Bidesk Exchange (BDK) Exchange - ICO Review, Rating and Details of Bidesk Exchange ICO (Token Sale) - Rating: All In

Bidesk exchange is a digital asset trading platform that has been created to provide a secure and safe environment for trading high quality tokens and coins whilst immersing users in a first class experience. We ensure this experience is possible for all types of users; from beginners buying their first cryptocurrency, to professional traders and hedge funds, by utilizing our advanced matching engine, 24/7 customer support, and high-grade financial support services which are always on hand to help.

Features & Highlights

  • World-class customer support with a multi-lingual team. Bidesk will provide support to all clients around the world with live chat functionalities powered by vendors such as Zendesk ( Both our help desk and support teams will have to abide by strict service level agreements, ensuring any issues are solved quickly and competently.
  • IEO 'Initial Exchange Offering' platform: New projects will be selected to utilize our platform. They will receive fair and transparent treatment throughout the entirety of their relationship with Bidesk, as we conduct the process of the IEO, and the later listing of their token for it to be traded.
  • Risk control systems: When users undertake a high risk action, e.g. placing an order that is extremely far off the current market price, a warning message will be shown. This is to lower the chances of losses due to errors or misunderstandings.
  • Multi-device coverage: We will support multiple devices including browsers from desktop (Windows) and mobile devices such as Android and iOS. We will also provide an easy to use API for more experienced users.

Token Allocation

"Public Sale","Seed Sale","Private Sale","Team","Foundation","Ecosystem","Incentives" {"name": "Public Sale","value": 2},{"name": "Seed Sale","value": 18},{"name": "Private Sale","value": 30},{"name": "Team","value": 10},{"name": "Foundation","value": 20},{"name": "Ecosystem","value": 10},{"name": "Incentives","value": 10}

Token Utility & Use Cases

The Bidesk native token 'BDK' is promoted by our platform. The total supply is 100 million which will never be increased. BDK token is a decentralized blockchain digital asset issued by Ethereum, based on the ERC20 standard token of Ethereum blockchain. Holders of the BDK token will enjoy multiple benefits and privileges.

BDK will serve as an important medium of exchange for the entire Bidesk ecosystem. The usage scenarios of BDK will continue to evolve with the development of Bidesk’s business and functions. BDK's specific usage scenarios are, but not limited to, the following:

  • Allocation in IEO’s
    • Holders of the BDK token will enjoy prioritized preemptive rights on, and entitlement to participate in special allocations, of upcoming IEOs on Bidesk platform. Allocation for the IEO’s which are hosted on Bidesk exchange will be exclusively allocated to Bidesk token holders, this allocation amount will be dependent on the amount of BDK tokens any single user holds, sorted via an implement snapshot holding mechanism.
    • All IEO transactions will be executed using BDK.
  • Discount in Trading Fee
    • Bidesk token holders will receive trading discounts as one of the benefits of being a BDK token holder.
    • Reduced transaction fees for trading between different cryptocurrencies. BDK can be used to cover service fees when executing transactions by our users.
    • If users utilize BDK as the payment method for transaction fees, which are calculated in relation to each trade executed, they can become eligible for discounts which range from 10% - 50% in relation to the spot rate of the BDK token.
  • Airdrop Reward
    • Bidesk token holders can expect to receive airdrops from projects cooperating with Bidesk and will be one of the privileges given to BDK token holders who enjoy our platform. The amount awarded will be proportional to the amount of tokens an individual holds divided by the total amount of Bidesk currently on the exchange at the time the snapshot is taken. Holders of the Bidesk token may also be eligible for extra rewards by participating in promotional events and activities such as trading events, social media campaigns, etc. Details of such events will be announced via our social media platforms.

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