Atonomi (ATMI) Blockchain - Rating and Details of Atonomi ICO (Token Sale) - Rating: Not Rated

The Atonomi ICO provides a new security protocol and infrastructure for billions of IoT devices to maintain trusted interoperability for both data and commerce. The underlying IoT security technology of the protocol, developed by parent company CENTRI Technology, is currently deployed by tech companies including ArmFlextronics and Intel for use with their products. The Atonomi infrastructure will include four pillars that are indispensable to establishing a truly secure and scalable ecosystem:

  1. Trusted immutable identity of devices through the device identity registration service.
  2. Reputation protocol to incentivize and enable Atonomi and decentralized third-party auditors to build systems that detect and remove bad device actors.
  3. Tokenized economy that includes registration and activation of devices, facilitation of a reputation-scoring ecosystem among third-party auditors and transaction validation services.
  4. Fully extensible architecture designed to serve as the base for vertical IoT security applications.
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