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ALLIVE (ALV) Heathcare - ICO Review, Rating and Details of ALLIVE ICO (Token Sale) - Rating: Gamble

ALLIVE is an intelligent healthcare ecosystem based on blockchain technology. It is comprised of three modules: Olife builds a self-perfecting pro le of individual’s health data, Olivia acts as an arti cial intelligent general doctor, and Oleaf creates a comprehensive healthcare service system. In ALLIVE, users have complete control over their own health data, which can be analyzed by the AI doctor to create personalized, full-process healthcare management. Meanwhile, the ALV token economy can also incentivize all participants to contribute to the healthcare ecosystem in their own way, thus truly achieving precise equilibrium of supply and demand of medical resources in a decentralized, immutable, and intelligent healthcare ecosystem on the blockchain.

Problems & Solutions

Healthcare data has been widely collected by individuals and institutions in various formats, but its practical applications have been limited due to stagnant data ow and lack of data right enforcement. As blockchain and AI technologies gradually become available, a great opportunity to extract health data value presented itself.
Healthcare is a promising market worldwide. The percentage of medical expenditure over GDP has been increasing, reaching approximately 16% in 2014 (USD 12 trillion).

Of the 12 trillion dollars, health management has made up an important part. For instance, China now has approximately 200 million chronic disease patients and 500 million potential ones, growing 9% annually. The Internet-based healthcare market is about CNY 15 billion, and the general healthcare market is estimate to be CNY 9.65 trillion. As people grow more aware of comprehensive health, they become more willing to invest in healthy lifestyle and routine health management. It is expected that the Internet-based healthcare market will reach CNY 33 billion by 2020, and the general health management market will be CNY 13 trillion.

Meanwhile, health data has been digitized rapidly along with the widespread of electronic devices. In developed countries, the number of consumers with electronic medical record (EMR) has nearly tripled in the past decade, reaching 16%; while in China, as a developing country, only 0.6% of hospitals has reached level 5 or higher in terms of medical data digitization - developing countries still has a long way to go.

However, the cost for comprehensive health data digitization is almost too high. Take China for an example, the average cost for establishing a level-5 EMR system is CNY 10 million; bringing all city-level hospitals to level 5 would cost CNY 20 billion; bringing 70% of all hospitals to level 5 would cost CNY 200 billion. Counting in 900,000+ community medical institutions would drive the cost to over CNY 500 billion.

In all age groups, the number of consumers with electronic health record in America has been doubled in the past 5 years, raising from 8% to 16%. Due to the complicated nature of the healthcare industry, only building a uni ed data system seems a logical answer. However, the industry faces the following challenges:

  • Health data ownership is di cult authenticate and enforce, causing data silos
    • While they should, most individuals have little control over their own health data since it is stored in medical institutions such as hospitals, far beyond their reach. Such centralized storage cannot provide enough data security and privacy for data right enforcement.
    • Insu ciently clari ed data ownership, compiled with the competing nature among medical institutions, seriously impedes inter-agency data ow, retarding the development of many life-saving research projects that require massive data input, such as genetic disease prevention and management.
    • On the other hand, health data vary in type and format, further increasing the di culty of data standardization. Even in developed countries, the actual application of medical data protocol such as FHIR is far insu cient for comprehensive health status evaluation to a practical degree.
  • Medical resources mismatch the demand
    • High concentration of quality medical resources has made major healthcare institutions overcrowded and smaller ones empty. Furthermore, the lack of reliable and convenient initial diagnosis creates a bottleneck where the majority of patients will have to go to a general physician or a major hospital for a trusted opinion before continuing on. Under such circumstances, hospitals are burdened with treatment and forced to overlook quality services.
    • Meanwhile, as the standard of living improves, healthcare demand has expanded from mere treatment of illness to comprehensive health management, which has become a clear direction in which the healthcare industry has to evolve.
  • Fragmented medical services create poor user experience
    • Medical services in various elds have continued to improve, but the lack of inter- agency linkage causes great waste of data. Inconvenient non-medical services (lengthy insurance processing, untraceable counterfeit drugs, etc.) also adversely a ect user experience. The call for a one-stop solution becomes louder by the day.

ALLIVE is an intelligent healthcare ecosystem based on blockchain technology, aimed at creating a decentralized platform for comprehensive and personalized healthcare.

  • Data Right + Data Flow
    • The current evidence-based healthcare relies on empirical clinical data for the universality of treatment processes. However, the movement to precision healthcare, represented by genetics and 4P medicine (Predictive, Preventative, Personalized, and Participatory), focuses on the individuality of each person’s healthcare strategy, which require massive amount of medical data. ALLIVE powers such transition by creating a data platform that o ers data encryption and data right enforcement in a distribution system, with the assistance from a closed-loop token system and smart contracts.
  • Resource Allocation + Arti cial Intelligence
    • In ALLIVE, users can nd doctors that best t their condition with the help of their digitized medical pro le, without going to the hospital every time they need one. In particular, ALLIVE can help patients with rare diseases to connect directly with medical resources around the globe. In addition, the AI doctor Olivia can o er initial diagnosis based on user health pro le (passive) and direct communication (active), breaking the bottleneck e ect.
  • Full Range + Full Process
    • ALLIVE completes a closed loop of healthy lifestyle by integrating full-process healthcare services through modular interfaces, covering general health management, doctor’s appointment, prescription lling, insurance processing, etc.

Features & Highlights

  • Olife: Personalized and self-perfecting health profile
    • ALLIVE creates an on-chain identi cation pro le Olife for each user, which gathers data from all DAPPs in ALLIVE and continues to self-perfect. Olife allows transactions in di erent DAPPs within one token system and facilitates data integration. The value created by user contribution in one DAPP can be transferred to another within ALLIVE. User has complete control over when and how Olife is used within ALLIVE and achieve any healthcare goal without compromising data security and privacy.
      • Health Data On-Chain Storage: Each Olife is asymmetrically encrypted and stored in ALLIVE nodes through IPFS protocol to ensure information security and data privacy. Only authenticated user consent through smart contract grants controlled data access.
      • Data Capitalization: ALLIVE enforces personal health data rights through its distributed network and takes back data control from centralized organizations. Users can also contribute to ALLIVE by granting data access to medical researchers in exchange for ALV.
      • Olife Nexus: Standardized smart contracts enable health data exchange in ALLIVE by managing access to Olife. Users de ne Olife access permission protocol through Nexus, and research institutions obtain appropriate health data by providing certain reward through Nexus, thus ensuring data ow, value ow, and privacy protection.
  • Olivia: AI health manager
    • Olivia is a super AI doctor of over 3 years’ R&D. This AI medical inquiry system is made possible by formulating a medical knowledge map with machine learning algorithms through the combination of digital technology and medical databanks. Olivia produces more than simpli ed and standardized reports, but will also be able to provide personalized healthcare plans by analyzing user health pro le and leveraging the vast resources on ALLIVE.
      • Healthcare at Home: Users can access professional healthcare advice through Olivia without going to a hospital by connecting wearable devices and other health data sources to Olivia, thus greatly reducing hospital burdens and improving user experience for all.
      • Personalized Healthcare: Olivia monitors user Olife for daily health data uctuation, and provides alert, advice, as well as healthcare strategies accordingly.
      • Technical Framework: Olivia is a self-perfecting AI algorithm model. The underlying database is a medical knowledge map that searches, reasons, extracts feature vectors to learn massive volumes of medical cases through deep learning technique with NLP, thus e ectively combining medical literature with actual cases to improve its clinical decision-making ability.
  • Oleaf: Closed Loop of Healthy Lifestyle
    • ALLIVE builds a foundation platform for healthcare DAPPs through modularized basic services. Oleaf is the modular API interface with SDKs, compatible with smart contracts with plug-and-play expansion capacity.
      • API and Service Expansion: ALLIVE provides decentralized on-chain hosting services for DAPPs with computing resources, bandwidth, decentralized le storage, big data analysis, and arti cial intelligence technology, building a sustainable and resilient network.
      • Closed Loop for Comprehensive Health: Through Oleaf, ALLIVE integrates healthcare service providers, medical service providers, wearable devices, medical R&D institutions, medical nancial services, as well as support groups to create comprehensive, seamless user experience for all healthcare needs.
      • Cross-App Collaboration: ALLIVE enables all DAPPs to establish their own token systems through blockchain technology, allowing smart contract collaboration through ALV across the whole network, uniting traditionally fragmented services by simplifying the value ow for the entire ecosystem.

Token Allocation

"Private Sale","Ecosystem","Foundation","Team & Early Investors","Strategic Partners" {"name": "Private Sale","value": 10},{"name": "Ecosystem","value": 40},{"name": "Foundation","value": 10},{"name": "Team & Early Investors","value": 20},{"name": "Strategic Partners","value": 20}

Token Allocation & Release Note

  • Private Sale: 10% of total supply
  • Ecosystem: 40% of total supply
  • Foundation: 10% of total supply
  • Team & Early Investors: 20% of total supply
  • Strategic Partners: 20% of total supply
  • Okex Jumstart: No lockup
  • Private sale: 5% to be released before listing. The remaining 95% will be released after 6 months
  • Ecosystem: Starting from the 4th month, releasing 1/12 per quarter for 3 years.
  • Foundation: Starting from the 4th month, releasing 1/12 per quarter for 3 years.
  • Team & Early Investors: Starting from the 13th month, releasing 1/4 per half year for 3 years.
  • Strategic Partners: Starting from the 4th month, releasing 1/12 per quarter for 3 years.

Token Utility & Use Cases

ALLIVE has introduced a two-tier token system to facilitate normal operation and interaction of various roles in ALLIVE. ALV is the primary token of the ALLIVE, the vessel of the internal rights of ALLIVE, and the means of value circulation between the ALLIVE network and other cryptocurrencies as well as at currencies. The derivative token is the pricing measurement of each DAPP. DAPPs can issue the derivative tokens through the ALV.

  • Primary Token
    • ALV
      • The primary token ALV is the decentralized crypto token of the ALLIVE, the minimum unit of which is 0.00000001 (decimals: 8). ALV will be rst issued as ONT based tokens on Ontology, mapped at a 1:1 ratio upon mainnet launch.
    • Function
      • ALV is the value carrier of ALLIVE, whose functions include but not limited to on-chain asset transfer, data storage and computing, transaction execution, etc.. Developers can also deposit ALV and deploy smart contracts to issue DAPP-level derivative tokens. Research institutions can obtain desensitized data buy paying ALV. ALV is also the value conversion carrier among DAPPs on the ALLIVE blockchain.
    • Acquisition
      • Users can obtain ALV in a variety of ways, including but not limited to exchanging with at currency as well as other cryptocurrencies, contributing to ALLIVE community and earning ALV rewards, converting from derivative tokens, and P2P on-chain transfers.
  • Derivative Token
    • Derivative Token
      • Derivative token is the payment method and value scale in ALLIVE at the application- level, which is designed by di erent DAPPs. Developers can use ALV to deploy smart contracts on the ALLIVE blockchain to issue derivative tokens.
    • Function
      • Derivative tokens can be used in the corresponding DAPPs in exchange for goods, services, and/or other privileges.
    • Acquisition
      • DAPPs issue their own derivative tokens by deploying smart contracts. Users can use ALV or at currency to exchange derivative tokens in the corresponding DAPPs, and can also obtain corresponding derivative token rewards by contributing to each DAPP’s community. Di erent derivative tokens cannot exchange among each other without taking ALV as a value medium.
    • Staking
      • Under PoNA Consensus mechanism, node institutions have to not only pass quali cation review but also lock down certain amount of ALV tokens as proof of stake before executing their duties. DAPPs, upon issuing secondary tokens for their own transaction settlement, also need to lock down ALV tokens depending on amounts of token issuance and fundraising, to ensure healthy circulation of said secondary token. Should node institutions or DAPPs experience failure, active or passive, staked ALV is released as insurance reimbursement.

Roadmap & Updates

  • 2018 Q3
    • Intelligent knowledge graph V1.0
  • 2018 Q4
    • Strategic partnership building
  • 2019 Q1
    • Olivia beta version release first batch of dApps launch
  • 2019 Q2
    • ALLIVE token (ALV) released based on Ontology
  • 2019 Q4
    • ALLIVE mainnet launch migration to mainnet token second batch of dApps launch

Team Members

  • Qikai Liu, Founder, Early investor in the blockchain eld. Over 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship and investment in tech and healthcare, with vast resources in the capital market and the healthcare industry. Served as Assistant President of Fosun International Limited, VP of Fosun Health Holdings, and President of Fosun Tonghao Capital. Invested in scores of tech and healthcare companies, and serves as directors for several startups. EMBA from China Europe International Business School (CEIBS).

  • Yi Zhang, Co-Founder & CEO, Over 20 years of senior management experience in tech elds including telecommunication. Served as VP of Alcatel-Lucent, responsible for 4G TD-LTE product R&D and management, and won the First Prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award. Bachelor and Master in Mode Identi cation and Intelligent Control from SEU (Southeast University).

  • Yong Zhang, CTO, Served as Nokia's Nanjing R&D Director. Over 20 years' development and management experience in data processing, telecommunication network, and distributed big data. One of the rst contributors of distributed heterogeneous platforms in China. Won National Major Project Award for his multimode RRU. Bachelor and Master in automation control of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST).

  • Xingsen Gao, Chief operation, Served as Investment Operation Director of Fosun's health sector, highly experienced in business operation and promotion, focusing on medical service, oncology big data, gene interpretation, chronic disease community, etc. Served as a Business Development O cer at P&G China, responsible for nationwide expansion and operation of several product lines. MBA of CEIBS & Bachelor in mathematics of Henan University.

  • Dongfang Liu, Chief mediciner, Experienced research-oriented physician, served as medical expert in percutaneous coronary intervention and the diagnose and treatment of di cult cardiovascular diseases in the Internal Medicine Department and Cardiology Department of PUMCH. Experienced researcher of structured medical semantic information and knowledge maps. MD from Peking Union Medical College (PUMC).

  • Nan Jiang, Director of service. International Certi ed Phycologist & Hong Kong Certi ed Social Worker; over ten years of experience in social work and service; Master in sociology of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). Bachelor in management of Sun Yat-sen University.

  • Ying Shen, Director of administration, Rich HR and executive experience in Internet startups and insurance companies; MBA of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Bachelor in management of East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST).

  • Jun Shao, Senior algorithm engineer, Data geek, keen on AI algorithm research; Bachelor and Master in automation control of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST).

  • Chao Sun, Senior software engineer, Senior software engineer, keen on research on distributed software systems; Master in communication engineering of Nanjing Normal University. Bachelor of Nanjing University of Science and Technology.

  • Xiaochuan Wang, Advisor, CEO of Sogou Tech, Former CTO of Sohu, built Sohu R&D Center, led the development of several key products, including Sogou search engine & Sogou Input. Master’s Degrees in Engineering and Business Administration from Tsinghua University.

  • George Wu, MD, Advisor, Doctor & Professor of Harvard Medical School, President of One Harvard Street Institute; founder & chairman of Mass Medical International (MMI); president of Harvard University US-China Economic Interaction Council (HUCEIC); entered the list of China’s One Thousand Youth. Engaged in medical research and teaching at Harvard Medical School since 2005.

  • Yan Gong, Advisor, China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) Professor, Professor of entrepreneurship management practice at CEIBS, director of CEIBS’ Startup Camp and Centure Camp courses; taught at University of California. Research areas include strategic transformation, lean startup and business model innovation. Research outcomes are mainly published in the Academy of Management Review, Organizational Routines Manual, and Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research. Doctor in strategics of The University of Wisconsin-Madison USA.

Partnership Overview

  • Wanxiang Blockchain Labs is a non-pro t research institution focusing on Blockchain technology. Wanxiang Blockchain Labs provides support for the research, entrepreneurship, developments and applications in the industry. It will also provide reference information for regulatory bodies. Overall, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs dedicate itself to the promotion and application of Blockchain industry, and to explore how the technology will be contributing to the development of the economy and the society.

  • Ontology is a new high-performance public blockchain project & a distributed trust collaboration platform. Ontology provides new high-performance public block- chains that include a series of complete distributed ledgers and smart contract systems. Ontology will constantly provide common modules on the underlying infrastructure for di erent kinds of distributed scenarios. Based on speci c scenario requirements, Ontology will continue to develop new common modules.

  • ICONIZ is a full service nancial institution specializing in blockchain space, with awards such as 'Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening · 2018 Financial Year Innovation and Advancement Award' by CCTV2. ICONIZ is dedicated to empower great entrepreneurs who share its dream and vision to build a decentralized, immutable, and transparent world with blockchain. ICONIZ has o ces in Los Angeles and Beijing covering its Venture Investment, Acceleration, and Trading businesses.

  • Shanghai Ivy Capital has invested nearly 100 domestic and overseas enterprises, with over 5 billion yuan AUM. Ivy has won multiple rewards including “2016 China Top 10 Investment Institutions” by P.E.A.S.. Ivy's professional team focus on early and mid-term tech startups in ‘Cloud Computing & Big Data’, ‘Internet of Things’, ‘Arti cial Intelligence’, ‘Internet Enterprise Services’ and ‘Technology Hardware’. Ivy has spread its main investments over the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and the Bohai Rim, along with global innovation highlands such as Silicon Valley (U.S.) and Silicon Wadi (Israel).

  • Origin Capital is a long-term focused fund with an emphasis on early stage equity and presales. The team consists of blockchain early adopters and thought leaders with deep relationships with crypto communities worldwide. Having built strong relationships with entrepreneurs, top investors, and ecosystem leaders, Origin actively support portfolio companies in accessing industry-speci c resources and building strategic partnerships.

  • LinkVC is a cutting-edge venture capital with a global view founded in 2016. Headquartered in Singapore with o ces all over China and the US, LinkVC is dedicated to investing and providing services in the blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and Fin-Tech. LinkVC is committed to serving outstanding companies and developers in the blockchain eld with its global commercial resources and professional nancial services.

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