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DeepCloud is building an AI-driven decentralized cloud computing platform for running decentralized applications — IoT and Web 3.0 DApps. DeepCloud AI will democratize the playing field for cloud infrastructure and open-up the market for resource provides and application developers to run and deploy their decentralized applications in a cost-e­ective manner. Like Golem, SONM, iExec, we are building a decentralized cloud platform, and betting on blockchain based cloud solution as the future for decentralized applications. Their core di­erentiator is the use of AI for doing the resource matching between the network resource providers and application developers. Further, with the extensive industry knowledge and expertise of building Enterprise solutions, their core team, brings to the table deep insights and know-how for Enterprise customers.

Problems & Solutions

While the cloud industry is already very mature with large players like AWS, Google Cloud and Azure, their cloud infrastructure is geared towards centralized applications where key resources are running in large centralized data centers. These solutions are not suitable for building decentralized peer-to-peer and IoT applications which have the requirement for computation resources running close to the edge devices for processing the growing volume of data generated at the edge, or a cost-e­ective, solutions for payment flow for micro-transactions executed automatically by the p2p IoT devices as they interact with each other and automate common tasks.

Similar problems exist for solutions involving complex multi-party integration across organizations for example in supply chains, government institutions, financial institutions. Current systems rely heavily on high cost intermediaries and proprietary interfaces which are very costly to build and maintain making it difficult for smaller players and companies to enter into market.

With DeepCould AI, a wide range of use cases can be addressed using its platform included:

  • Smart Cities: IoT and AI at edge scenarios for smart cities, so that local governments can focus on building the core infrastructure and rely on DeepCloud AI's resources close to edge for running and deploying their applications.

  • Supply Chain: Enterprises and shipping companies with complex supply chain tracking challenges can run and deploy their blockchain based applications on the DeepCloud AI fabric for tracking all the transactions with full audit trail, secure and tamper-proof.

  • TV Services Providers: Service providers like TV/Cable companies can rely on DeepCloud AI's decentralized services, such as local caching of media streams during football season or large audience events like the Olympics.

  • Decentralized AI Algorithm Learning: For IoT applications with security and data privacy concerns, by running Decentralized AI Algorithms close to the edge devices themselves, one can generate the compressed insights on DeepCloud AI resources. This provides a mechanism for IoT device consumer's to monetize their own data with all the transactions and encryption of the data and the algorithms via the blockchain.

Features & Highlights

  • DeepCloud AI relies on the Network Resource Providers and Application Marketplace providers for the services that it offers on the cloud. DeepCloud AI’s Core Platform controller manages the resources and has the AI Matching engine for matching the Network Resource Providers and the Application developers.

  • DeepCloud AI is based on Proof of Service (PoSe). Masternodes for each cluster schedule tasks between nodes in the same cluster and arrange tasks dependency and execution time between nodes. Master nodes works as the brain of the network. They have complete visibility into all resources in the network. And using DeepCloud AI’s AI Matching Engine the controller, dynamically configures and assigns the resources based on real-time analysis. Any consensus in the network would be through master nodes (i.e. Measuring network states, network tra‘c balance). If any network cluster requires additional resources, the allocations would be handled through consensus between master nodes.

  • A Matchmaking algorithm is a necessity for any distributed system, as decentralized applications require many resources close to the source. DeepCloud AI’s AI Matching algorithm is based on several parameters including information from network user requests, location of usage, network contributors’ states in master nodes. Each masternode will classify network contributors into clusters based on services. Every request will be handled based on the service, network states, and consensus between masternodes.

  • AI Driven Optimization: A state-of-art matchmaking algorithm to allocate resources for computation requests in the most optimal way. Decentralized applications require resources close to the source. Our matching algorithm is based on several parameters including information from network user requests, location of usage, and network contributors’ states in master nodes.

  • Integrated Marketplace: Linked to the decentralized resources on our platform to provide optimal performance.

  • Security: To address the security needs for Enterprise customers, DeepCloud AI is building a secure layer around Intel’s SGX technology and will deploy real-time monitoring of the platform to prevent fraud.

  • Blockchain Based: Using the blockchain to decentralize control and increase trust, DeepCloud is blockchain agnostic with goal to enable high throughput of transactions and low transaction costs.

Token Utility & Use Cases

DEEP Token are used for all transaction payments. DEEP token is ERC20 compliant Utility token. Network Resource Providers and Application Marketplace Providers earn DEEP tokens for the resources they provide on the DeepCloud AI Platform. Block Miners generate new DEEP tokens based on validation tasks they are given by the DeepCloud AI Platform for validating new block transactions. And, Decentralized Application Developers, use DEEP tokens for consuming the resources to run their applications on DeepCloud AI.

There are several usages of DEEP tokens on DeepCloud AI’s platform:

  • Access to the DeepCloud AI’s network system
  • Utilize premium features for High-End Users
  • Payment means by Network Users and Application Developers
  • Payment method to Network Resource Providers and Application Marketplace Providers

Roadmap & Updates

  • 2018
    • Q1 Market Study - Concept Formation
    • Q2 Public Whitepaper - Concept Formation
    • Q3 Huron Release - Private MVP, DeepTransfer
    • Q4 Tahoe Release - Public MVP - IoT, dApps, DeepTransfer Premium
  • 2019
    • Q1 Salton Release - Enterprise MVP, DeepChain Testnet MVP
    • Q2 Erie Release - Application Marketplace, DeepProperty
    • Q3 Yellowstone Release - Scalable Enterprise
    • Q4 Falcon Release - DeepChain Mainnet Developer Community, Ecosystem
  • 2020
    • Q1 Wheeler Release - Foundation Formation, DeepChain Developer Tools
    • Q2 Klamath Release - Global Enterprises
    • Q3 Beaver Release - DeepChain Analytics
    • Q4 Grenada Release - DeepChain Fraud Prevention Engine

Partnership Overview

  • PlayBox Technology - PlayBox Technology UK Ltd is part of the PlayBox Group of Companies - international communications and information-technology companies serving the broadcast and corporate sectors in more than 120 countries. PlayBox Technology is dedicated to the research, design, development and provision of the best products, systems, solutions and services. Over 18,000 TV and branding channels are powered by PlayBox Technology, broadcast solutions. Users include national and international broadcasters, start-up TV channels, webcasters, DVB/ATSC TV channels, interactive TV and music channels, film channels, remote TV channels and disaster recovery channels.

  • World Bank Group - With 189 member countries, staff from more than 170 countries, and offices in over 130 locations, the World Bank Group is a unique global partnership: five institutions working for sustainable solutions that reduce poverty and build shared prosperity in developing countries.

  • Eurochannel - Eurochannel is the award winning worldwide leading European cinema TV channel. Eurochannel was originally created by Abril Group (TVA) in Brazil in 1994, then released by Direct TV to cover all the Brazilian territory. The channel aimed at showing outside the European territory the diversity of the European culture. Since the beginning, it proposed an important part of cinema in its programming, completed by series, music, travels, arts and fashion.

  • Totalplay - Totalplay (Totalplay Telecomunicaciones, SA de CV) is a company that has its headquarters in Mexico City , offering services such as subscription television, Internet , fixed telephony and mobile telephony (via Softphone) for home, through fiber optics. It is a Mexican telecommunications company , which as of November 2014 was acquired in its entirety by Grupo Salinas, offers a wide variety of Triple and Double Play services over a fiber optic network administered directly to the home ( FTTH ). It started trial operations in September 2010 and was commercially launched in May 2011. It provides services in the main cities of Mexico.

  • delaPlex - delaPlex is a global software development and business solutions provider helping companies drive growth, revenue and marketplace value. Our innovative business methodology has built an unmatched reputation of bringing an alliance of collaborative industry experts, across industries and skillsets, to clients anywhere around the world. delaPlex offers a full range of services backed by a complete bench of the industry’s best talent intentionally retained with skillsets to meet your immediate needs. Whether you need a specific service or a fully dedicated team to manage all your IT needs, we work with you to provide the best mix of skillsets to deliver amazing results.

  • UNC Charlotte - The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is a public research university in Charlotte, North Carolina. UNC Charlotte offers 23 doctoral, 64 master's, and 140 bachelor's degree programs through nine colleges: the College of Arts + Architecture, the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, the Belk College of Business, the College of Computing and Informatics, the Cato College of Education, the William States Lee College of Engineering, the College of Health and Human Services, the Honors College, and the University College.

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  • Azteca América - Azteca América (Spanish pronunciation: [asˈteka], sometimes shortened to Azteca) is an American Spanish-language free-to-air television network that is owned by HC2 Holdings, which acquired the network from the Azteca International Corporation subsidiary of TV Azteca.Headquartered in the Los Angeles suburb of Glendale, California, the network's programming is aimed at the Hispanic and Latin American communities in the United States and has access to programming from TV Azteca's three television national networks in Mexico, including a library with over 200,000 hours of original programming and news content from local bureaus in 32 Mexican states. Its programming consists of a mix of telenovelas, Liga MX matches, sports, news programming, and reality and variety series.

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