EMOGI (LOL) Digital Currency - ICO Review, Rating and Details of EMOGI ICO (Token Sale) - Rating: Gamble

The EMOGI network builds the framework for censorship-resistant distribution of media. To effectively spread information in the modern economy, people, journalists and businesses are required to work with centralized, often agenda-driven intermediaries. These are the media giants of the world — both government-sponsored and monopolistic companies operating walled-garden content ecosystems. These platforms make the rules and have the power to anoint winners, naturally incentivizing cronyism. Through effectively deployed blockchain technology and a thoughtfully-designed incentive structure, the EMOGI network is a vehicle to eliminate the rent-seeking intermediaries standing between the people and the truth.

Problems & Solutions

Data from a centralized agent is often biased and untrustworthy. It represents a degree of objective bias and subjective self interest of its provider. Data Governance is an important problem because individuals and organizations are relying data on business decisions. Traditionally, data assets are provided and stored by the custodian, which requires a trust on the custodian which could often fail. Trust backed by math is something that people have always wanted but never achieved.

As a proposal to the aforementioned problems, the team proposes a hybrid decentralized solution to encourage unbiased data creation and enable sustainable, incentivized growth model. After analyzing a large number of case studies platforms, Emogi will developes a platform with the following traits:

  • A business model that can generate sustainale profits at a low cost of data sourcing, storing and distribution;
  • A platform that has a high level of user engagement, driven by proper incentives for all users in the community;
  • High content data, whereby data must be self-selectively promoted and filtered.

Features & Highlights

  • Berminal - Berminal (Blockchain + Terminal) is a realtime blockchain and crypto news sharing platform. Sources cover 11 languages and over 300 cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, XRP, and IOST, along with live prices and technical indicators. Armed with a team of professional news correspondents, Berminal is using crypto news as a springboard to revolutionize the entire news industry. 
  • Bermi - Bermi is a short video sharing platform for the Latin American audience, where the utopia of a decentralized social network is slowly taking shape. With the EMOGI as an arbitrator, any contribution to the network is rewarded correspondingly. Bermi currently reaches over 10 million users, and millions more are actively sharing their videos each month.
  • Public - Earn, stake, and transact all with a mobile app.
  • Unstoppable - Millions of participants uncensored by governments and banks.
  • Convenient - Send money anywhere, near-instant, near free.

Token Utility & Use Cases

EMOGI is a secure digital currency that can be sent person to person over the internet. Transactions have very low fees and are completed nearly instantly with no banks or governments involved. With EMOGI token you are assured of:

  • Earning, staking, and transacting all within a mobile app
  • Millions of participants uncensored by governments and banks
  • Sending money anywhere, near-instant, near free

Partnership Overview

  • BlockVC - BlockVC systematically establish the investment philosophy of “the linkage between primary and secondary market” and create a proprietary crypto asset investment matrix covering seed investment, venture capital, private equity investment, project incubation and foundation restructuring.

  • Matrix Partners China - Matrix Partners China is affiliated with Matrix Partners in the United States, a firm with an exceptionally strong track record of success and long history in the industry.  

  • AlphaCoin Fund - AlphaCoin Fund is a Singapore-based fund focused on blockchain startups and crypo-asset investments. Leveraging its global presence and resources in blockchain industry, its mission is to provide venture capital, marketing and post-financing services to support sound blockchain startups around the world.

  • Nirvana Capital - Nirvana Capital is a San Francisco/Beijing based venture fund that focuses on blockchain/fintech investment and incubation of edging technologies and economic experiments. Its founding partners are also early supporters of Ethereum. To bring together ecosystems that revolutionize the social productions and labor relations with the communities underneath, Nirvana Capital provides end-to-end strong support to its portfolio projects, including advisory on strategies/operations and resources matching.

  • Huobi - Huobi (Chinese: 火币网; pinyin: Huǒbìwǎng) is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange. Founded in China, the company now has offices in Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and the United States. In August 2018 it became a publicly listed Hong Kong company. 

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