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Everest is a decentralized platform incorporating a massively scalable payment solution, EverChain, with a multi-currency wallet, EverWallet, and a native biometric identity system, EverID. Everest delivers a complete solution for a new economy.

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Team Members

Bob Reid

Co-Founder and CEO

GM, BitTorrent, Partner Kai Labs (blockchain consultancy), CEO & Co-founder VelocityBits, Strategy & Biz Dev DivX, CEO Skyclix, leads teams, 2 IPOs, 2 acquisitions.

Brad Witteman

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer

Senior positions at BitTorrent & Emergent (DAOstack); Chief of Product, Moby (blockchain DAPP for health records); Sr. Director Product; DivX, CTO Skyclix.

Gautam Ramnath


International consultant to Gates Foundation; Business Development at Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition; VP Ops at Millennium Challenge; Project Director at US State Dept., Tunisia.

Mike Kail

Chief Technology Officer

CIO & SVP of Infrastructure at Yahoo!, VP of IT Ops at Netflix, 25+ years of technology executive leadership with specialties in security & network infrastructure, cloud architecture.

Joseph Morris


Blockchain-enthusiast focused on application and implementation; Executive at Bitcoin Bravado; Head of Market Analysis at Coinosophy; Senior Associate at Grant Thornton LLP; Managing Partner, The Ilios Group.

Sander van Zoest


Technologist, Advisor with over 20 years of experience with emphasis on startups, scaling and product/technology fit. Operations at Joost; Chief Architect, DivX; Engineering at MP3.com, Yahoo!, Covalent and Disney.

Amry Amanah


Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast with more than 7 years experience in IT industry in Japan, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Experienced in computer vision, machine learning, data analytics, quality engineering...

Yanuar Affandy


Software Engineer passionate about building disruptive applications. More than 8 years of experience working on a variety of projects with clients from the Netherlands, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Rani Yanarastri


Project control engineer with 5 years experience in software, construction and IT projects focused on project scheduling and controlling. Passionate about innovative projects that have a social impact and provide...

Felipe Wasson


Blockchain Fanatic, UC Berkeley Graduate in Global Studies & Economic Development: Communications intern at the United Nations headquarters for Venezuela, Colombia & Ecuador; determined to alleviate poverty in Latin...

Aya Miyaguchi


Executive Director Ethereum Foundation Executive Director: The Ethereum Foundation. Leads Ethereum's day-to-day operations. Managing Director of Kraken; Founder of Japan Blockchain association...

Atsushi Taira


Chief Growth Officer of Mistletoe Venture capital executive with broad operational experience developed at Softbank, Brightstar, Yahoo! Japan, DoCoMo, and Coca-Cola.

President Toomas Hendrik


Former President of Estonia Led sovereign govt. deployment of social services on a blockchain, with data exchange between multiple agencies.

Chris Wilson


Founder: Water and Healthcare Foundation Business consulting, financial services, and operational executive focused on humanitarian service delivery in the developing world.

Dr. Virgil Griffith


Ethereum Foundation; Co-author of Casper CTO, Backbone Technologies; OnionLink; Santa Fe Institute; Lead Dev, Toroken cryptocurrency; CalTech.

Greg Horowitt


Advisor to UCSD and Stanford University Kauffman Fellow; Co-Founder Global Connect at UCSD; Berkshire Hathaway; Innovation Ecosystem Architect; Author of “The Rainforest”.

Ambasador Jamal Khokhar


Former Chief of Staff, Inter-American Development Bank Former Ambassador to Brazil, Chief of Staff at the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB), Department of Outreach and Partnerships.

Jordan Greenhall


CEO at Neurohacker Collective Founder & CEO of DivX; SVP of MP3.com; Santa Fe Institute; Harvard Law.

Wilson Choi, CFA


Founder FundV & Beam Capital Venture capitalist invested in 20+ blockchain & Internet projects, including crypto- exchanges Quoine, EXX, Coinsuper etc. Former HSBC derivatives dealer.