Blockcloud (BLOC) Blockchain - Rating and Details of Blockcloud ICO (Token Sale) - Rating: Pass

Blockcloud is a “universal overlay”: Blockcloud can run over anything, including IP. Thus Blockcloud’s advantages in service distribution, application-friendly communication and naming, robust security, mobility and broadcast can be realized incrementally and relatively painlessly.

  • The contribution of this paper is as follows:
    • Blockcloud, a new service-centric blockchain architecture to systematically address mobility, scalability, trust, security, fairness and incentive problems of IoT.
    • They design proof-of-service consensus for reliable verification of IoT services.
    • They develop CoDAG for fast recording of IoT transactions.
    • They devise TCDA for fair pricing and matching of services.
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Important Information

  • BLOC will be unlocked immediately after distribution. This means it will be tradeable on exchanges after the public sale.
  • ETH was pegged around $450. Big bonus for seed & private round.
  • Seed round: $2 million equivalent BTC/ETH. 1 BLOC = $0.005, a total of 400 million BLOC are selling, 20% on total. First release 20% 6 months after exchange listed, then release 20% every 2 months, finish releasing in 8 months, 14 months locking period in total.
  • Private sale: 20% of tokens will be released before exchange listing. Two months after the exchange listing, 10% of tokens will be released every month. Release of Tokens to be completed in 8 months. 1 BLOC = 0.008 USD. Hardcap for private sale is 12,000,000 USD.