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Contents Protocol is a decentralized premium content exchange protocol on which Content Provider, Platform, and User can sustainably coexist and cooperate.

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Team Members

Taehoon Park

Co-CEO of Contents Protocol

CEO & Co-founder of Watcha

Alex Jihyun Won

Co-CEO of Contents Protocol

COO & Co-founder of Watcha

Teddy Zee

Head of Content Relations, Advisor

Teddy Lee

CTO & Co-founder

Buzz Jung

Lead Backend Engineer

James Lee

Head of CP Business

Matthew Yun

Lead Machine Learning R&D

Tim Lee

Machine Learning R&D, Co-founder

Chloe Chai

Global Business Developer

Michelle Jo

Global Business Developer

Zoe Kim

Community Manager

Liz Yoo

Lead Marketer

Jason Kim

Lead Business Developer

Jake Kim

R&D Engineer

Paul Keam

R&D Engineer

Reid Jo

Infrastructure Engineer

John Do

Backend Engineer

Gray Shin

Backend Engineer

Pene Higashihara

Global Business Developer

Lynn Jeon

Global Business Developer

Hugh Song

Mobile Developer

Jade Seo

Mobile Developer

Elaine Shin

Mobile Developer

Beejay Jung

Web Developer

Bran Kim

Web Developer

Dora Seo

Database Manager

Ben Park

UX Designer / Frontend Engineer

Daisy Kim

PM Associate

Luke Moon

Contents Manager

Thelma Kim

Contents Manager

Kevin Choi

Business Developer

Lucy Kim


Nick Han


Dave Cho

Community Manager

Green Kim

Community Manager

Esther Jang

HR Manager

Simon Seojoon Kim


CEO of Hashed Venture Partner at SoftBank Ventures Former Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder of KnowRe POSTECH Computer Science and Engineering

Prabhakar Reddy


Investor at Accel Partners Former CEO & Co-Founder of nFusion and CEO of Dramatize (Both acquired by BookMyShow, an online video streaming platform that scaled into the top 100 websites in the world)

Shuan Djie


Co-founder of DigixGlobal Co-founding DigixGlobal, the first Ethereum DAPP Founder of Ethereum Singapore Meetup Group Singapore Management Univ. Business Management

Ryan Sungho Kim


CAO of Hashed Former Co-Founder of Looket,Inc. KAIST Electrical Engineering

Jun Kim


Partner of Kakao Ventures Serial Entrepreneur Former Manager at CJ Holdings, SK Communications Seoul National Univ.Nuclear Engineering

Junghee Cho


Partner at Shin&Kim (Sejong) law firm Attorney at law (Blockchain Specialist) Columbia Univ.School of Law(LL.M.)