IOST is an ultra-fast, decentralised blockchain network based on the next-generation consensus algorithm “Proof of Believability” (PoB). Led by a team of proven...

$35,000,000 - Ended Not Rated

NKN Network

NKN is the new kind of P2P network connectivity protocol & ecosystem powered by a novel public blockchain. We use economic incentives to...

78,777 ETH - Ended All In


Arweave is a new data storage blockchain protocol based on a novel proof of access consensus mechanism. Arweave is built on four core technologies...

$8,700,000 - Ended Gamble


Ampleforth is a digital-asset-protocol for smart commodity-money. The Ampleforth protocol receives exchange-rate information from trusted oracles, and propagates that to holders of its...

TBA - Ended Gamble


FANTOM is the world’s first DAG based Smart Contract platform that solves the scalability issues of existing public distributed ledger technology. The platform...

$39,800,000 - Ended All In

Volume Network

Volume Network is dedicated to building a large-scale cryptocurrency that can be applied in the real commercial society. We firmly believe that the...

$30,000 - Ended Gamble


MagnaChain is a completely new, built from the ground up public blockchain and integration toolset used for distributed application development. MagnaChain utilizes several...

$4,500,000 - Ended Gamble


Reserve is a stable, global currency (a stablecoin) and a digital payment system for people and businesses in countries with high inflation.Protect Your...

$9,960,000 - Ended Gamble


ALLIVE is an intelligent healthcare ecosystem based on blockchain technology. It is comprised of three modules: Olife builds a self-perfecting pro le of...

$6,840,000 - Ended Gamble


ThunderCore is its own blockchain with its own native cryptocurrency. Developed by industry-leading experts, it is EVM-compatible with throughput of 1,200+ TPS, sub-second...

$50,500,000 - Ended Gamble

Ocean Protocol

Ocean is a decentralized protocol and network of artificial intelligence (AI) data/services. It aims to spread the benefits of AI, by unlocking data...

$31,598,000 - Ended Pass

STP Network

Standard Tokenization Protocol is an open-source standard defining how tokenized assets are issued and transferred while complying with all necessary regulations. Tokens built...

$8,000,000 - Ended All In

Force Protocol

Force Protocol project is distributed crypto-financial services protocols based on the mainstream public chain system and the under-layer standard data network of protocols....

TBA - TBA Not Rated

Ludos Protocol

Ludos Protocol is a purpose-built blockchain infrastructure project for the gaming community. As only the third blockchain project to be backed by Japanese...

TBA - Ended Not Rated

DUO Network

DUO Network is a decentralized platform which enables issuance, trading, and settlement of tokenized derivatives. It mainly consists of Collateralized Autonomous Tokens (or...

$5,100,000 - Ended All In

Atlas Network

ATLAS is a decentralized, tokenized travel platform that distributes the economical benefits out of the hands of mega corporations and give it back...

45,000 ETH - Ended Gamble was created to enable a new generation of global traders with the tools to access the revolutionary age of cryptocurrencies.

$83,000,000 - TBA Not Rated


Lition is developing the only scalable public-private blockchain with deletable data features, made for commercial products. Designed with Lition's live P2P trading use...

$8,000,000 - TBA Not Rated


BitTorrent is a pioneering distributed communication protocol invented by Bram Cohen in 2001. It is a peer-to-peer protocol which uses economic incentives to...

$7,200,000 - Ended All In

Fetch AI

Fetch is a next-generation protocol built with a ready-to-go Useful Proof of Work system invented by world-leading AI minds.

$21,000,000 - TBA All In


Rigoblock exists to reinvent the asset management industry making it accessible to everyone, enabling full transparency and empowering rigorous meritocracy. We aim to...

$10,000,000 - TBA Not Rated


VANTA aims to be the World's first decentralized network that enables fast and low cost development and operation of scalable services that provide...

$15,000,000 - Ended Not Rated


Snips AIR is a network of devices collaborating to form a mesh of AI assistants. With this voice ecosystem you can now add...

$71,100,000 - TBA Shitcoin


The first hybrid exchange to enable simple two-step verification with the mobile device and cold wallet.

$4,500,000 - TBA Not Rated


Ethereum network infrastructure for cyber-physical systems' integration into Smart Cities and Industry 4.0.

$1,100,000 - TBA Not Rated


The first global and revolutionary ecosystem for general aviation including drones/UAVs designed to increase safety through collision avoidance, communication and tracking. Be part...

$9,000,000 - TBA Not Rated


Kambria is the first blockchain project to build an open innovation platform for frontier technology. Kambria will allow for many verticals, including Biotech,...

$19,900,000 - TBA Pass

HAZZA Network

HAZZA Network is a global unified and open payments network built and managed to facilitate seamless cryptocurrency payments over existing conventional payment networks.

TBA - TBA Shitcoin


TMED remote health care platform will enable medical institutions to effectively utilize medical resources to provide health care beyond the time, physical distance...

$28,000,000 - TBA Not Rated


KBcoin started as the ICO analysis and marketing team and hashad the experience of analyzing, evaluating and investin ghundreds of new projects to...

$8,800,000 - TBA Watch

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