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Cubiex aims to connect more than 400m players worldwide on a decentralized blockchain powered social network and crypto league for eSports. Users can find friends, connect with them, create teams and participate in our unique Crypto Battle League. With features such as tokenized P2P matchmaking between single players or teams, every gamer now can generate income by placing tokens directly against another opponent and fight for the prize pool. Additional features within the social network such as content creation and livestreaming will be monetized through a unique upvoting system. Cubiex is the first social network of its kind that enables gamers, content creators, and passive members to interact with each other and use our instant messaging chat app to stay in touch and plan their gaming activities.

Problems & Solutions

  • The Problem: Social Connectivity and Incentives:
    • There are more than 400 million gamers in the world, but only a few teams generate income from their eSports activities. Amateur gamers have no way of monetizing their gaming experience or clear mediums to be a part of the professional eSports scene. Cubiex solves this issue, being the first decentralized social network tailored to the needs of gamers.
  • The Solution: The first tokenized Global Social Network and Crypto League for eSports
    • A unique platform that enables gamers to find friends, connect with them, create teams and participate in peer-to-peer matchmaking matches over tokens. Creating digital content, such as articles, blogs, and videos, is rewarded with cryptocurrency. With additional services such as livestreaming and virtual in-game items trading, Cubiex provides the most significant range of services in the market.

Features & Highlights

  • Social connectivity & careers: Find Friends, connect with them, create Digital Content and get rewarded
    • On Cubiex, gamers can search for similar minded eSports enthusiasts and connect with them. Users can search by geographic area, interests, skill level which allows players to create and find teams in their vicinity. An instant messaging app, which allows for group chats, will help promote interactivity between users.
  • CUBIEX: Supported Games
    • The crypto battle challenger will feature the following games: Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, Dota 2 and Fortnite initially. Cubiex will deliver a web-based platform and a desktop client of the crypto battle challenger. The first game to be integrated into the crypto battle challenger will be CS:GO, allowing 50 million gamers to compete for tokens.
  • Live streaming: Share your Gaming Activities directly via Live Streaming to your Friends
    • Live streaming has become a global phenomenon and a powerful tool for social influencers to directly interact with their audience. Create your follower base by connecting with friends and being able to subscribe. Make a significant impact on the eSports world by sharing your gaming activities. As a live streamer, you may receive Cubiex Power through your audience, and you can create a pot and give something back to your community by rewarding your viewers.

Token Utility & Use Cases

Cubiex will be blockchain agnostic to guarantee best possible services to users. In order to use the services of the Cubiex ecosystem, without running into any scalability issues with the ETH blockchain, Cubiex has a dual token model. While the ERC20 CBIX token grants access to the Cubiex ecosystem, within the Cubiex ecosystem all transactions are handled by the Cubiex POWER token off chain.

  • Cubiex ERC20 Tokens are utility tokens that grant users access to the Cubiex POWER loyality points system. Cubiex POWER is the internal platform token that handles all transactions offchain and has a conversation rate of 1:1. There can only be as many Cubiex Power as there are Cubiex ERC20 tokens, so Cubiex Power is not mintable, neither is Cubiex ERC20.

  • Users of the Cubiex Platform can initially earn Cubiex POWER through content creation on their personal timeline. They will also be eligible to directly purchase Cubiex ERC20 tokens via a fiat gateway to create massdoption and an easy user-onboarding procedure to receive their Cubex POWER.

  • Cubiex POWER tokens can be used for donations to their favorite livestreamers on Cubiex, they can be used to place tokens directly in P2P Matchmakings via their Crypto Battle Challenger against another gamer and then fight over the prizepool. Cubiex POWER can also be used to purchase virtual ingame items / digital collectibles.

Roadmap & Updates

  • Q2 2017
    • Birth of Cubiex
  • Q3 2017
    • Concept Creation
  • Q4 2017
    • Layout & Design
  • Q1 2018
    • Legal Preparations
  • Q2 2018
    • MVP Alpha 1.0 Development
  • Q3 2018
    • Private Seed
    • ICO Legal Preparations
  • Q4 2018
    • MVP Alpha 1.0 Private Testnet
  • Q1 2019
    • Private Sales
    • Equity Partners
  • Q2 2019
    • Private Sales
    • Equity Partners
  • Q3 2019
    • Initial Exchange Offering
  • Q4 2019
    • Cubiex V 1.0 Public Release
  • Q1 2020
    • Cubiex Market Integration
  • Q2 2020
    • 100.000 Users
  • Q3 2020
    • Mobile App Public Release
  • Q4 2020
    • 250.000 Users
  • Q1 2021
    • Asian Expansion
  • Q2 2021
    • 500.000 Users

Team Members

  • Pierre Chahine, Founder & CEO, Pierre is a private banker and entrepreneur with a degree in finance from Genoakademie in Hannover. He has also been an esports pro-series player and manager in Counter-Strike 1.6 with 15 years of experience. Linkedin.

  • Marc Schroetel, Chief Technical Officer, Being in the IT industry for 20 years, Marc is a developer and gamer at heart. Having gathered years of experience in software architecture and system design, he now leads the development of the cubiex eco system. Linkedin.

  • Tano Lopez, Head of Communications, Tano is a double major with Bachelors in Communications and Marketing, serial entrepeneur and Google Ambassador. Founder & CEO of fleed international as well as member of the european union co-working program. Linkedin.

  • Guillermo G. Tapia, Co-Founder & COO, Guillermo Gomez Tapia has been an angel investor for the past 10 years. With many succesful investments into startup companies and cryptocurrency companies he became a successfull ICO and blockchain analyst. Linkedin.

  • Sascha Walther, ICO & Blockchain Strategy, Sascha is an ICO & cryptocurrency market expert with a breadth of experience in the field including investing, analyzing, and advising ICOs. He has spent many years as a risk manager before he found his passion for the blockchain world. Linkedin.

  • Ruben Guiterrez, Head of Esports, Ruben is the CEO of The Gamer Mundodeportivo - one of the largest spanish online esports news portals. With more than 40 millon total visits per month mundodeportivo is #3 in the spanish online market. Linkedin.

  • Axel Bergqvist, Co-Founder & Head of Design, Axel is a professional designer based in Sweden with years of experience in the esports and gaming industry. He has worked for major gaming related websites and is considered as one of the best in his area. Linkedin.

  • Joel Witzke, Blockchain Engineer, Joel is a Bachelor in IT engineering with 10 years in experience of backend development. Currently, he is completing his masters thesis about the Ethereum network. He is in charge of smart contract development and scaling. Linkedin.

  • Ruben Guiterrez, Head of Esports, Ruben is the CEO of The Gamer Mundodeportivo - one of the largest spanish online esports news portals. With more than 40 millon total visits per month mundodeportivo is #3 in the spanish online market. Linkedin.

  • Julian Chahine, Developer, Julian is a passionate developer with more than 15 years experience in front-end coding. He mastered programing languages like html, css, jquery and java and worked with many security companies in germany. Linkedin.

  • Michael Kim, Gaming Advisor, Michael has more than 18 years of work experience multinational in game and IT companies like EA, Microsoft, Blizzard, Wargaming and Havok. Advisor of Theabyss, Playkey. Linkedin.

  • Tugay Keskin, Gaming Advisor, EX Pro-Series Player for Snogard Dragons and internationally well recognized mousesports clam. Pro-Series Player and Team-Captain for Space Soldiers, Top 20 CSGO Teams World wide. Linkedin.

  • Berkant Can, Gaming Advisor, Berkant Cen is a famous eSports influencer from Turkey with an combined outreach of more then 500k Gamers. He and unlost TV hold the exklusive streaming rights for the turkish Blast Pro Series.

  • Kyle Baron, Financial Advisor, Kyle is the Managing Partner of BCW Group, a strategy and management consulting firm in the DLT space focused on creating a frictionless digital payments ecosystem. Linkedin.

  • Dwight Van Diem, Financial Advisor, Dwight is an avid enthusiast of distributed ledger technologies and their potential to create new ecosystems and attain widespread market adoption. Linkedin.

  • John Paul Thorbjornsen, Blockchain Advisor, Technology enthusiast, aeronautical engineering, former Air Force pilot, early Bitcoin adopter, Ethereum ambassador. Now helping accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies globally. Linkedin.

  • Josef Salcman, Blockchain Advisor, Josef is a technology-driven business developer since 12 years. Experienced in the DLT investment space and co-founder of, the biggest Spanish speaking crypto-network. Linkedin.

  • Jonas Schmid, Financial Advisor, Jonas holds degrees in finance, law and economics. With work experience at McKinsey and Pictet Jonas joined the market leading finance advisory firm pro ressource in Zurich, CH. Linkedin.

Partnership Overview

  • BCW Group - BCW Group is a global strategy & management consulting firm with a variety of high-profile corporate clients focused on making blockchain use cases come to life.

  • MasterNode Ventures - MasterNode Ventures (MNV) consists of a full-stack Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Advisory Service and Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Incubator. MNV was founded in December 2017 by Chris McLoughlin, Kyle Hornberg and JP Thor after the successful CanYaCoin (CAN) ICO; raising approximately $15m AUD. The experience, connections, strategies and knowledge that was gained from conducting Australia's 2nd most successful ICO has been captured in MasterNode Ventures.

  • Latitude - Latitude helps start up companies connect with quality professional services. Navigating through the sea of providers out there is a dangerous task, so we act as a central hub for new companies, enabling them to focus on building their vision.

  • SquareBlock Capital - SquareBlock Capital is an investment group focused exclusively on projects related to blockchain tech, digital currency, and crypto assets.

  • WeStart - Safe, Simple, Secure KYC for Token Generation Events.

  • Jarbly - Jarbly LLC was a vision created by Founder and CEO Jaret Grossman who is well known for his personal development content. As a content creator who built a following of over 100,000 YouTube subscribers on his personal channel, he knew he wanted to build an empire that stood for some core values and principles he preached: integrity, passion, and a precision to building novel ideas that makes everybody say "Wow! That's an incredible idea and incredible execution". Hence, Jarbly was found. A brand where Jaret could create the ideas he continually wants to follow through on and allow a vessel to build others who have great ideas as well, and partner together on them.

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