Wood

IT Manager

A multi-talented IT Manager with over 15 years experience. Well-versed at supporting fast moving, dynamic development teams. Previously designed, implemented and managed an onsite data-centre running a massively...

Melvyn Weeks

Economics Advisor

Assistant Professor in Economics at University of Cambridge, researching the application of Machine Learning to market pricing. Senior Economic Advisor to Ofgem, UK’s Energy regulator.



Steve Grand


An inventor of complex autonomous agents for nearly 40 years, creator of the Creatures artificial life games and proud father to a small robot now in the Science Museum, Steve has held research fellowships in...

Monique Gangloff

Scientific and Biotech Advisor

Principal investigator/senior scientist at the University of Cambridge, Department of Biochemistry. Her research endeavours have resulted in more than 35 international peer-reviewed publications and 1 patent...