Cocos BCX (TBA) Blockchain Gaming - Rating and Details of Cocos BCX ICO (Token Sale) - Rating: Pass

Cocos-BCX is an an easy-to-use development and operating infrastructure for game developers, many of whom are not familiar with decentralized applications or the economic mechanisms of blockchain applications. Cocos-BCX will help developers offer better experiences using various software architectures and economic incentives.

In the long-term, the Cocos-BCX Platform may help transform the business model of gaming from fee-based to asset-based. Games developed using Cocos-BCX many improve the overall gaming industry value proposition when stakeholders align to achieve the common objective of digital asset appreciation vs. using pay to play models.

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Team Members

Haozhi Chen


Haozhi is a serial Internet entrepreneur of 20 years in China, with extensive experience in global gaming and developer community since 2009. He founded Chukong Technology, a leading Chinese game developer and publisher with operations in US, Japan and Korea.

Richard Yang


Richard has 14 years of experience in technology entrepreneurship and investment. He co-founded a leading live streaming platform in China in 2005 that later merged with a Chinese listed company with a combined market capitalization of USD 5 billion.

Kevin Yin

Chief Technology Advisor

K. Yin is a seasoned blockchain system and game developer. He was an award winner of National Olympiad in Informatics, and a guest advisor to regional ACM contests.

Jane Jin

Director of Ecosystem

J. Jin has over 20 years of experience in developer community operation and strategic partnership. She runs the online developer community CocoaChina and CVP.

James Jeon

Co-Director of Korea Operations

James is a seasoned executive in gaming before co-heading Cocos-BCX’s Korean operations. Previously, he established the Korean operation of Chukong Technology, led its expansion to an annual revenue of USD 30 million, and completed its IPO.

Frederick Lim

Co-Director of Korea Operations

Frederick has 20 years of experience in investments, management and consulting. He previously served as Co-CEO at Chukong Korea, and was heavily involved in the commercialization and marketing of Cocos2d-x game engine and various mobile games.

Hirokuni Fujita

Advisor for Japanese Market

H. Fujita has been active in the technology startup and gaming community in Japan for 10 years. Mr. Fujita is the founder of a game company, and worked with a leading Chinese game publisher as its Chief Representative in Japan.

Jason Slack-Moehrle

Community Evangelist

Jason is the Community Evangelist for Cocos-BCX and also the Cocos2d-x gaming community. Jason started programming when he was 8 on a Commodore-64 and fell in love. When he is not spreading the word and helping to grow the community Jason enjoys math, finance, c++ and perfecting his Chinese.

Qinzhou Wang

Director of Marketing

Qinzhou joined the gaming industry in 2009, working on various positions in marketing at Zhongguancun Online (, Han Wei Xin Heng (the organizer of ChinaJoy) and Chukong Technology.

Zhe Wang


CEO of Xiamen Yaji Software and Founder of Cocos2d-x game engine. Since its inception in 2011, Cocos2d-x has 1.1 million registered developers in 200 countries and regions.

Edith Yeung


Edith is the Head of 500 Startups Greater China and leads the blockchain accelerator program. She is selected by Inc's Magazine as one of the Silicon Valley investors you must know.

Chris McCann


Chris is an advisor for Nervos, HTC Exodus, Nebulas, and Dekrypt Capital, among others. He is an early investor in 0x, Solana, Republic Protocol, Libra Credit, and more. He created Crypto Weekly, the largest crypto publication in the SF Bay Area.