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Name Hard-cap % for ICO Telegram Rating
Ulord Ulord TBA TBA Link High
Bumo Bumo TBA TBA Link Neutral
Arcana Wallet Arcana Wallet 7,500,000 USD 60% Link Neutral
Metadium Metadium TBA TBA Link High
IRIS Network IRIS Network TBA 20% Link Very High
CarBlock CarBlock 40,000 ETH 40% Link Neutral
Basis Basis 133,000,000 USD TBA Link Very High
Omnitude Omnitude 25,000,000 USD 55% Link Neutral
IoTeX IoTeX Private Sale 24% Link Very High
XYO Network XYO Network 48,000,000 USD 39.3% Link Neutral
TTC Protocol TTC Protocol 20,900,000 USD 25% Link Neutral
Rate3 Network Rate3 Network 17,700,000 USD 40% Link Neutral
Kairos Kairos 30,000,000 USD 40,4% Link Neutral
MobileCoin MobileCoin 30,000,000 USD TBA Link Medium
StarkWare StarkWare TBA TBA Link High
CardStack CardStack 35,000,000 USD 40% Link Medium
Egretia Egretia 25,400,000 USD 39% Link Neutral
QuarkChain QuarkChain 20,000,000 USD 20% Link Very High
Arweave Arweave 8,700,000 USD 35% Link Very High
Fantom Fantom 39,800,000 USD 40% Link Very High
Atonomi Atonomi 25,000,000 USD 50% Link Medium
PCHAIN PCHAIN 50,000 ETH 35% Link Very High
OneLedger OneLedger 15,000,000 USD 35% Link Very High
Sentinel Protocol Sentinel Protocol 34,100,000 USD 60% Link Neutral
Skrumble Network Skrumble Network 20,000 ETH 26% Link Neutral
Hero Node Hero Node 22,100,000 USD 40% Link Neutral
Origin Protocol Origin Protocol TBA TBA Link Medium
Open Platform Open Platform 30,000,000 USD 50% Link Medium
EdenChain EdenChain 24,000,000 USD 40% Link Very High

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