Ankr Network (TBA) Blockchain - ICO Review, Rating and Details of Ankr Network ICO (Token Sale) - Rating: Pass

Ankr Blockchain is a revolutionary multi-chain and useful-work based blockchain with native authenticated data feed. Ankr Blockchain provides an innovative solution to the following problems:

  • Proof of Useful Work (PoUW) allows for a self-sustainable blockchain framework with the potential to unlock idle computing power around the world, forming a decentralized super-CPU.
  • Native authenticated data feed with standardized API enables simple real-world business adoption.
  • Multi-chain Plasma implementation allows different applications to handle application-specific smart contracts on individual child chains, preventing transactions from overloading the PoUW-based main chain.

Ankr strives to build a resource-efficient blockchain framework that truly enables decentralized cloud computing and provides user-friendly infrastructure for business applications. Collaborating with industry partners, Ankr Network will also propose and contribute to several example child chains that address distinct business scenarios, including real estate, financial products, automobile, art collection, wine, and others.

Ankr will unlock new potentials with the following innovations:

  • Standardized APIs for connecting to existing business-ready Internet solutions.
  • Speed and scalability from a novel blockchain architecture.
  • Security and confidentiality enabled by trusted hardware.
  • Environmentally efficient mining and sharing of computing resources.
  • Reliable native oracle service.

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