Dars (DRS) Blockchain - Rating and Details of Dars ICO (Token Sale) - Rating: Not Rated

DARS is blockchain-based platform where users can create decentralized apps for referral marketing.

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Important Information

  • Presale Bonus up to 20%


Q3 2017

  • DARS Platform is formalized as an idea
  • Preparatory period

Q4 2017

  • Team formation

Q1 2018

  • Market analysis
  • Attraction advisors
  • Creature concepts the project

Q2 2018

  • Presentation and private-sale for early investor



Q3 2018

  • Training to token distribution and creating a marketing strategy

Q4 2018

  • Start Pre-sale
  • Alpha version development prototype platform DARS

Q1 2019

  • Start Public Sale


Q2 2019

  • Running the DARS test network with basic functionality

Q3 2019

  • Completion of Public Sale
  • Creation of the Association decentralized companies

Q4 2019

  • Running mainnet DARS
  • Start swap and Unlock tokens

Q1 - Q2 2020

  • DARS Educational Platform
  • Launch of information media
  • Opportunity implementation create own tokens



Q3 - Q4 2020

  • The implementation of the exchange DARS
  • Implementation of the functional MLM integration DARS functional in traditional businesses
  • Implementing analytics with using big data

Q1 2021

  • Implementation of opportunities carrying out VR and AR presentations



Q2 2021

  • Adding AI assistant for analyzing big data



Team Members


The Company Founder, CEO

A successful entrepreneur, he has been in Network business since 1999. He is a CEO leader of 4 Network Marketing Companies. He has started up a few dynamically developing Network Marketing companies, such as BCG.to,...


The Company Founder, System Administration Director

19 years of an active participation in the software production industry, 12 of which he has been directly involved in software development. For 3 years he has combined software development with business...


The Company Founder, Operational director

Elena is greatly experienced in building of business processes from scratch for companies with a number of staff up to 500 persons. Has working experience in startups, full cycle project maintenance from the...


The Company Founder, Development Director

Over the last 13 years he has being working in software development. The first 5 years of his working experience were dedicated to applied software development. Since 2009 and up to this moment he has been supervising...


The Company Founder, Marketing Director

He has vast working experience in PR field and has carried out successful negotiations with big scale US companies at top management level. Many years of experience in conception development in entertainment sphere,...


The Company Founder, Development Director

Since his sophomore year of university he has been participating in software development for Energy Supply Companies. 15 years of creation and development of Sale, Marketing, Management and Analytics Departments for...


Team Lead Project Manager

TL Project Manager in an MLM solution development company. Over the last 3 years more than 50 projects of different scopes with total income of more than $12 million have been successfully launched at his Project...