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Chainspace is a distributed ledger platform for high-integrity and transparent processing of transactions within a decentralized system. Unlike application such as Bitcoin for a currency, or certificate transparency for certificate verification, Chainspace offers extensibility though smart contracts, like Ethereum. However, users expose to Chainspace enough information about contracts and transaction semantics, to provide higher scalability through sharding across infrastructure nodes: our modest testbed of 60 cores achieves 350 transactions per second, as compared with a peak rate of less than 7 transactions per second for Bitcoin over 6K full nodes. Etherium currently processes 4 transactions per second, out of theoretical maximum of 25. Furthermore, our platform is agnostic as to the smart contract language, or identity infrastructure, and supports privacy features through modern zero-knowledge techniques .

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Team Members

Dave Hrycyszyn


In a 20 year career, Dave has successfully delivered hundreds of software systems. From startups to the world's largest organizations, he's scaled systems to tens of millions of users...

George Danezis


George is the former head of the Information Security Research Group at UCL. He co-designed and prototyped RsCoin, an experimental scalable cryptocurrency, and has a list of publications longer than a Leonard Cohen song.

Ramsey Khoury


A successful serial entrepreneur, Ramsey provides our business backbone. Previously, Ramsey founded, built up, and took a 60-person software consultancy through to a final sale.

Alberto Sonnino

Co-founder, Researcher

Alberto's research interests include privacy enhancing technologies, distributed ledgers, and secure enclave computations. He is also currently a doctoral researcher at UCL.

Andy Bennett


Andy is in charge of Brand & Product Design. Systematising UI component patterns for distributed apps and designing prototype applications.

Jeremy Letang


Jeremy is the sort of coder who implements RAFT distributed consensus in Rust as a personal challenge, and whose Github repos have descriptions like "C++ reflection framework (for fun)".

Lola Oyelayo

Product Strategy

Lola is a product strategist who specialises in figuring out what new tech is actually useful for. She's in charge of research, prototyping, and business strategy to find what's useful ...

Mustafa Al-Bassam

Co-Founder, Researcher

Mustafa is a researcher in computer security, scalable blockchain technologies and their applications. He made the Forbes 30 Under 30 in Techlist for 2016. He is currently a doctoral researcher in computer security...

Penny Andrews


Penny knows how to get teams working together. She has previously worked with organisations ranging from computer security and chat startups to major consumer brands and government organisations.

Shehar Bano

Co-Founder, Researcher

Bano is an expert on networking and distributed systems, with a PhD from Cambridge University, and a post-doctoral researcher at UCL. She is a member of IC3, the Centre for Blockchain Technologies ...

Stuart Chinery


Stuart scaled a chat app to tens of millions of users. He builds developer-facing prototypes across multiple platforms.

Ben Laurie


A founder of the Apache Software Foundation, Ben wrote the SSL implementation in Apache HTTP server. He's also originator of Certificate Transparency ...

Blaine Cook


Blaine was the original technical director at Twitter. He's co-author of the OAuth (v1) protocol (i.e. "Log in with Facebook", "Log in with Google"), as well as the Webfinger protocol ...

Bryan Ford


Bryan Ford leads the Decentralized and Distributed Systems (DEDIS) lab at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. He's one of the main brains behind OmniLedger,a sharded cryptocurrency. He also writes on Liquid Democracy ...

Klaus Kursawe


Klaus is an expert security consultant on critical infrastructure, including smart devices and energy grids across the globe. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of Byzantine distributed consensus and distributed trust ...