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What is SmartRiyal?
The smartriyal platform includes several subprojects with a shared goal: revolutionizing the use of AI and technology in the modern world. Its powerful AI-powered interface provides easy-to-implement, cost-efficient solutions for a variety of industries – from agriculture to biology through data analytics and education all the way to healthcare and gene therapy. The innovative, cutting-edge technology behind the platform represents a comprehensive solution to provide people with the highest standard of life with the help of Big Data.

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Team Members

Bander Al’Otebi

Chief Operation Officer

Dr. Alexander Ressos

Chief Legal Officer

Fahad Khan

Advisory CTO

Talal Khan

Director Of Business Developement

Majdi Abdulaziz

Chief Strategy Officer

Nasser Al Harathy

Chief of Logistic and partners relation

Dan Litwak

Senior Security Advisor

Mohammad Abusitta

Blockchain Engineer

Saleh Al Ansari

General Advisor

Metallag Youcef

Media Advisor

Andrey Romanov

Marketing Specialist

Maxim Kovalchuk

Project Manager

Eugene Dyatlov

Game Development Advisor

Yuen Wong

Business Development Advisor

Alfred LEE

Business Development Advisor

Vijayta Bhatt

Fullstack Developer

Vishal Waman

Project Lead