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DIRT is a protocol for decentralized information curation that uses token staking to incentivize honesty. DIRT is not a Token Curated Registry (TCR). DIRT is a protocol to build TCRs.

Similar to Wikipedia, DIRT allows anyone to contribute information. DIRT maintains accuracy at scale because every contributor needs to deposit tokens to write data. If the data is correct, it is freely shared. If the data is incorrect, anyone can challenge the data and earn tokens for identifying these inaccurate facts. Our protocol and platform makes it economically irrational for misinformation to persist in a data set.

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Team Members

Wil Chung


Lead Ecommerce Engineer @ Pebble · Cofounder @ Noteleaf (YC'11) · First engineer @ Frogmetrics · MS @ JHU & BS @ UIUC

Mark Erdmann


Principal Engineer @ CBRE · Led iOS development @ The Hunt · Early engineer @ Docker, CrowdFlower · UCSB

Yoshio Goto


First Hire @ Tidbit · Engineer @ Radius · Cofounder @ GoGenie · BS @ London School of Economics, Peking University

Jane Park


Software Engineer @ Google · Computer Science @ Cornell

Yin Wu


Principal Engineer @ Microsoft · Cofounder @ Double Labs (Acquired by MSFT, YC'11) · Computer Science @ Stanford

Ricky Yean


Cofounder @ Upbeat and Crowdbooster (YC'10) · Stanford