ECOMI (OMI) AR & Gaming - Rating and Details of ECOMI ICO (Token Sale) - Rating: Pass

ECOMI’s vision is to create the world’s best platform for digital collectibles and revolutionize the collectible industry giving users the freedom to interact and control their digital collectibles and data, via a user-friendly solution and marketplace.

Tech & Github 6/10
Team & Staff 7/10
Community TBA
Our Rating Pass

Team Members

David Yu


David is a serial entrepreneur who got his start in 1997 when he first established Games R Us Ltd. (NZ). He transformed Star Wars and Star Trek memorabilia, as well as various vintage toys and comics...

Daniel Crothers


Mikel Duffy


Joseph Janik

Head of hardware

Alfred Kahn

Head of Global Licensing

Arkit Vora

Secure Wallet Lead Developer

Nishanth Shankar

Full Stack Developer

Dhruv Dangi

Mobile Developer

Jeremy Su

Solidity Developer

Steven Connery

Solutions Architect

Rhys Skellern

Communications Manager

Fendi Thien

PR Coordinator

Oliver Finel

Community Manager

James Li

Licensing Manager

Douglas Hand

Art Director

Sean Liang

Sales Manager

Howard Lin

Customer Service

Benn Godenzi

ICO Strategy Advisor

Founder of MB Tech and Co Founder of the Interoperabiltiy Alliance Benn has lead ICO strategy for projects such as Aion, Icon, Wanchain, Quarkchain, Fantom, Origo, Gochain and many more. Benn has brought many top tier...

Andrew Lee

Community Strategy Advisor

Founding Editor-in-Chief of Web3journal. Advisor to several top blockchain projects including ChromaWay, Metadium, Coinsuper, Resistance and QuarkChain.

Jonty Kelt


Jonty is an investor in thirty early-stage companies out of his venture fund, Fantail Ventures and works at Silicon Valley based data and analytics firm Palantir Technologies. Previously, Jonty helped establish...

Hongbo Xu


Hongbo is a serial entrepreneur, and has more than 25 years of experience in the TMT (technology, media, and telecom) industry with extensive experiences in strategic planning, product development, marketing...

Michael Ou


Founder and CEO of CoolBitX, a hardware wallet manufacturer since 2014. Michael has headed the work-to-date on the ECOMI One R&D. As an advisor to ECOMI Michael will play a crucial role in the manufacturing and...

Jeff Lander


Jeff is a game technology leader with a strong background in creating custom systems, engines, and teams for game projects. Focused on high end PC and console titles with an emphasis on character interaction and...

Kam Punia


As TCG Manager, Kam Punia was pivotal in building Konami Northern Europe's TCG division helping is Yugioh become one of the most popular TCG's in several territories in both the hobby and mass market. Kam has been...

Ward Stirrat


Ward is the co-founder and CMO of an exchange and integrated payment gateway accepting 300+ cryptocurrencies.Ward also has owned & continues to operate several companies ranging from small boutique...

Paul Adams


Since embarking upon his technology commercialization career in the 1990s, Paul has worked with some of the world’s leading technology companies. He is renowned for his extensive understanding of intellectual property...

Ryan Donnelly


Ryan has over 10 years of corporate technology experience dealing with global companies such as eBay, Uber, AirBnB and Skyscanner. He specialises on scaling international start-up ventures within APAC and EMEA. Ryan's...

James Lu


James has over 20 years of Integrated circuitry & biometrics experience. Having advised the likes of Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo and Konica, he has a Masters in Science & Electrical Engineering (Digital Signal Processing)...

Rob Salkowitz


Rob Salkowitz is a consultant, author and educator specializing in the business of popular culture and the impact of new technology on business and society. A frequent speaker at pop culture events and media...

Dan Khomenko


Dan is a director of a large crypto consulting group "Platinum Listing", he is an exceptionally detailed, organized, and highly efficient business professional with long-standing and diverse experience throughout...

Tudor Clee


Tudor Clee is a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand. He has visited over 200 countries andterritories to expand his knowledge of geo politics and social development. In 2012 he created the...